A realtor’s success is at the mercy of the housing market. If you have your license, you also have to compete with the estimated 3 million realtors in the United States. It can be really tough to stand out and get new clients.

Paper mailers, bus benches, and yard signs just aren’t enough anymore. It’s time to step up your advertising game with house shaped promotional items!

Bring this real estate swag along to a trade show, give them to your clients as closing gifts, or leave them randomly around town for a bit of guerilla marketing. House shaped promos build your brand, one brick at a time!

Here are 18 house shaped real estate items that are sure to “raise the roof’ on your branding!

1. House Sticky Notes

house shaped sticky notes

When you move into a new home, you have to jot down all kinds of reminders. This includes items to buy, services to call about, or maybe desserts to make for your new neighbors. These house shaped sticky notes are perfect for your clients! Leave these pads as gifts on the counter and write “Welcome Home!” on the top sheet.

2. House Stress Balls

house stress balls

Let’s face it – buying a new house can be stressful! Add some levity to the process with these cute house shaped stress balls. This real estate swag shows you have personality and are willing to make things fun! You can give each client a stress ball before you start house hunting, or use them as cheap giveaways for a home & garden trade show.

3. House Shaped Magnets

house shaped magnets

House shaped magnets are classic real estate marketing gifts! Since this house shaped swag is cheap, you can buy a bunch and use them throughout the year. Slide a magnet into the welcome packets for new residents, leave them at your trade show display, or use them as direct mailers from your agency. Everyone loves a free gift!

4. Personalized Chocolate Houses

personalized chocolate houses

Melt hearts with these house shaped chocolates! They’re sweet gifts for clients of any age group, from newlyweds on the hunt for their first home to retirees who are ready for that summer lake house. Put the custom chocolate in “Congratulations” cards, and use them as closing gifts for buyers.

5. House Tape Measure Keychains

house tape measure keychains

Did your clients mention laying down new flooring? Show them you listen to their wants by giving out these house shaped promotional items! You can clip one of these tape measure keychains right to the house key when you hand it over during the sale.

6. House Shaped Koozies

house shaped keychains

Buying a new house is very exciting, and your clients probably plan on having a housewarming party after the closing. Get all their friends and family talking with these unique house shaped koozies. Everyone will notice them while they mix and mingle, making it easy to get referrals and build up your client base.

7. Novelty Pens With House Topper

novelty pens with house topper

You’ll need blue ink pens to sign closing papers, and while you’re at it, why not also hand out these novelty pens? They come in over 20 colors and have charming house toppers. Use these promotional pens as giveaways at an expo, or give one to all your clients when you sit down and chat about their list of needs and wants.

8. House Bag Clips

house bag clips

Do you need realtor swag for a trade show? These cheap house shaped bag clips are a great choice! Ask the friendliest realtors at your agency to give one to anyone who visits your display. With a little bit of charm, you may just find yourself a bunch of new clients!

9. House Shaped Wall Clocks

house shaped wooden wall clocks

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it’s for cooking, after-school snacks, or sitting down for dinner. If you’re in the market for real estate gifts, you can’t go wrong with house shaped clocks that can be hung up over the stove or sink. Your message will be laser engraved on front, so opt for something heartfelt like “Home Sweet Home,” or even better, your client’s last name!

10. House Shaped Mouse Pads

house shaped mouse pads

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the workforce with 71% of people now working at home all the time or most of the time. Show off a home with a good office and decorate the space with business cards, snacks, and house shaped mouse pads! Everyone can grab one at an open house, bringing more interest to the property.

11. House Shaped Coasters

house shaped coasters

If you want to get your real estate agency’s name out there, you have to be creative. Host a cocktail party, and set the drinks down on these adorable house shaped cork coasters. Invite anyone you want in your network like appraisers, loan companies, painters, carpenters, moving truck rental companies, and architects.

12. Cheap Plastic House Keychains

cheap plastic house keychains

It costs an average of $100 to $150 per square foot to rent a trade show exhibition space. Since house expos are a big investment, you can save costs with cheap house shaped keychains to give out as real estate swag. With a creative or funny design, these giveaways won’t end up in the trash!

13. House Paper Clip Holders

house paper clip holders

The realtors at your agency want house shaped swag, too! Treat everyone to a little house paper clip holder they can keep on their desks. Your agency’s name and/or logo will be printed on the roof, and each “house” comes pre-filled with 20 paper clips in assorted colors.

14. House Shaped Mint Tins

house shaped mint tins

That garlic pasta was delicious, but lunch ran late and you have to rush over to a client meeting! Freshen up your breath with a mint from these house shaped mint tins. 50 mints are included, and you can always refill them when they run out. They’re excellent gifts for realtors!

15. House Shaped Hot Cold Packs

house shaped hot cold packs

Moving day is finally here, and everyone’s working hard! Accidents might happen along the way, so be ready to treat headaches, stubbed toes, or sore muscles with house shaped hot cold packs. You’ll be known as the heroic realtor who’s prepared for any situation!

16. House Shaped Microfiber Cloths

house shaped microfiber cloths

When it comes to trade show swag, you want something that’s cheap, useful, and easy to carry to and from the convention hall. The house shaped microfiber cloths check all of those boxes! Plus, they’re printed with dye sublimation, which means there are unlimited ink colors included in the cost. Get them in time for the next real estate expo!

17. Piggy Bank Houses

piggy bank houses

Now that the house sale is done, your clients are going to have to start saving up again. Get them started with piggy bank houses customized with a cute saying like “Vacation Fund” or “Future Dream Home.” These piggy banks are thoughtful closing gifts that will go a long way in leaving a positive impression.

18. House Shaped Air Fresheners

house shaped air fresheners

Do you have clients moving across the country? Keep their car smelling fresh as a daisy with these house shaped air fresheners. A road trip can mean a lot of smelly feet and fast food, but this is a small way your real estate agency can make the experience more pleasant for your clients.

How to Market Yourself in Real Estate With Gifts

Promotional items are one of the best ways for realtors to advertise. They can be used in many ways:

closing gifts for realtors

Closing Gifts – Real estate closing gifts build goodwill with clients, but they’re also a sneaky way to get more referrals. After all, people will tell their friends and family about a cool gift from their realtor.

real estate trade shows

Real Estate Trade Shows – There are over 5,000 trade shows every year in the United States and a large majority of them are related to the real estate industry. Promote your services at these expos with plenty of branded swag!

networking events

Networking Events – It doesn’t hurt to have great people in your network. Put together goody bags full of house shaped swag for your next real estate banquet, holiday party, or awards ceremony.

open houses

Open Houses – Nobody wants to leave an open house empty-handed. In addition to finger foods and drinks, put a few house shaped promo products on the tables by your business cards. Visitors can grab one after they take a tour of the home.

agency visits

Agency Visits – Are walk-ins welcome at your agency? Put fun house shaped items all over the place, and make sure there are a few freebies at the reception area.

pop-up shops

Pop-Up Shops – Set up a real estate pop-up shop with plenty of house shaped promotional items for your clients. You can give them as freebies or sell the high-end items in a gift shop.

direct mailers

Direct Mailers – Pamphlets and brochures will probably end up right in the recycling bin. Cool swag, on the other hand, will make people remember you as a realtor. A free gift is always a pleasant thing to find in the mail!

You now have a ton of real estate swag ideas you can try! Think outside-of-the-box, and be creative with how you use these promotional items. You’ll love all the new clients that come running your way!


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