Big Brands Like Procter & Gamble, Puma, and Frito Lay Go Green with Packaging

Green initiatives are popping up all over the place in efforts to maintain the environment and cut down on the amount of toxic waste that makes its way to landfills each year. Not only are businesses channeling their energy consumption from power to solar energy, but many manufacturers are now re-designing their products and their packaging to become more environmentally-friendly.

Let’s face it, if we don’t start making some serious changes to how we as consumers purchase and dispose of our favorite items, the environment as we know it will cease to exist by the time our kids are our age.

Some of the most notable companies who have made an effort to revamp their products are Procter & Gamble, Puma, and Frito-Lay. Let’s have a look at the innovation these companies are displaying:

Cut Brazilian Sugar Cane

Can you believe your shampoo bottles will be made of this?

Procter & Gamble introduced updated packaging for their Pantene, Cover Girl, and Max Factor lines, to name a few. Their shampoo line, Pantene, has really taken a re-direction into going green. Pantene’s spokesperson, Gisele Bundchen, has been promoting the brand on a global scale ever since the announcement of the eco-friendly packaging change. With a release date scheduled for 2011, Pantene now bottles their shampoo line in packaging made of Brazilian sugarcane. The renewable sugarcane plastic is 100 percent recyclable, making it a great option for consumers who want to a make a positive impact on the environment by purchasing goods that have the same goal in mind.

Puma's Clever Little Bag

Puma’s Clever Little Bag is aptly named.

Puma is reducing its carbon footprint by redesigning the packaging for its shoes. Instead of packaging the shoes in a traditional cardboard box, which then necessitates a plastic carrying bag, Puma has come up with an all in one design. Dubbed “The Clever Little Bag,” Puma’s new packaging is made of a reusable shoe bag with a built in handle, thus eliminating the need for a cardboard box and a carrier bag. This effort alone is projected to reduce the company’s paper consumption by over 65 percent as well as cut down on annual carbon emissions by 10,000 tons!

Sun Chips Biodegradable Bag

The new Sun Chips bags may be noisy, but they’re innovative.

Finally, Frito Lay has been getting some heat for its Sun Chips packaging. Sun Chips recently released its biodegradable bag with properties that allow it to fully break down when placed in the heat of a landfill. While the Sun Chips packaging has the ability to host great effects on the environment, many consumers are voicing concerns about how noisy the bags are. For example, many consumers are thinking twice about digging into a bag of Sun Chips simply because the packaging is that loud. Many business professionals are avoiding eating the chips for fear of interrupting co-workers. Even a consumer, Julie Lind, has put her favorite snack away so as not to disrupt her sleeping children. Frito Lay has since put a disclaimer on each Sun Chips bag stating: “This bag is louder because it is compostable”.

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  1. QLP Jill

    I learned a ton from this blog post! I read about Puma’s “Clever Little Bag” awhile back, but I didn’t know that Pantene was starting to make bottles from sugar cane. That’s so amazing to me. And I think I’m the only one who doesn’t mind the loud packaging on the new Sun Chips bags…

    • Joselo

      I agree with you Jill, its ridiculous that some people prefer a bag not so noisy instead of consuming products made with sustainable packaging. I will share a link of a new technology I found couple weeks ago and it seems to be amazing, they use the greenhouse gases (methane and carbon dioxide) to produce a material which can replace plastic and is 100% biodegradable, Hope u like

  2. Bret Bonnet

    People can be SO picky sometimes… You stop purchasing your FAVORITE brand of snacks entirely because the bag is louder than normal? Where are your priorities people? A greener healthier planet or noisy potato chips… Here’s in idea, open the bag, pour some out on a plate or on your desk (it’s not like they are going to melt into a sticky mess or anything!) and then put the bag away. Innovative thinking people! 🙂

    All of this “GREEN” packing is nice and all, but how about ditching the ultra annoying blister packaging that is so commonly used today? I can’t tell you how annoying this packaging in… I’ve even managed to break or snap into two the product as a result of trying to chisel my way through the stupid packaging because it can be so tough to open sometimes….

    I’m starting an ELIMINATE BLISTER PACKAGING petition, who wants to join me!?!?!? 🙂

  3. Scooby DOO!

    The hottest news story in the US last week, other than the troop drawback, and BLAGO, was the Frito Lay bags; seriously, it was breaking news on EVERY station! If for NOTHING else, people are thinking about Frito Lay. While the reports were satirical in nature, there is nothing better than FREE PR, especially on that level; their marketing team hit JACKPOT and they did not even see it coming. People will soon forget about the noise and (hopefully) realize that the benefit to the environment is far better and the distraction. For those THAT upset, to them I say, go purchase a damn re-usable plastic container and they won’t make ANY noise at the office. Oh and this way you won’t complain about the chips being broken because your significant other did not pack your lunch well enough!

    I am with Bret on the plastic packaging that is totally obnoxious to open. Can you work on that guys?

    Nice post Shannon!

  4. QLP Kid

    Talking about Frito’s made me hungry regardless of how noisy the bag is…

  5. D-Rok

    I totally agree with what Bret said. Sun Chips f’ing ROCK! I don’t care if the bag is making noise. If it bothers you, invest in some ear plugs. You can get reusable ones, which are good for the environment.

    I am ALSO willing to join in on the petition to ban blister packaging. I hate that crap beyond belief. I’ve cut my finger open on a few occasions trying to open those stupid things. Larry David even included a skit about them in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. There is blister packaging you can get where the two layers snap together, and those make sense… but heat-sealing shut a relatively hard plastic, that’s thin enough to cut your finger open, just to keep people from taking the product out before purchasing it… that’s going too far. Someone needs to be prosecuted for this, and while we’re at it let’s hunt down the jerks who invented safety scissors, stop lights, “turn styles” and glitch-infested “anti-virus” programs… those things can be worse than a virus!

    Anyways, that’s enough ranting for one day, YAY GREEN TECHNOLOGY!

  6. KB

    I’m all for going green, however you can do it. If it makes my chips a little noisier so be it. With a graphic design background I’m always on the lookout for earth friendly packaging that reduces waste. Love the clever little bag! I just which purchasing most green products and helping our environment didn’t cost more than a bad for the environment alternative, then maybe more people would get on the wagon. Love to see companies that are making the change without affecting our wallets. Unfortunately, I guess if consumers can’t complain about cost, they’ll find something like noise factor to complain about. I hope things like this don’t affect the efforts of companies trying to do their part.

  7. Manik

    Very nice article with lot of information. Thank you so much for sharing this with visitors.
    Awesome post!!!

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