If you’re a broke college student or renter with goals of buying your first home, you know the struggles of having to budget. The same goes for business owners. Every company, big and small, has some kind of marketing budget, and with that budget they may or may not have room for branded swag like t-shirts, pens, and stress balls.

How can your company save on branded giveaways? What are some cost saving tips? Grab a pen and some paper, and let’s learn how you can stretch your promotional products budget!

How Do You Save Money on Promotional Products?

A budget will help give you financial peace of mind. It will also show you how much you’re able to spend on giveaways.

To stretch your pocket and save money on promotional products, follow these tips!

  1. 1. Choose an Exciting Giveaway
  2. 2. Plan Ahead
  3. 3. Check Reviews
  4. 4. Buy Items in Bulk
  5. 5. Pick a SImple Design
  6. 6. Go with a Full-Color Imprint
  7. 7. Distribute Your Giveaways Strategically
  8. 8. Use a Coupon Code
How to Save Money on Promotional Products

Promotional Products for Under $1

Promotional products don’t have to be pricey. You can have quality giveaways for as little as a dollar or less.

Stay within budget, motivate your staff, generate more business, and encourage referrals with these top branded items for under $1:

  1. 1. Stress Relievers
  2. 2. Pencils
  3. 3. Sunglasses
  4. 4. Lip Balm
  5. 5. Cups
  6. 6. Pens
  7. 7. Sticky Note Pads
  8. 8. Hand Sanitizers
  9. 9. Koozies
  10. 10. Tote Bags
  1. 1 Stress Relievers

    Stress balls come in all different forms, sizes, and colors. You can go for the classic round shape or go all out with custom shapes like an apple, globe, or hockey puck.

    Squeezing a stress ball can increase your attention span up to 33%!

  2. 2 Pencils

    Pencils are great for jotting down notes or marking a score sheet in a round of golf. From wooden to mechanical, people are bound to use them every day.

    89% of people own a custom writing tool.

  3. 3 Sunglasses

    Stylish shades are essential for sunny days. They’re not just perfect for a day by the pool, but also wedding favors or trade show giveaways.

    Sales from sunglasses are expected to increase over 60% in 2020.

  4. 4 Lip Balm

    Lip balm helps eliminate dry and cracked lips, and some even provide SPF protection. With over 100 flavors and styles, there are tons of affordable choices for your branding.

    66% of people use lip balm daily.

  5. 5 Cups

    Stadium cups are great for guzzling down water or enjoying a nice brew. From classic colors to mood-changing, customers will think of you every time they take a drink.

    71% of Gen X’ers are more likely to do business with a company if they received branded drinkware.

  6. 6 Pens

    Pens are a must when it comes to everyone’s writing needs. They’re completely customizable, from the style of pen right down to the ink color.

    20% of consumers own more than 10 promotional writing instruments.

  7. 7 Sticky Notes Pads

    Sticky note pads come in a variety of bright colors and unique shapes. They’re great for setting reminders and making quick, little notes at home or the office.

    More than 50 billion sticky note pads are produced every year.

  8. 8 Hand Sanitizers

    Say goodbye to germs with hand sanitizer. They’re foolproof giveaways that will keep your customers happy and healthy.

    Hand sanitizer has a shelf life of 2-3 years.

  9. 9 Koozies

    Keep drinks insulated with custom can coolers. From cans to bottles there’s a koozie to match.

    Koozies can reduce the rate a drink warms in the sun by 50%.

  10. 10 Tote Bags

    Personalized bags are a must-have. They can be used to carry anything from knitting essentials to groceries.

    People keep a promotional bag for an average of 11 months.

There are tons of options for great giveaways that cost less than a dollar! Your customers and employees will love their new branded products and appreciate your kind gesture.

Which Companies Can Benefit from Cheap Promotional Products?

Whether you’re a private school or a multimillion-dollar business, every company can benefit from cheap promo items. These are the industries that have the most to gain from affordable giveaways:

  1. 1. Small Businesses
  2. 2. Non-Profit Organizations
  3. 3. Fortune 500 Companies
  4. 4. Schools

Small Businesses

Small businesses sometimes have extremely tight budgets. Promotional products are perfect for companies with limited finances because they’ll reach a lot more people for way less money.

Small Businesses

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits run on the funds donated by others, sometimes limiting their marketing budgets. With a wide selection of cheap promo items, they can send a powerful message that resonates with their customers and company mission.

Non-Profit Organizations

Fortune 500 Companies

Despite being the top dogs, Fortune 500 companies still need to save money. Inexpensive promo products can help retain old customers and attract new ones while also getting widespread advertising.

Fortune 500 Companies


Non-public schools rely on enrollment and tuition fees to make money. Cost-effective promo products, like pencils or drawstring backpacks, are a beneficial way to keep admission numbers growing!


Why You Should Consider Budget-Friendly Promotional Products

Why You Should Consider Budget-Friendly Promotional Products

Businesses rely on promotional products as cost-effective marketing tools to bring in more customers and boost total sales. Stretching your budget will give you way more for a lot less without sacrificing quality. From stress balls to sunglasses, there are tons of inexpensive giveaways to choose from that will last a long time.

Why You Should Consider Budget-Friendly Promotional Products

The Bottom Line

Some of the most inexpensive giveaways are loved by consumers for their usefulness and quality. The next time you’re in the market for branded products, remember budget-friendly freebies are the best way to ensure you don’t break the bank.


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