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One of the greatest tasks of event planning is deciding on the right giveaway item. There are so many industries, personalities, and age groups to consider! You want the product to be useful no matter who receives it, and it can be a challenge to narrow your options. That’s when the power bank comes in handy! They’re a crowd favorite no matter the recipient.

You’re probably wondering how to make them look as snazzy as possible, and you’ve come to the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about customizing your power banks.

Who Can Use a Power Bank?

Nearly anyone can use a power bank! From lawyers to construction workers, most working professionals would benefit from having one. With that said, there are some industries who are more technology-focused than others, and it’s no secret that power banks are an excellent way for them to advertise.

Here are the people who could use a power bank the most:

  • Business owners
  • Travelers
  • Event planners
  • Marketers
  • IT professionals
  • Social media influencers

Business Owners

Any business owner will tell you they probably spend more time on their phones than they do even eating or drinking. Between checking their email and communicating with their employees all day, it’s safe to say their batteries get drained more quickly than most. Power banks make it so they’ll never miss an important call!


Have you ever searched for an outlet in your airport terminal, only to find they’re all taken? They’re a hot commodity! When flights get delayed, the best way to pass the time is by checking your email or playing a round of solitaire. Having a power bank at your side is a surefire way to ensure you never run out of juice.

Event Planners

Event planners are some of the busiest professionals out there. They’re constantly moving from place to place, all while making phone calls to caterers, sending contracts to clients, and depleting their phone’s precious battery. Offering event planners something as useful as a portable charger is going to make a world of difference!


Marketers are always communicating. Whether it’s through email, social media updates, or instant messages, their job is to give their company a voice. All that talking usually results in a dead battery after only a couple hours! A portable charger is a security blanket to marketers because they know they’ll never be drained of power.

IT Professionals

Your IT department is constantly working with your team to ensure their devices are running properly. When they’re on the phone troubleshooting issues, they’re going to want a full battery. Imagine what would happen if they couldn’t do their jobs! Ensuring their phones and other devices are fully charged will make everyone’s lives a bit easier.

Social Media Influencers

Do you follow any social media influencers? If so, you’ve probably noticed they are constantly on their phones. From posting photos on Instagram to replying to their follower’s questions, their screen time is no joke. Their batteries are constantly being used, so they’d appreciate a portable power bank just as much as they would value a “like” on their posts!

Power Bank Design Tips

No matter who uses them, there are some tried-and-true steps to making a custom power bank look as nice as possible. From color choices to design options, you need to know the basics!

Here’s how to perfect your custom power bank:

Keep it Simple

Promotional power banks aren’t large. They’re usually meant for taking on-the-go, which means they tend to be on the smaller side. It’s best to keep it simple with your design so it stays legible and clear! If you have an intricate company logo, it’d be best to leave that off of your chargers. Instead, opt for printing just your company name or motto. Everything will be nice and easy to read!

Use One Color

Since most power banks are customized with laser engraving, only one color is available for customization. Some engraving methods are actually colorless, leaving the design carved into the metal. If your design relies heavily on color, it’s best to choose another look for your power banks since the color options are limited.

Make it Relevant

The best promotional items are the ones that demonstrate cleverness and wit. Sure, nothing’s wrong with simply using your company name or logo on your portable charger, but why not take it a step further? Include a pun, inside joke, or personalized message on your devices. Whether you hand them out to employees or clients, there’s no doubt your brand will stay top of mind.

Which Power Bank is Best?

Generally speaking, the best power bank is one with at least 3,000mAh. This is because you can charge most smartphones at least one time, making it an ideal solution for when you need a full battery.

If you use your phone a lot or want to connect multiple devices to your charger, you’ll want to invest in a high capacity power bank that lasts a bit longer. On the flipside, if you’re just looking to boost your battery throughout the workday, you can get by with a more portable or low capacity option.

Here are the different kinds of power banks:

Low Capacity

These power banks typically charge a smartphone at least one time before needing to be recharged. They’re the smallest ones on the market, making them ideal for slipping in your work bags or pocket.

Capacity: Between 3,000mAh and 5,000mAh

Perfect for: Office employees, teenagers, conference attendees

Medium Capacity

These power banks have enough juice to charge most smartphones at least 2 times, and most tablets at least 1.5 times. Since the batteries are a bit larger, the price point for medium capacity versions tend to be higher than the average power bank.

Capacity: Between 6,000mAh and 15,000mAh

Perfect for: Commuters, hikers, volunteers

High Capacity

On average, these power banks can charge a cell phone around 6 or 7 times depending on the model! For this reason, they’re ideal for long trips or powering multiple devices.

Capacity: 20,000mAh or higher

Perfect for: Business travelers, tech lovers, entrepreneurs

Pro Tip

Choosing the right capacity is key! It’s important to make sure you aren’t supplying your phone’s battery with too much power so you aren’t damaging the device. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer to ask how much power your battery can tolerate!

How is a Power Bank Customized?

Power banks are usually customized through laser engraving. This means a heated laser burns or etches a design onto the material, resulting in a long-lasting imprint.

Laser engraving is the best method for customizing power banks because the devices are often stored in suitcases, pockets, or work bags. As the charger gets used throughout the day, you won’t have to worry about the design peeling or flaking off!

What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is the process of converting light energy into heat in order to burn or etch a design onto a product. The most popular material for laser engraving is metal or aluminum, but many different products can be laser engraved. The end result is timeless, easy to read, and stylish!

Get the lowdown on laser engraving by watching this short video!

The Bottom Line

Promotional giveaway items can be insanely unique and stylish, but sometimes it’s the simple things that have the most impact. Power banks are the superheroes of everyday life. They help us get through meetings, train rides, and long workdays. Customizing them makes them even more powerful! When you go the extra mile to make them stand out, they’ll be appreciated no matter who receives them as a gift.

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