Do you want to launch an innovative and impactful new marketing campaign for your business? You might want to consider joining the go-green movement! Chances are, some aspect of your business impacts the environment whether it be your packaging, energy use, or overall waste production.

87% of Americans will purchase a product
because a company advocated for an issue they cared about.

Whether you want to save the sea turtles by nixing plastic straws from your restaurant or encourage members at your gym to utilize reusable water bottles, a green marketing campaign is the ideal way to give back and get noticed. Get started on your next environmentally-friendly project with the following tips.

What Are the Benefits of a Green Marketing Campaign?

Creating a green marketing campaign is an excellent way to not only make a positive impact on the environment, but also promote your business. People want to feel good about the purchases they make and the companies they support, and by adding environmentally-conscious practices to your business, you can increase brand loyalty.

Take a look at the stats about sustainability and environmental awareness!

Your business is part of the solution, so start practicing going green now! It’s a great way to do your part in keeping the planet strong for years to come.

How to Start on Your Green Marketing Campaign

The first step to creating your business’ eco-friendly marketing campaign is choosing a specific cause related to your business. For example, if you own a local grocery store, consider doing away with plastic shopping bags by offering a reusable alternative. A bar or restaurant owner might consider switching to paper or metal straws instead of plastic!

Regardless of industry, there are endless ways you can build your next marketing campaign around going green. Check out three ideas for your next event that will not only promote protecting the environment but create customer loyalty and cultivate brand awareness.

Promote Sustainability

Reducing the amount of plastic we produce is at the forefront of the go-green movement. Join in by handing out eco-friendly totes or water bottles with your logo to encourage your consumers to use these items instead of single-use alternatives that clog up landfills.

Utilize Recycled Materials

Limit the amount of waste you and your consumers produce by handing out items such as recycled notebooks or eco-friendly pens and pencils. Using recycled goods reduces the amount of energy manufacturers use because they don’t have to use as many resources to produce something new. The next time a consumer pulls out that pen to sign a receipt or write a check, they’ll remember your brand and feel good about supporting the environment.

Plant Trees and Seeds

Whether you plan a local event to plant trees or flowers around your town or contribute to your community garden, planting seeds is a great way to give back to the environment. Encourage your consumers to grow their own food by handing out herb-growing kits or packs of seeds customized with your logo.

Get Involved and Give Back to Green Causes

Promoting your eco-friendly message by providing giveaways and green alternatives isn’t the only way you can build a marketing campaign! Consider getting involved in your community by organizing a trash cleanup along a main street or fundraising for the upkeep and protection of forest preserves and parks.

You can also consider making small changes around your office by adding timers to light switches or putting a recycling bin next to every desk. Every effort makes a difference and gets our planet one step closer to becoming more sustainable! Additional ways your business can go green include:

  • Utilize biodegradable cleaning products
  • Use LED lights
  • Take public transportation or carpool to work
  • Recycle electronics
  • Use post-consumer waste products like paper

Which Companies Are Doing Green Marketing?

There are several popular companies joining the go-green movement with clever campaigns and green gadgets. Learn more about what the following brands are doing to promote their eco-friendly mission:


This outdoor clothing brand donates millions to initiatives that support agriculture, protecting endangered species, and restoring forests. Going green is even incorporated in the company’s mission statement.


How can a furniture company be environmentally-friendly? Well, 90% of Ikea buildings have solar panels and utilize wind farms to generate electricity. Ikea also only sends 15% of its waste to landfills.


Coca-Cola took a stand on reducing plastic consumption by creating a fully-recyclable plastic beverage bottle made partially from plants!

Help the Environment and Your Business

Spread the word about your business and your mission with a green marketing campaign to get your brand noticed and help save the planet. Whether you plan to promote going green with customized eco-friendly marketing items or combat deforestation by planting trees, your efforts will make a difference for your business and the environment. Get started on your green marketing campaign today!

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