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Have you ever bought a cold beer only to realize you have no way to open it? We’ve all been there! In those moments when you need to pop the top, it helps to have a bottle opener nearby.

Quality Logo Products sells over 100,000 custom bottle openers every year. Each one is made and printed in factories, and our customers are curious how exactly this process works. Now we have the answer!

Bottle openers are fairly simple in design, but it still takes a lot of hard work to create them. Impress your friends by learning how bottle openers are made and knowing the names of each part.

What Are the Parts of a Bottle Opener?

There are three main parts to a bottle opener that makes it so useful: the tooth, fulcrum, and lever.



This is the part of a bottle opener that catches the underside of the cap. This part can also be called the lip.



The fulcrum exerts force on the bottle cap, causing it to lift off the neck of the bottle.



The part of the bottle opener you hold is the lever.

This diagram shows each part of a bottle opener!

Parts of a Bottle Opener

There are many different types of bottle openers. Some are even two-sided. The large circular end is used to pull a bottle out of a cooler, while the toothed side is used to open the bottle.

How to Use a Bottle Opener

Grab your favorite bottle of soda or beer. Here is how to use a bottle opener to pop the top!

Hold the lever of the bottle opener in your dominant hand and the bottle in the other hand.

Wedge the tooth under the bottle cap and rest the fulcrum on top of the cap.

Lift the lever upward while keeping a firm grip on the bottle.

Discard the cap in recycling.

How is a Bottle Opener Made?

Bottle openers are made in mass production using a computer-controlled die cutter. This allows for a large quantity to be made at the same time.

Here are the steps used to make a bottle opener:

  1. A digital file of the bottle opener is uploaded to a computer.
  2. Die cutting is used to create an outline on a large steel sheet.
  3. Holes are punched out of the sheet using drill bits.
  4. If the bottle opener has any branding, it’s done using engraving or screen printing.
  5. Excess steel is removed from around the bottle opener.
  6. The finished bottle openers are shipped to stores.
  1. Step One: Upload an Image

    Step One Upload an Image

    A digital file of the bottle opener is created. By working from a computer, the manufacturer can change the measurements and color before the die cutter is used.

  2. Step Two: Die Cut the Metal

    Step Two Die Cut the Metal

    A sheet of steel or aluminum is placed onto a die cutting machine. The die cutter is used to outline the shape of the bottle opener into the sheet.

  3. Step Three: Drill the Holes

    Step Three Drill the Holes

    A set of drill bits controlled by the computer are used to make holes in the metal sheet. A bottle opener will have either one or two holes. One is the toothed fulcrum (the part that pops the cap off the bottle), and the other is used to bring the bottle out of a cooler.

  4. Step Four: Decorate the Lever (Optional)

    Step Four Decorate the Lever - Optional

    Once the final design is cut into the sheet, a laser is used to engrave a logo, name, or advertising message on one side of the lever. This decoration can also be done using a screen printing machine.

  5. Step Five: Remove Excess Metal

    Step Five Remove Excess Metal

    The sheet is placed in a mold and the excess metal is removed from around the bottle opener.

  6. Step Six: Ship to Stores

    Step Six Ship to Stores

    The process is repeated until a wholesale order of bottle openers is ready to go. These openers are then packaged and shipped to stores around the world!

How Does a Bottle Opener Work?

A bottle opener is known as a simple lever, which works based on the laws of physics. When a bottle opener is in use, there are 3 forces acting upon it:

  1. The force of your hand pulling up on the lever
  2. The force of the cap as it pulls down on the tooth
  3. The force of the fulcrum on the cap
How Does a Bottle Opener Work?

The harder you pull up on the lever, the more force on the tooth. The more force on the tooth, the more likely the cap will pop right off. It’s basic physics in action! Your science teacher would be proud.

What is Metal Forging?

What is Metal Forging?

What is Metal Forging?

Forging is another way to make bottle openers. It is the process of shaping a metal object by heating it in a fire and then hammering it. While this method is not used for mass production, forged bottle openers are a popular hobby.

Professional blacksmiths are able to forge bottle openers using steel, drifts that shape the holes, and a giant oven to fire everything inside. Some even do it the ancient way with a hammer and anvil!

Metal forging is best left to the professionals, so don’t try it at home! You could get burned or seriously injured if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Do I Need a Bottle Opener?

Do I Need a Bottle Opener?

Do I Need a Bottle Opener?

You can technically open a bottle without a bottle opener. House keys, lighters, scissors, and belt buckles can all pop off the cap. However, it’s definitely safer to use a dedicated opener if possible.

The Bottom Line

You can think of a bottle opener as a cool science experiment in action. The laws of physics are put into action, allowing you to pry off the cap. A bottle opener is a simple invention that’s worth having at home, especially if you love a good drink!


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