How Promotional Products Can Improve Your Love Life

There’s no doubt that promotional products invade every aspect of our lives. You brush your teeth with the toothbrush imprinted with your dentist’s name, check the “to do” list that held onto your refrigerator with a custom magnet, and grab your embroidered laptop case on your way out the door. There’s no avoiding it. Promotional products are wound up in your domestic life as well as your work life. But what about your love life?

Because I get most of my guidance for romantic relationships from movies (I am single; why do you ask?), I perked up when seeing a pair of characters in a movie finally get together over a promotional pen. A promotional pen! I have a thousand of those in my office. Suitors should be banging down my door.

The movie I’m talking about is He’s Just Not That Into You, which I swear I never would have watched except for the fact that I have a thing for Justin Long. A thing that’s somewhere between renting Alvin and the Chipmunks and having to appear in a Los Angeles courthouse to explain exactly why I was sleeping on his front lawn.

Anyway, the relevant part of the movie basically starts when Gigi (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) shows up to run into/stalk the guy she’s dating. Her icebreaker? A promotional pen the guy had left with her, or so she claims to my future husband, who plays a guy that works at the bar. Because it’s a romantic comedy (kinda), there are all sorts of crazy hijinks that ensue before they end up together. Watch the final scene here and swoon with me.

Did I already say how much I adore Justin Long? Because I do.

So whether you’re a marketing intern or a neurotic-but-harmless stalker, it appears that promotional pens make great icebreakers. Just think of all the opportunities you have in a given day on the train to work, in the elevator, or on your way to pick up lunch. Pairing the distribution of a promotional product with a face to face encounter is a sure way to increase brand awareness and help potential customers associate your company with a real person instead of a simple catchphrase.

So how about it, fellow promoters? Have you had any success stories in the marketing or dating world when using promotional products? Do you know if Justin Long has any interest in custom sticky note pads that – I don’t want to brag here – fill my desk drawers?

Until next time, keep expanding your brand!


Image credit to andysternberg.

Jana Quinn

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