Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s a good time to start thinking about ways to raise money for breast cancer research. From somewhat controversial campaign slogans like “Save the Boobies!” to the classic “Think Pink,” it’s clear that there’s no shortage of creative ideas out there! Millions of people are dedicated to spreading awareness about breast cancer each year…would you like to join them in their quest? Here are five ridiculously easy ways you can do it.

1. Have a “Pay to Dress Down Day” at Your Office

Want to wear jeans at the office? Or how about having a pink t-shirt day? This incentive is one of the easiest ways to raise funds for a good cause, and it typically has a high engagement rate. Everyone likes to wear jeans and t-shirts! Tell employees that they can wear casual clothing for an entire day as long as they make a minimum donation. Or, if you’re feeling extra ambitious, up the ante to include an entire week of dressing down at work. Your donation jar will fill up faster than you can keep track of, especially if all staff members participate.

Alternate plan: If your workplace already allows casual dress on a daily basis, then consider a “Wacky Hat Day” or a theme-dress day instead.

2. Throw an Amazing Costume Party for Halloween

It’s nearly impossible to think of October without picturing jack-o-lanterns and excited children going trick-or-treating. Why not join fundraising with the excitement of Halloween? Host a spooky party complete with a potluck-style food spread, holiday decorations, costumes, music, and a contest (with prizes) for the participants with the best outfits. Charge a reasonable fee at the door, and you’ll end up with a nice chunk of change to donate to breast cancer research by the end of the night.

Hint: To cut down on costs, ask guests to chip in for decor and prizes or inquire about donations from local business owners. Most people are willing to contribute if you just ask.

3. Donate Long Hair to Make Wigs for Cancer Patients

Donating your hair to a charity organization is as simple as going to a participating salon and telling them your intentions. Chemotherapy leaves countless women without hair, but your generous donation will help create wigs for those who may not otherwise be able to afford them. Even men can participate! There are different rules for each charity (required hair length, color restrictions) so it never hurts to do some research on the program options. Locks of Love is the most popular, but several charities accept hair on a regular basis, such as Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, which partners with the American Cancer Society. Always call your desired salon first to verify that they participate in donation programs. Many will offer free haircuts in exchange for your gift.

Hint: Ask your friends, family, and co-workers to participate in a hair donation initiative with you (this is nearly effortless thanks to Facebook). Think of all the wigs you could help produce!

4. Organize a Garage Sale or Used Book Sale

This option seems challenging at first glance but it’s easy to do when a few dedicated people put their heads together. September and October tend to yield cooler temperatures, but fall weather can be the perfect setting for a garage or used book sale. Run a newspaper advertisement and/or ask local vendors if you can post flyers in their locations. If you plan your sale far enough in advance, you may be able to run separate ads to ask for local donations. Get rid of unwanted clutter and raise money in the process — what could be better?

Hint: Don’t be shy about informing the public that sale proceeds will go toward breast cancer, but be careful about using other organizations or groups’ names in your ads if there’s no affiliation. Also, don’t post flyers around your town without consulting your official city guidelines first.

5. Re-Sell a Variety of Pink Products at a Profit

There’s no shortage of pink giveaway items. Whether you re-sell products as supplements to your garage sale or build a network of businesses to keep a stash at their locations, there’s a profit to be made from personalized items. See below for a list of popular products like t-shirts, travel mugs, or stress balls for breast cancer awareness!

Hint: Visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s website to inquire about using the NBCF logo on products you sell for fundraising. Never use trademarked logos without written permission from the owner.

There are a ton of ways you can raise money for breast cancer awareness! Give any of these fundraising ideas a try, and don’t forget pink t-shirts and other giveaways for your event.

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