Move over hacky sack and yo-yo! The fidget spinner is the latest toy designed for sweet tricks, fun games, and better hand eye coordination. It guarantees endless fun, no matter what your age!

You don’t have to be a pro athlete to do all the tricks that come with fidget spinning. Just let this helpful article be your guide!

You can use fidget spinners to dazzle friends, classmates, and family. They can be an exciting puzzle for you to figure out the physics of spinning objects.

– David King, author of Fun with Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks & Activities

What is a Fidget Spinner Used For?

At a basic level, fidget spinners are used for boosting concentration when you just can’t sit still. They’re meant to give your hands something to do, leaving your brain free to pay attention.

Fidget spinners are used for all of the following:

  • Focus
  • Tricks
  • Motor Skills
  • Games
  • Stress
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Small Gifts
  • Giveaways


Many classrooms have fidget spinners for their students. Research is still being done to see how these toys help kids with ADHD and other attention disorders.


Do you want to impress your friends? Master a few fidget spinner tricks and bust them out at your next party!

Motor Skills

A study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that fidget spinners can improve fine motor skills. This is especially useful for elderly patients at healthcare facilities.


Your friends are looking for a new party game. Grab a few fidget spinners, don’t forget to put out snacks, and have a blast!


Are you feeling at the end of your rope? You may just feel less stress and anxiety by playing with a fidget spinner. The repetitive movement creates a soothing, relaxing effect.

Hand Eye Coordination

Video games are a great way to practice hand eye coordination, but they can be hard to take with you on the go. A fidget spinner offers the same benefits, while being easier to slip into your bag or pocket.

Small Gifts

Holidays and birthdays are so much easier with fidget spinners. You can stuff them in stockings or put them in the goody bags for all the guests at your next party.


A custom fidget spinner is an excellent giveaway for trade shows, fundraisers, and other events. It’s something small that people can slip in their bags and use to remember you later.

How to Do Fidget Spinner Tricks

A fidget spinner is designed to pull off some pretty cool stunts! Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can accomplish these tricks with just a little bit of patience and practice.

Here are 11 easy fidget spinner tricks that anyone can master:

  • Balancing on one finger
  • Tossing between hands
  • Using a different body part
  • Building a tower
  • Throwing it high in the air
  • Flipping it over
  • Switching between fingers
  • Going behind the back
  • Spinning it on a bottle
  • Making it disappear
  • Juggling

Balance on One Finger

The fidget spinner has a bearing in the middle that’s designed to keep going and going. You can balance it on one finger, and it won’t fall as long as you keep your hand relatively still.

Toss Between Hands

This trick is a little more challenging, but is definitely doable. The idea is to get the spinner going with one hand, and then keep it spinning while you transfer it to the other hand.

Use a Different Body Part

Try putting the spinner on your head, toe, nose, knuckles, or chin. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even do more than one at a time.

Build a Tower

Stack a bunch of fidget spinners on top of each other and get them spinning. See how many you can get before it all falls over!

Throw it High in the Air

Toss the fidget spinner into the air, catch it with one hand, and keep it spinning. Make sure to catch the spinner in the middle or you risk causing an injury.

Flip it Over

Twist your hand so the fidget spinner is at a different angle. This trick is most impressive when you’re able to perform it mid-spin.

Switch Between Fingers

As the fidget spinner is going, move it from one finger to the next. See if you can get across your entire hand, or if you’re an expert, go all the way across both hands!

Go Behind the Back

You can simply play with the spinner behind your back, or you can challenge yourself by switching between hands. It’s extra tough since you won’t be able to see what you’re doing!

Spin it on a Bottle

Put the fidget spinner on top of a bottled drink and give it a spin. Test your balancing skills by picking up the bottle as the spinner whirls around.

Make it Disappear

Spin the fidget spinner, throw it in the air, and make it disappear down your shirt in the back. Just be sure to wear a loose-fitting shirt that day!


Pretend like you went to clown college and juggle the fidget spinners while keeping them spinning. This is an advanced trick that only the true pros can accomplish!

If you’re a beginner, hang in there! You might drop the spinner a few times, but you’ll eventually fall into a rhythm. Before long, you’ll be the pro you were always destined to be!

This video shows you the cool tricks you can do with a fidget spinner!

How to Use a Fidget Spinner with One Hand

Some of the best tricks require you to use just one hand, which is super easy if you have the right technique

Follow these steps to use a fidget spinner with one hand:

  • Step 1: Grab the fidget spinner between your thumb and index finger. Make sure you’re holding the fidget spinner vertically.
  • Step 2: Use your middle or ring finger to get the blades spinning. You can push them or give them a flick.
  • Step 3: You can either continue playing with the spinner as is, or you can remove your index finger and try to do one-handed tricks.

It’s just as easy to play with a fidget spinner with one hand as it is with two. Start with your dominant hand and gradually work on using your opposite hand as you improve your technique!

Are Fidget Spinners Dangerous?

Fidget spinners are not dangerous per se, but injury could occur if you’re doing the tricks for the first time. When in doubt, take a few precautions to make sure you’re safe while using your spinner.

Safety tips for playing with fidget spinners:

Fit your fidget spinner with foam

Take some time to wrap your fidget spinner with a soft material like foam or rubber. Just make sure the middle and the rings aren’t covered or the spinner won’t work.

Keep out of reach of children 3 and under

The fidget spinner has small balls and rings that make it dangerous for young children. These pieces could present a choking hazard.

Be careful with light-up spinners

Fidget spinners with LED lights might not be the best for performing tricks. They should stay well away from your face or eyes and away from water.

Put on athletic gloves

Some tricks require you to catch the fidget spinner in the middle. Getting hit with the metal blade is no fun, so if you want, throw on a pair of athletic gloves while spinning.

Try safety goggles

You can put your eye out, kid! Stick on a pair of safety goggles if you plan on balancing the spinner on your face or head. You may look like a nerd, but it’s worth it to be safe.

Wear a helmet

It may seem silly, but put on a helmet when you’re trying epic fidget spinner stunts like throwing it in the air or juggling. You don’t want to accidentally get clunked in the noggin!

Don’t put the spinner in your mouth

There’s nothing tasty about a fidget spinner. Many germs are on the outside and chemicals are also found in battery-powered spinners.

Think of it like a bicycle or skateboard – you may get a few bumps and bruises while learning to master the fidget spinner tricks. If you’re at all worried about safety, give some of the tips above a try!

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission also has their own guidelines for fidget spinner safety. Check it out for more information!

What Games Can You Play with a Fidget Spinner?

Everything is better with a friend! Grab a pal or two and give any of these fun fidget spinner games a try.

Fidget spinner games:

  • Spinner Battles
  • Hot Potato
  • Darts
  • Hockey
  • Relay Race

Spinner Battles

This is a great game to play with your friend! Sit across from each other at a table, get the spinners going, and then push them toward each other. The spinner that lasts the longest is the winner.

Hot Potato

Do you run with a squad of fidget spinner masters? This is the game for you! Stand in a circle and get the spinner going. Throw it to someone in the circle and keep the spinner going. The person who drops is out.

Spinner Darts

Stick a dart through the center of your spinner on a dartboard. Make the spinner start moving and then use other darts to try and make it stop by hitting the 3 open areas. You’ll have a blast playing this at your next party!

Spinner Hockey

Real hockey may get you a black eye and maybe a few missing teeth. Spinner hockey is a lot safer as you use the fidget spinner as the “stick” and a jellybean as a “puck.” Create goals and have fun!

Relay Race

Divide into two teams. Your goal is to keep your spinner going as you hand it to the next player and so on all the way to the finish line. If your spinner stops or falls, you have to start over. The first team to the end wins!

What is Professional Fidget Spinning?

Professional fidget spinning is defined as any person who makes a living or receives money from performing tricks with a fidget spinner. While you won’t find fidget spinners in the Olympics, there are still many people who are very serious about these toys.

Case in point, an organization named SkillCon hosted an Ultimate Fidget Spinning competition in Las Vegas. The contestants were judged in categories related to the number of finger transfers, the number of hand transfers, and a freestyle round, where they could show off their creativity and skills.

Founded by Jason Garfield, SkillCon prides itself on hosting “outside-the-box sports.” They’ve also held bottle flipping, cornhole, and lightsaber competitions!

YouTube has made a few people famous for fidget spinning. Dude Perfect is the most well-known personality as he pulls off some truly insane fidget spinner tricks.

Stats for Success

19 million fidget spinners were sold in the first six months of 2017.

The longest spin on one finger was done by Takayuki Ishikawa. He set the record at 24 minutes and 46.34 seconds.

A man in the United Kingdom holds the Guinness world record for the longest spin on a nose with 8 minutes and 49 seconds.

The Bottom Line

A fidget spinner is capable of some truly extraordinary feats, not limited to amazing tricks, fun games, and overall improved focus and motor skills. So if you missed the fidget spinner train in 2017, get on board! This simple toy has a lot to offer.


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