How to Customize a Tote Bag You’ll Be Proud Of

Tote bags may be versatile on their own, but you shouldn’t slap your logo onto them without researching first! Which colors work best with your logo? How durable do they need to be to suit your needs? There are lots of tote bags out there, but you have to determine the best fit for you!

Picking the right color for your promotional product is vital. Whether you decide to order personalized totes in your official company colors or in the colors of the next major holiday, you’ll need to choose wisely. Will your desired imprint color (logo color) show up on the bag? Will there be enough room for your advertising message in the specified imprint area? The same thought process should apply when you consider the materials and the cost of your tote bags; you’ll have to decide if heavy-duty bags are worth the extra money to you. Always verify the product specs first and let your Quality Logo Products rep know if you have any questions prior to ordering (or if you’re in doubt about a particular tote bag).

Here are two tote bags that not only come in a wide variety of colors but also have large imprint areas to accommodate your logo:

Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag

Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag

ECO-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag


I don’t need to sell you on the usefulness of tote bags; they’re used daily by grocery shoppers and sold frequently by supermarkets and department stores. When you pick promotional products for your company, you don’t want to waste your money on products a person can’t use. It won’t give customers an accurate idea of what you’re all about if you give them a bunch of junk they’ll just throw away! You want them to know that your company understands their needs and wants to make life easier for them somehow. Plus, personalized tote bags reduce our impact on the environment, which fits well with the go-green movement and being environmentally-friendly. The Eco-Friendly Non Woven Totes you see to your left are surprisingly sturdy and affordable, which is why they’re such hot commodities!

The Show Tote Bag

The Show Tote Bag

The Show Tote Bag

What’s the biggest reason for a bold promo item like the Show Tote Bag? It delivers a lasting impression at any event. Plus, it has a Velcro closure so you don’t lose anything that’s inside. People don’t just throw away reusable shopping bags. They keep them around forever. In my household, we held on to tote bags like these for five years or more. Your logo is going to be sticking with people while they’re shopping, while they’re putting away their purchases, and every time they reach for the bag after that. There are many high-impact promotional products to choose from, but you can’t beat tote bags these days.

Before working at QLP, I had never once called a bag a “tote.” Now, I see the word “tote” everywhere, and I can’t seem to avoid this product on a daily basis. The more months I spent working and the more experience I gained, I realized that the tote must be one hell of a product because they are all over the place!

That reminds me, have you ever wondered why they’re called “totes”? It’s always kind of bugged me, so maybe it’s bugging you as well: as you know, a tote is a bag (think shopping bags) that’s sturdy and rectangular with an open top and two straps. But you may not know that the word “tote” actually dates back to the seventeenth century; it’s derived from the word “tota” which is Bantu for “lifting” or “carrying.” Who knew? Now that you know where the word tote comes from, it’s time to get serious. There are plenty of reasons to see tote bags as valuable promotional products, but only you can decide which reason is most important to you as you research your purchase!

No matter which tote you go with, you’re getting great brand exposure. What do you look for when selecting a promotional tote bag? How long have you had your favorite shopping totes?


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  1. Bret Bonnet

    Where did that chick buy/shop for that dress?!?!? 🙂

  2. Jill Tooley

    You know, I’ve never thought about the origination of “tote bag” until now – I suppose that’s my random knowledge for the day!

    Good post – I’ve seen some in-store tote bags that look like total junk for one reason or another, and that defeats the purpose of advertising with totes in the first place. Never forget that a high-quality imprint of your logo goes a LONG way! If you’re worried that your bright blue logo won’t show up on a dark red bag, then just ask Quality Logo Products. We’ll give you the rundown! 🙂

    P.S. I NEVER throw away my reusable tote bags. Through the years, I’ve collected some from Half Price Books, Aldi, Woodmans, and a few local banks; they all accompany me into the supermarket whenever it’s time to buy groceries. I love them!

  3. LK

    I received a tote from Forever21, a clothing store I shop at frequently, with their logo on it in fun bright pink and yellow colors- which fits with the store’s atmosphere. I always forget to bring the tote with me when shopping at their store, but when I need a tote to carry more stuff around than normal I reach for that tote! (I’m glad I now know the orgins of the word too!)

  4. Joseph Giorgi

    I totally agree with your observation—until recently, I never referred to a shopping bag as a “tote” either. I know exactly what you mean. But they’re definitely everywhere these days, which of course is awesome news for QLP!

    There are obviously MANY customizable carry bags available on this site, and most would make for ideal promotional items. It’s probably tough for companies to narrow down their choices, but you’ve selected a couple great bags to start with in this article. Well done!

    My favorite tote? Well, when it comes to both affordability and versatility, it’s tough to beat the Quad Access Tote Bag (QLP04589).

    • Yowhatup!

      Nice Choice Joe!

  5. Andrew Sauer

    I can definitely see Servais walking around his local Jewel with one of those tote bags repping QLP!!

    • Yowhatup!

      Servais is the man!

      Go Pack!

  6. POS Paper

    Great tips for customizing tote bags in this post, thanks for sharing.

  7. Brian

    When i see these “tote” bags it reminds me of moms at public pools that carry everything in these bags, joe should prolly invest in one of these haha. good post bud

  8. George F.

    You’re right, tote bags are great promotional products and a stylish way to promote your business!

  9. Jo Green

    Totes are a great product that really promote your brand and are also very useful. Thanks for giving them some props!

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