Booking a venue? Check. Deciding on a caterer? Check. Hiring a DJ that won’t just play the “Electric Slide” and “YMCA” on rotation all night? Check. Check.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning a wedding, but one thing you absolutely can’t overlook is gifts for your bridal party and/or guests. After all, these people dress fancy, find a babysitter so they can come to everything (including the shower and bachelorette/bachelor party), AND still shell out money on a gift for you. They deserve something nice for all that effort!

Whether you’re looking for gifts for your bridal party or cool favors for your guests, you can’t go wrong with wedding welcome bags! These bags can be handed out at the hotel and are particularly great for destination weddings. Here’s how to put together welcome bags that make all of your guests feel happy.

What Are Wedding Welcome Bags?

Welcome bags are usually handed out at check-in when you buy a block of hotel rooms for a wedding. The concierge at the front desk will give one to every guest, which is a little way to say “enjoy your stay!” If you’re getting married, you can put these together ahead of time and leave them at the front desk.

How to Use Wedding Welcome Bags

You can use wedding welcome bags in lieu of bridal party gifts or as favors for your guests. You can have the concierge hand them out during check-in if your guests are staying at a hotel. It’s completely up to you, but either way, this gesture is sure to be appreciated!

Put together wedding tote bags and give them out as..

bridal party gifts

Bridal Party Gifts

Hand out custom tote bags filled with goodies during the rehearsal. This early gift will boost the wedding party’s spirits for the Big Day ahead, and they could maybe even use a few of the items at the reception. After all, how cool would it be if everyone at the head table was drinking from a matching wine glass?

favors for your guests

Favors for Guests

Personalized wedding welcome bags are having a moment lately. Your usher or greeter can pass the totes out right at the entrance as your guests walk into the ceremony. This can be done in lieu of favors at the reception, giving your guests time to put the bags in their car before they party with you on the dance floor!

welcome bags at the hotel

Welcome Bags at the Hotel

Do you have a block of rooms for your wedding guests? Make sure the concierge gives everyone one of your personalized welcome bags. Your guests will get the bag right at check-in and get even more excited for your ceremony and reception.

Wedding tote bags are so much better than traditional gifts or favors. You’re giving your guests something they can use the day of the wedding, which shows you put thought into making sure they’re comfortable.

Where Can You Buy Wedding Welcome Bags?

wedding welcome bags

You can buy personalized wedding tote bags right online. Choose a stylish color and durable fabric, and then get your wedding date and your names printed on the front. A custom merch company, like Quality Logo Products®, can do it for you!

Canvas bags in a neutral color are usually the most budget-friendly and easy to customize. You can print a cute design on the front that will really pop!

Are you ready to customize wedding welcome bags? Here are some perfect choices!

You will get charged for every ink color you use, unless you find bags that are printed in full color, so keep the design you print on front simple. Plain wedding gift bags with one ink color still look sweet, but won’t cost you an outrageous amount of money to order.

What to Put in Wedding Welcome Bags

Be sure to fill your wedding welcome bags with essentials that your guests will need at the ceremony, at the reception, or at the hotel. Some excellent choices include: Tylenol, mini water bottles, vitamin C packets, and granola bars.

If you want to take your welcome bags to the next level, you should throw in a few personalized favors. Here are the best goodies to put inside of wedding welcome bags:

  • Personalized t-shirts
  • Stemless wine glasses
  • Burlap koozies
  • Luggage tags
  • Chocolate
  • Folding fans
  • Stylish pens
  • PopSockets

1. Personalized T-Shirts

personalized bridal party t-shirts

Your bridal party will all go crazy over custom t-shirts in your wedding gift bags. Print a funny label on the front of each tee, such as “Crazy Bridesmaid,” “This Guy’s a Groomsman,” or “Cutest Flower Girl in the World!”

2. Stemless Wine Glasses

monogrammed wine tumblers

Are you having an open bar at your reception? Look for trendy plastic stemless wine glasses to put in your wedding tote bags. If you want glass cups instead, be sure to wrap them in newspaper, or even better, the personalized tee suggested above!

3. Burlap Koozies

wedding koozies

Next to candied almonds, wedding koozies are one of the most traditional favors of all time! Go with a nice burlap material, and print some kind of clever message on the front. Cheers to you for putting such a thoughtful gift in your welcome bags!

4. Luggage Tags

wedding luggage tags

This one’s for those who are having a destination wedding! Give your guests and bridal party an easy way to travel back home by tying custom luggage tags to the handle of your wedding totes. Match the tag to your wedding colors or to your destination. For instance, cruise ship tags are great for weddings on the sea, while Hawaiian shirts are awesome for weddings in the Aloha State!

5. Chocolate

custom chocolate for wedding

After the wedding ceremony, your guests are already feeling hungry! They’ll want something to snack on, and nothing’s better than tasty chocolates. You can find bulk chocolate pieces in cute shapes for your wedding like champagne bottles or little hearts. Put them right inside of your wedding welcome bags, or wrap them up in little goodie bags first.

6. Folding Fans

custom folding fans

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, do everyone a favor and put folding fans inside of your personalized tote bags. It can get really hot in the sun, and if your guests are wearing bright colors, sweat stains may occur. A fan keeps everyone nice and cooled down.

7. Stylish Pens

pens with diamond on the top

You’re probably going to set up some kind of guest book at your reception. Consider giving out interesting novelty pens in your wedding bags. Everyone can use them to sign the guest book, but they can also take them home and use them again and again for grocery lists and work tasks.

8. PopSockets

wedding popsockets

The wedding photographer can’t capture every moment, so put PopSockets in your bulk wedding bags. The guests can use them while taking selfies at the reception, giving you even more memories to look back on later!

These wedding favor ideas are trendy, stylish, and small enough to fit into a welcome tote bag. Get as many as you can, and everyone will have an insanely good time digging through their wedding bags and seeing what’s inside!

Why Should You Hand Out Wedding Welcome Bags?

You should give out welcome bags at your wedding for a number of good reasons:

wedding favor bags graphic

They’re fun to put together. – You and your partner will enjoy putting all the items into the wedding bags and thinking up a design to print on the front. In fact, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal, couples who spend time doing activities together are happier than those who don’t.

engagement ring graphic

Your guests love keepsakes – The market for gifts, novelties, and souvenir items is at at an estimated $17.83 billion. You don’t want to waste money on gifts that people won’t want, so take the time to pick out some nice items to put inside your wedding tote bags.

Best friend necklace graphic

Shows your appreciation – It’s really not easy to prepare for a wedding. This is true for not just the marrying couple, but also the people in attendance! Science shows friends boost our happiness and reduce our stress. Make sure they know you appreciate them with nice wedding gift bags.

gift graphic

Presentation matters – Are you familiar with the phrase “like a kid on Christmas morning?” Everyone is going to love digging through cute wedding gift bags. It’s not only fun to see what’s inside, but it shows that you really cared about making your guests feel special. This matters since 71% of people love a gift that comes from the heart.

You don’t want to cheap out and get boring, uninspired wedding favors or gifts for your guests or bridal party. Take some time to put together nice welcome bags for everyone. It will make your wedding celebration even better!


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