How to Anger Your Clients: 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Make a Bad Impression

Believe it or not, not every company and/or individual is concerned with making a great first impression on customers. I can’t even recall how many times I’ve walked into a store or called an (800) number and thought to myself: “WOW, that person was really rude.” If you are tired of winning clients and maintaining their satisfaction, then simply follow these 3 steps to make them angry. Trust me, they work!

1. Act Like You’re Too Busy to Help Them

One of the main components of a company’s successful customer service should be its employees’ willingness to assist them, right? Well, not according to some companies. If you want to piss people off, then pretend that you’re too busy for them. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, but here are the two most popular options: avoid their phone calls and express distaste or frustration when they ask you a question. After all, you have better things to do, right? (AUTHOR’S NOTE: Honestly, what self-respecting company would think this is a good idea? It baffles me!)

2. Don’t Smile, Laugh, or Incorporate Any Friendliness into Your Demeanor

Personally, when I think “great customer service,” I think of a smiling face and a friendly voice. However, some businesses don’t seem to value these qualities at all. If you are dying to make a bad impression, then you can do so by scowling, sighing, rolling your eyes, and keeping your voice totally monotone and emotionless. The more robotic you can be, the better. Did your customer make a joke or say “thank you”? By all means, don’t show any sense of humor or say “you’re welcome.” That wouldn’t be good for your bad impression!

3. Don’t Go Out of Your Way to Provide Assistance

Some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced has come from employees who are willing to go above and beyond for me, even if it means a slight inconvenience. However, if you’re not concerned with such things as “helping people” and “doing your job,” then this is the step for you! When someone asks you a question that you don’t know off the top of your head, don’t try to find out from someone who does know. Just pretend that you’re completely ignorant and get them off the phone or away from you as quickly as possible. If they ask you: “Can you find out for me?”, then either tell them no or lie and say that you can’t do it.

Through this post, I hope to convey the VALUE in outstanding customer service by pointing out all of the problems with bad customer service. Are there any other steps that you would include? Do you value a willingness to help, friendliness, and dedication as much as I do? Let us know by posting your comments below! As usual, Quality Logo Products is here to provide you with excellent products and fantastic customer service. You can reach us by calling (866) 312-5646, by emailing us at, or by contacting us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for reading our blog, and be sure NOT to follow the steps in this post if you love to help people as much as we do!

Jill Tooley

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