Frost collects on the office windowpane, there’s holly hung in the hallway, and your co-workers have graced the space with some awful looking seasonal sweaters. That’s right; your employees are slowly slipping into “holiday season” mode! As a business owner, you may be thinking to yourself, “How should I congratulate my employees for the incredible year we’ve had?” If you’re unsure of what the greatest company gifts for the holidays are, have no fear; the Quality Logo Products® “Holiday Gift Guide” is here!

The immense power of our Holiday Gift Guide and its branded gifts are not to be taken lightly. With our customers in mind, we’ve provided an interactive-webpage guide packed with a multitude of branded holiday gift ideas, spanning across every category you could ever dream of! We’ve got comfortable custom apparel for those cold winter months, personalized kitchenware for holiday baking, classy personalized barware to get the holiday party started…the list goes on and on!

Looking for a sneak peek into our company gift ideas? A holiday gift for Christmas? A small present for Hanukkah? A trinket for Kwanzaa? Read on for an exclusive listing of our gift guide categories, packed with holiday items just jingling their promo goodness for your logo!



Clothing for the Cooler Months

Your employees have to keep warm during the winter months, plain and simple. You don’t need low morale due to sickness creeping up on your company! Why not keep your employees toasty, and display your brand at the same time? Snag an order of personalized polyfleece jackets with your logo on them, or stylish custom knit beanies to supplement your seasonal attire.

Custom Apparel | Holiday Gift Guide from Quality Logo Products®


Classy Drinkware Sets

Get your holiday party started the classy way with personalized barware including wine and beer gift sets! Let your employees mix and mingle tastes with a branded bullware beer flight, or mix a bloody mary with the trendy and classic Moscow mule mug gift set. There’s no better way to boost your brand while enjoying your favorite drink!

Personalized Barware | Holiday Gift Guide from Quality Logo Products®


High End Items with Style

Your top performers deserve the finest of things this holiday season. For those who go above and beyond, place your company logo on something they’ll use for years to come! Surprise your directors with a wonderful vintage leather padfolio for their in-office needs, or a branded brass weight coaster to use while they review paperwork and sip their morning coffee!

Premium Executive Branded Gifts | Holiday Gift Guide from QLP


Electronic Extras 

Everyone enjoys receiving new tech-based items as company gifts, especially ones they didn’t know they needed. Place your logo on these bad boys, and you’ve got a powerful device paired with awesome branded art. Surprise your employees or favorite clients with items they’ve always wanted but will never indulge for themselves, like featuring your logo on the Lumi Light Up Bluetooth Speaker, or the Remote Control Flying Drone! Whenever your employees reach for their new tech-toy, they’ll have your brand to thank, and a great company gift to keep!

Custom Tech Products | Holiday Gift Guide from Quality Logo Products®

Gift Sets 

Personalized Gift Sets for Everyone

Once in a while, solo-itemed gifts just feel incomplete. If you’re one of those employers who enjoy throwing in a little somethin’ extra for your employees, a personalized gift set is the perfect way to show your appreciation! Hand your best company sketchers a high-end branded Moleskine writer’s gift set, one of our top-of-the-line items, or your strongest writers a Sierra Notebook and Tuscany Pen Gift Set. They’ll appreciate the additional items…and the fact that they received not just a company gift, but a holiday gift set.

Personalized Gift Sets | Holiday Gift Guide from Quality Logo Products®


Custom Utensils for Holiday Cooking

Everyone is especially excited to use unique personalized kitchenware around the holidays! With your logo added, our holiday kitchen items are guaranteed to spice up anyone’s celebration. Gift your employees a branded bamboo cheese utensil set to satisfy their taste buds (it could also go really well with a wine set!) Or if you’re looking for something simple and sweet, place an order of branded candy cane and Christmas tree cookie cutters!

Personalized Kitchenware | Holiday Gift Guide from Quality Logo Products®


Custom Party Supplies 

If you’ve read this far, we assume you’re absolutely prepared to get the holiday party started! Try setting the “office holiday party” mood by placing branded artificial candles around the party room, or filling snack tables with personalized assorted mints and boxed chocolate! Your employees will be excited to bring home the extra leftover goodies after the celebration is over!

Custom Party supplies | Holiday Gift Guide from QLP


Stylish Items for On the Go

For the brave souls who dare to leave town during the holidays and the year-round dweller of new lands, giving out custom travel gifts will help employees keep organized and on the go! Gift your most strict-to-business employees a branded Lichee Messenger Bag to keep their work in order, while still looking stylish and professional…or our Replay Sport duffle bag for travel in a pinch! If you’re looking for something smaller, a branded business card case may be appropriate for those unexpected run-ins with potential connections!

Custom Travel | Holiday Gift Guide from Quality Logo Products®


Traditional Holiday Classics 

If you’re looking to incorporate traditional holiday favorites into your gifting this season, we’ve got the most crucial traditional items! Gift our Shatter Resistant Ornament to your employees for an easy way to display your brand and your appreciation, while remaining true to the season. Hand out branded felt Christmas stockings to add to the seasonal office décor, or a branded felt Santa hat to spread the holiday spirit!

Classic Holiday Favorites | Holiday Gift Guide from QLP

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