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Your mouse pad can get super gunky and dirty over time. And with the average desk hosting over 20,000 germs per square inch, the last thing you want is even more filth in your work area.

Maybe you don’t have time for a bunch of spring cleaning, but you can at least start small by cleaning your mouse pad!

How to Clean Your Mouse Pad

The best way to clean your mouse pad is with water and soap. This will get rid of any dirt or grime that builds up over time.

This is how to clean your mouse pad:

  1. Fill a bowl or tub with cold water and soak your mouse pad. Use a gentle shampoo or hand soap to gently clean the surface.
  2. Scrub your mouse pad with a soft bristle brush. Be gentle or you could cause damage!
  3. Rinse away the soap using cold water, making sure there are no suds on the front or back.
  4. Pat your mouse pad dry with a towel. Give it the rest of the day before you use it again to ensure it’s completely dry.
  1. Step 1

    Use Cold Water & Soap/Shampoo

    Find a bowl that’s large enough for your mouse pad, or if you want more space, use your bathtub. Gently spray cold water on the surface, while using a sponge soaked with hand soap or a gentle shampoo to wipe away stains.

  2. Step 2

    Wipe Down with a Soft Bristle Brush

    Use a soft bristle brush to scrub any spots that are particularly tough. You don’t want to scrub too hard or use a wire sponge as you could damage the mouse pad.

  3. Step 3

    Step Three: Rinse Off

    Gently rinse away the soap from the mouse pad with cold water, making sure there are no suds left on the front or back.

  4. Step 4

    Step Four: Pat Dry with a Towel

    Now that everything’s clean, use a towel to dab your mouse pad. From there, let it air dry or put it next to a fan to get rid of any leftover moisture. Give it the rest of your day before you use your mouse pad again, as you don’t want any wetness to damage your mouse or computer.

That’s it! This process* works for any mouse pad, whether you’re a gamer or an office worker. You can also use this method to clean a mouse pad with a wrist rest.

The only exception is a tech mouse pad, such as one that’s equipped with a portable charger or LED lights. Water and technology are never friends!

*Disclaimer: This process works for most mouse pads, but results may vary based on the material and quality of the mouse pads. Quality Logo Products® is not liable for any damage caused by washing your mouse pad.

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Can You Put Your Mouse Pad in the Washing Machine?

Yes, you can put your mouse pad in the washing machine if you don’t feel like cleaning it by hand. Mouse pads made from these materials are fair game:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Acetate
  • Microfiber
  • Foam
  • Polyurethane
  • Rubber

Here’s how to clean a mouse pad in the washing machine*:

Use a mild detergent.

Set the washer to cold water.

Change the setting to a light cycle.

Don’t use any bleach.

Let your mouse pad air dry.

You should never use warm water or throw your mouse pad in the dryer. The heat will cause damage to your mat! If you’re at all unsure about whether or not your mouse pad is safe for the washing machine, contact the manufacturer directly.

*Disclaimer: This method works for materials that can safely go in the washing machine. Results may vary based on the material and quality of the mouse pads. Quality Logo Products® is not liable for any damage caused by washing your mouse pad.

Pro Tip:

A mouse pad printed with a custom design may chip if put in the washing machine. It’s best to wash these by hand instead.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mouse Pad?

The amount of times you clean your mouse pad is largely dependent on how often it’s used. A good rule of thumb is to try and clean your mouse pad at least 3 or 4 times a year, especially if you work in an office.

Of course, increase that number for extreme situations. You never know when you’ll accidentally spill coffee or drop your mouse pad on the floor!

How to Organize & Clean Your Desk at Work

Now that your mouse pad looks great, you may as well go all the way and clean up your entire desk. Here are some extra ideas for tidying up your workspace:

Dust Off the Keyboard

Dust can easily fall between the keys on your keyboard. Use a can of compressed air and a feather duster to clear those bunnies away.

Wipe Down the Monitors

Grab a microfiber cloth and use it to wipe down the monitors. This will help remove fingerprints and make your screen a bit clearer.

Bring in Plants

Plants add a nice accent to any office space, but they also help purify the air. Go with something green and clean like a peace lily or spider plant.

File Away Paper

You’ll find a bunch of desk organizers designed specifically for paper. These are also a great place to store your notebooks.

Keep Your Pens in Reach

A decorative cup or mug is an easy way to organize your pens. It’s a lot better than letting them roll around in a drawer.

Label Everything

Does your desk have a bunch of drawers and cabinets? Stick a few labels on the outside so you know what you’ll find inside.

Minimize Any Clutter

Be careful not to go too overboard with the décor. A nice lamp and a framed picture of your family is one thing, but you don’t need too many other knick-knacks in your space.

Store a Trash Bin Underneath

That sandwich was delicious, but does the wrapper need to stay on your desk? Dispose of your garbage in a dedicated trash bin. Bonus points if you have a separate one for recycling!

Why is a Clean Desk Important?

It turns out a clean desk not only helps your productivity and organization, but it’s also a great way to stay healthier. The average employee will miss 9 days a year due to a lack of workplace hygiene!

Start small and give your mouse pad a good rinse, and when that’s all set, go all the way and clean the rest of your workspace. Your company may even want to implement a clean desk policy or set aside some time every month for tidying up the office.

The Bottom Line

This guide is always here when you have some time for a bit of cleaning. Don’t let your mouse pad and the desk it sits on collect dust! You’ll be much more productive in a squeaky clean environment.


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