We all have unique styles and tastes. Mobile accessories are one of the many ways people choose to show off your style, particularly by using custom PopSockets! These small accessories are surprisingly easy to customize, and we’ve got the insider tips to make sure yours looks amazing.

Pop in and get ready to learn everything about your new favorite mobile accessory including who uses them, how to customize them, and how to make your own!

Who Can Use a PopSocket?

If you have a smartphone, you can use a PopSocket. It’s an accessory that’s stylish for everyone, from kids all the way to adults and professionals.

The people who can use PopSockets include:


Teens love to show off their unique style. With a PopSocket, they can switch up their accessory to match their newest phone case or even their outfit. Teenagers can also use their PopSockets while watching their favorite YouTube channel, while on FaceTime, or for taking selfies.


You should do everything you can to keep both hands on the wheel while driving. Luckily, a PopSocket helps you use your maps or talk on the phone hands-free. Take advantage of a PopSocket car mount to safely secure your phone when you’re behind the wheel.


When training or working out, most athletes like to listen to music. PopSockets help keep their headphone cords wrapped up and tangle-free! Athletes won’t have to waste time getting annoying knots out of the cord or risk damaging their headphones with a PopSocket.


You don’t need a fancy expensive camera to participate in the art of photography, especially when the cameras on our smartphones are so sophisticated! There’s nothing more annoying than capturing the perfect photo and realizing it’s blurry from a shaky hand. PopSockets help eliminate any shaking by providing a better grip.


Kids love playing with their parent’s smartphones. There are tons of games, videos, and other features that can keep the attention of young children for hours on end. However, no parent wants their kid to accidentally drop or damage their phone while playing with it. PopSockets provide a secure grip while holding a smartphone, and it also works as a stand for watching videos.

Business Professionals

Business owners and other professionals can use PopSockets on their mobile devices! A PopSocket can be handy while on FaceTime with a client, or while using a tablet to give a presentation. Professionals can also stick PopSockets to their desks to hang badges or lanyards.

It is estimated that 3.5 billion people worldwide own smartphones, which is nearly half of the world’s population! Whether you make custom PopSockets for your friends or your business, they are a universal accessory you should take advantage of.

What PopSocket Should I Get?

When picking the best PopSocket for you, you should get the one that works best with how you use your smartphone. There are different PopSockets you can choose from that make watching videos, driving, or attending a concert more enjoyable.

Determine which PopSocket you should get below!

Fashionable PopSocket

If you like showing off your style, then you should get a fashion PopSocket! There are endless ways to accessorize your phone using a PopSocket because they come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can match a fashion PopSocket with your phone case or swap it our when you’re ready for a change.

Mountable PopSocket

People who spend a lot of time in the car should get a mountable PopSocket! Whether you drive for Uber or deliver pizza, you should be safe while behind the wheel. This type of PopSocket has a small bracket you place in your vehicle to securely hold your phone!

PopSocket with Wallet

Sometimes your outfit doesn’t have pockets, or you just don’t want to carry around a purse or a wallet. This PopSocket comes with a silicone phone wallet that is perfect for only the essentials during concerts or sporting events. Slide your I.D., credit card, and some cash inside the wallet and you’re good to go!

Mini PopSocket

You should get mini PopSockets if you frequently use your phone to watch videos or if you use headphones! You can place up to 3 mini PopSockets on your phone to make watching videos a breeze. Stagger the PopSockets to easily wrap your headphone cord to prevent tangles.

Ultimately, whichever PopSocket you choose will be a useful accessory to have on your phone. The great part about PopSockets is that you can collect different types and switch it up whenever you feel like it!

How Can You Customize PopSockets?

There are several ways you can customize a PopSocket to make it your own. Before you decide which one you should choose, there are some details about each one you should be aware of.

You can customize PopSockets using these methods:


You can use ink to customize your PopSockets! Ink is great for text or simple designs. If you are using PopSockets to advertise your business or as a giveaway, you’ll want to consider an ink imprint because it can be made by a manufacturer in large quantities.


Customize your PopSocket with a picture of your pet, your favorite place, or even just a cool design using a full color image. If your design has a lot of colors or small details, using an image is the best way to make sure it looks the way you envision.


Using materials like glitter is a fun way to customize PopSockets. Simply add some plain white glue to the button of your PopSocket, add glitter, and let it dry!


Paint is a fun and crafty way to add your personal touch to a PopSocket. You’ll want to begin by using white acrylic paint to create a base coat on your PopSocket, then continue painting whatever design you choose!


Since PopSockets are made of plastic, stickers easily adhere to the button. If you add stickers to your PopSocket, be sure they are the correct size and not too big. You can cut a larger sticker to fit or use several small stickers to personalize your PopSocket.

Whichever way you decide to customize your PopSocket, one thing is for certain, you’ll have a unique accessory on your phone.

Tips for Customizing Your PopSocket

There are a few design tips you should know about before you get to customizing your PopSockets. You’ll want to be aware of the size of a PopSocket, the colors you use, and the detail in your design.

Follow these design tips to make sure your PopSocket turns out looking professional:

1. Properly Size Your Design

A PopSocket has a diameter of 1.56 inches. This means that the space to add your design is very limited! Be sure that you can scale down your design without it becoming blurred together or illegible.

2. Utilize Contrasting Colors

The best way to make sure your design stands out is to use contrasting colors. If you have a black PopSocket, you’ll want to use light colors like white to make sure your text pops out. Avoid colors that are too close to each other like blue and red or purple and navy blue.

3. Keep it Simple

When designing your PopSocket, less is more. For example, you might not want to add your favorite song lyric, but a simple outlined design would look fantastic. If you plan to use text, try to keep it between 2 and 3 words so the font doesn’t become too small to read.

If you keep these design tips in mind, you won’t have to worry about your design looking distorted or illegible! There are plenty of ways you can design your PopSocket while making sure it looks professional.

How Do You Advertise with PopSockets

Custom PopSockets are an awesome item to use to advertise your business or organization. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone, meaning all those people can use a PopSocket. When handing out PopSockets to advertise you’ll want to be strategic.

Get some inspiration from these ideas below.

Trade Shows

Have PopSockets at your trade show booth! They are a small lightweight item that can be easily transported with you when you travel. Instead of a paper brochure or business card, a PopSocket is a memorable item that potential customers can use to access your contact information.


A branded accessory for their smartphones is the perfect item to advertise your business at festivals! When people attend festivals, they are constantly taking pictures and sharing their experiences on social media.

Career Fairs

At career fairs, potential candidates are meeting with numerous different companies looking for employment. When you find someone who might be a good fit, you want them to remember your organization. Help them remember to contact you by giving them a PopSocket.

School Orientation

What better way to encourage new students to show school pride than with branded swag? Give students a PopSocket with your school name or mascot on it for them to put on their smartphones. PopSockets are popular accessories that students would love to receive at orientation.


Add custom PopSockets to the merch table at concerts! Attendees will love a small cost-effective item to represent their favorite musician or band. Concert sponsors can also take advantage of this advertising opportunity.

While this list of advertising ideas isn’t exhaustive, now you have solid ideas for how you can create your own advertising plan!

How To Make Custom PopSockets?

You can make your own PopSocket at home with just a few items from the craft store. While this DIY version isn’t an authentic PopSocket, it is still a handy phone grip you can customize yourself.


  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil
  • 2 suction cups
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Decorative paper, gems, glitter, or paint

Follow these steps to create your own phone grip:

  • Step One: Remove the metal hook or any other attachment from your suction cups.
  • Step Two: Trace a suction cup face-down on the cardboard.
  • Step Three: Cut out the circle you traced.
  • Step Four: Hot glue the cardboard to the suction-side of the suction cup.
  • Step Five: Take the second suction cup and glue the backs together so the cups face outward.
  • Step Six: Decorate the cardboard with paper, gems, glitter, or paint.
  • Step Seven: Enjoy the finished product.
  1. Step 1
    Source: https://www.youtube.com

    Prepare the Suction Cup

    Some suction cups come with hooks or strings. Before you start your project, make sure the suction cups you plan to use don’t have any extra material or attachments on them.

  2. Step 2
    Source: https://www.youtube.com

    Trace the Suction Cup

    Place your suction cup face-down on the piece of cardboard. Use a pencil to trace around the cup.

  3. Step 3
    Source: https://www.youtube.com

    Cut Out the Circle

    Take the scissors and cut out the cardboard circle you just traced out.

  4. Step 4
    Source: https://www.youtube.com

    Glue the Suction Cup to the Cardboard

    Use the hot glue gun to trace a thin line of glue around the edge of the cardboard circle. Then, place the suction cup face-down on the cardboard to glue them together.

  5. Step 5
    Source: https://www.youtube.com

    Glue Both Suction Cups Together

    Add a dot of hot glue on the end of one suction cup and stick the other end of the second suction cup to it. Both cups should be facing away from each other.

  6. Step 6
    Source: https://www.youtube.com

    Decorate the Cardboard

    Use decorative paper, glitter, glue-on gems, paint, or markers to add your own design to your cardboard button.

  7. Step 7
    Source: https://www.youtube.com

    Enjoy Your PopSocket

    Stick your homemade PopSocket onto your phone or case and enjoy! *

*DISCLAIMER: This is not an authentic PopSocket. A homemade version will not adhere to your smartphone or work as well as a genuine accessory. For best results, use a brand name PopSocket.

Check out how to make your own PopSocket in this video!

The Bottom Line

PopSockets are small, convenient, and they stick to the back of a device that nearly everyone in the world already owns. The customizable button on a PopSocket is great for advertising or just for a fun craft at home.

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