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What Are Frisbees Used For?: Sports, Competitions, and Fun! How to Customize Your Frisbees How Are Frisbees Made?

Frisbees are used for both recreational and competitive purposes. There are different games that involve a court, field, and even an entire course! You and your dog can even join in on the frisbee fun and enter different competitions.

You probably think of frisbees as just something you toss around on the beach or for a game of fetch. However, there are more uses than you may think!

Which Sports and Activities Use Frisbees?

Outside of enjoying a game of toss with some friends, there are several organized sports and games that use frisbees. Try playing any of these activities!

The following sports and games are played with a frisbee:

  • Disc Golf
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Double Disc Court
  • Dodgebee
  • KanJam
Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Disc golf is a fun alternative to regular golf. In this game, players stand in a tee box and throw a disc into a standing basket that acts as the “hole.” The player with the least number of throws after 18 holes is the winner!

People play disc golf for exercise, for fun, and even competitively. There are tournaments with trophies and prize money.

Ultimate Frisbee universe.byu.edu

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is the most popular disc sport, combining football and soccer. The object is to score points by tossing the disc to a team member in the opposition’s end zone. The person with the disc cannot run with it, similar to basketball.

Seven players are allowed on the playing field for each team, with substitutes on the sidelines. Games are played up to 17 points or 100 minutes, whichever comes first. Ultimate Frisbee is so popular, it will be eligible for the 2024 Olympics!

Double Disc Court wfdf.org

Double Disc Court

Double Disc Court, or DDC, is played with two teams of two players and requires two frisbees. Each team has their own court across from the other, and the goal is to defend your court against the opposing team.

An attack on your opponent’s court can be made by landing your frisbee in their court without being touched, or by making an opponent touch both discs at the same time. Whenever a successful attack is made, or the other team throws out of bounds, a point is awarded.

Dodgebee varsity.com.chuk.edu.hk


Did you ever play dodgeball in gym class? Well, dodgebee is played with similar rules, but with 13 people on each team and only one frisbee.

A dodgebee disc is made with a thick fabric and has a heads and a tails side used to determine which team throws first. The match only lasts 4 minutes, with one minute added in the case of a tie.

KanJam kanjam.com


If you’ve never played it, KanJam is a fun summertime game to play with friends. The game requires one frisbee and two “cans” with an open top and a slot opening in the front. Think of KanJam like bags, but with a twist. The object is for you to throw the frisbee and have your partner try to “jam” it down into the opening on the can for points. The first team to hit 21 points wins!

Frisbee can be enjoyed on a playing field or in your backyard. Chances are, there are local leagues or groups that enjoy playing frisbee that you can get involved with.

Check out KanJam in aciton by watching this video!

What Are the Different Types of Frisbees?

What Are the Different Types of Frisbees?

While anyone can play activities that involve frisbees, you can’t just use the same old frisbee for every game. Some frisbees are designed for water, others you can fold up!

The different types of frisbees include:

  • Recreational
  • Ring
  • Expanding
  • Collapsible
  • Floating
  • Glow-in-the-dark
  • Disc Golf
  • Ultimate
Recreational Disc

Recreational Disc

Recreational discs are the best for tossing around the yard with your friends. They do not have special size or weight and are perfect for just about any activity.

Ring Disc

Ring Disc

A ring frisbee is designed with just the outer circle of the disc. They are still made of plastic, but are significantly lighter in weight. The world record for the furthest frisbee toss is 1,109 feet and was done with a ring frisbee!

Expanding Disc

Expanding Disc

When you toss an expanding disc, it starts out as a normal looking frisbee, but expands during flight! The center becomes hollow and the disc forms a ring shape.

Collapsible Frisbee

Collapsible Frisbee

These frisbees are made with nylon fabric and have a flexible metal wire on the outer rim. You can fold this kind of frisbee into a small bag to take with you!

Floating Disc Pinterest.com

Floating Disc

Floating frisbees are made from foam and are great for playing in water. You can also use floating discs for playing fetch with your dog because the squishy material is safe for your pet*.

Glow-in-the-Dark Disc

Glow-in-the-Dark Disc

Frisbees that glow in the dark are fun to use at night! You can easily see where the disc is heading thanks to its glow. Glow-in-the-dark frisbees are mostly used for recreational purposes.

Ultimate Frisbee Disc owntheyard.com

Ultimate Frisbee Disc

An Ultimate Frisbee disc should weigh 175 grams. Factors such as color and rim depth are not regulated, as long as the frisbee is the correct weight. For beginners and juniors, a 140-gram frisbee is recommended.

DISCLAIMER: Not all floating discs are safe for pets. Check with the manufacturer before using a floating disc to play with your pet.

What Are Different Type of Disc Golf Discs?

In disc golf, there are three types of discs used: distance drivers, mid-range drivers, and a putter. Each disc serves a unique purpose depending on where you are in the course, similar to different golf clubs.

Distance Driver dynamicdiscs.com

Distance Driver

This type of disc is perfect for when you have to throw long distances, hence the name! These discs have wide rims and require a strong throw to gain speed during flight.

Mid-Range Driver dynamicdiscs.com

Mid-Range Driver

Mid-range discs have a small rim that is comfortable to grip. This disc is best for beginners because it is accurate and easy to navigate.

Putter dynamicdiscs.com


A putter moves slowly through the air and has a very thin rim. They are best used for short distances and typically fly in a straight line.

How Many Frisbees Do You Need for Disc Golf?

There is no set number of discs you need for disc golf. Most experts recommend carrying at least three discs: a driver, mid-range, and putter. The best rule-of-thumb is to carry as many as you feel comfortable with. Whether that’s two of each kind or 40 discs, there’s no right or wrong number of frisbees to keep with you while playing disc golf.

What Are the Different Frisbee Throws?

When you play any sport or activity that involves a frisbee, there are three main throws that you can master: the backhand, forehand, and hammer throw. Once you know these three throws, you can go on to learn more advanced techniques.

Backhand vitathread.com


Backhand is the easiest and most common throw. Place your fingers on the bottom and your thumb on the top and bend your wrist and elbow in front of you. Release the disc in one steady motion, keeping it as flat as possible to give it spin.

Forehand nick18s.wordpress.com


Also called a flick, a forehand throw takes some practice. Place your pointer and middle finger under the disc and place your thumb on top. Then throw the frisbee like you are trying to skip a rock on water! Keep the disc parallel to the ground and flick your wrist for the best throw.

Hammer Throw instructables.com

Hammer Throw

Best for medium-range throws, a hammer throw is commonly used while playing Ultimate Frisbee to avoid the defense. You complete a hammer throw as if you were tossing an axe. Hold the frisbee the same way you would to throw forehand. The top of the disc should face your left side. Then, pull back and release! The frisbee will start tilted and slowly turn upside down before it lands.

What is the Difference Between a Hyzer and Anhyzer Throw?

In disc golf, there are two commonly used throws called hyzer and anhyzer. These terms refer to the angle of the disc when it is released from your hand. In a hyzer throw, the top of the disc is facing away from the thrower. In an anhyzer throw, the top of the disc is facing the thrower.

What is the Difference Between a Hyzer and Anhyzer Throw? discgolf.ultiworld.com
What is the Difference Between a Hyzer and Anhyzer Throw? discgolf.ultiworld.com

Each of these throws are effective in different situations while playing games like disc golf or Ultimate Frisbee, or they can be used just having fun with friends. Each throw takes practice to perfect the execution and accuracy!

How Do You Play Frisbee with a Dog?

Besides playing fetch with a frisbee, there are actual competitions for playing frisbee with your dog! Disc dog, or frisbee dog, is a sport that a dog and owner can compete in. The sport involves long-distance catching and freestyle moves that require intense training and a deep bond between human and animal. Divisions are made to separate dog and handler based on skill and experience.

There are three different types of disc dog formats:

Toss and Fetch

1. Toss and Fetch

In this format, contestants have 60 seconds to make as many throws as possible on a field marked with varying lengths, with the longest catch being 50 meters. Points are awarded for each catch, with mid-air catches earning additional points.


2. Freestyle

A dog and handler must perform a “routine” lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Routines are judged in categories of athleticism, degree of difficulty, and showmanship.

Long Distance

3. Long Distance

This event has several different formats, but basically the longest catch wins. There is a points system that helps determine the winner at tournaments. This event is also popular in Europe!

It is estimated that over a million dogs play frisbee in the United States. You can see disc dog played at halftime shows, organized competitions, and even county fairs and festivals!

What Dogs Play Frisbee?

Any dog can play frisbee, as long as they are interested in playing fetch! Frisbee is a great from of exercise for all types of dogs. There are some breeds that are known for their natural athleticism and retrieval instinct.

The following dog breeds are known to excel in disc dog:

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Border Collies
  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • German Shorthair Pointer
  • Golden Retriever

Your dog doesn’t have to be one of these breeds to enjoy playing with a frisbee. If you want to compete in disc dog, any dog breed with the right training can participate.

What Are the Best Frisbees for Dogs?

What Are the Best Frisbees for Dogs?

When choosing a frisbee for your dog, it’s important to consider safety and throwability. Normally, pet-safe frisbees are lightweight or made of a soft material to avoid causing injury if the dog misses a throw.

Puppies should use soft fabric discs and plastic discs are best for adult dogs. When a disc gets too chewed to safely use, discard it and grab a new one!

What Makes a Frisbee Pet-Safe?

What Makes a Frisbee Pet-Safe?

What Makes a Frisbee Pet-Safe?

The best way to make sure your frisbee is pet-safe is to monitor your dog when they are playing with it. Most frisbees that are meant for playing fetch are also not meant for long chewing sessions.

Plastic frisbees can crack off into sharp pieces if your dog is left to chew on it, so softer fabric frisbees are recommended for tough chewers.

Be sure to always make the frisbee exciting for your dog and give lots of praise. If you just enjoy the occasional game of fetch, be sure to keep an eye on the condition of your frisbee and replace it when necessary.

The Bottom Line

Frisbees can be used for casual fun or serious competition! Whether you enjoy playing with your friends, dog, or teammates, frisbee is a great form of exercise. Check out local teams or gather up your friends to get involved with playing frisbee.


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