The summer is over, and it’s time to put away your lawn furniture. You’ve already folded up that patio umbrella, cleaned out the grill, and closed the pool. All that’s left is getting those chairs ready for storage!

Trust us, you’re going to want to figure out where to put your chairs. A customer at Quality Logo Products placed the largest order ever at 10,000 custom lawn chairs, and the guy called us the day his order arrived to ask if we had ideas on where to put everything.

Luckily, you can find storage space for lawn chairs without getting a headache! Take a look at this handy guide to help you get started.

How to Store Your Folding Chairs & Lawn Chairs

How to Store Your Folding Chairs & Lawn Chairs

Lawn chairs have their time in the sun (literally) when the weather is warm. After that, they usually sit idle until the next baseball game or backyard barbecue. Metal folding chairs, on the other hand, are used year round for family dinners, game nights, and birthday parties.

You can store both types of chairs in the following locations:

  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Attic
  • Crawl space
  • Basement
  • Car

You don’t need a giant house to keep these chairs out of the way, but you may need to put on your thinking cap and get creative with how you use the space. Let’s get going!

How to Store Your Folding Chairs & Lawn Chairs

How Do You Store Lawn Chairs in a Garage?

The garage can fill up fast with sports equipment, lawn tools, and bicycles. Luckily, there are a bunch of things you can do to keep your chairs out of the way and organized.

Here’s how to store your lawn chairs and folding chairs in the garage:

  • Store them in large bins
  • Put them in giant cabinets or lockers
  • Stash them underneath a work bench
  • Create a loft space on the ceiling
  • Stack them in a corner
  • Hang them on the wall
Large Storage Bins Source:

Large Storage Bins

Retail stores, like Target and Walmart, sell huge storage containers for a relatively low cost. You can also find bins online that are specifically designed for chairs of various sizes.

Giant Cabinet or Locker Source:

Giant Cabinet or Locker

Do you have a one-car garage? You can fit your chairs in a large cabinet or locker that you keep tucked away in the corner.

Underneath a Work Bench Source:

Underneath a Work Bench

Lay down a piece of tarp or an old blanket and place your chairs on top underneath your work bench. They’ll be easy to take out once you have a need for them.

Create Loft Space Source:

Create Loft Space

Your ceiling is unused space! Simply hang up metal hooks, racks, or shelves from the top, and you can keep your chairs and other furniture off the floor.

Stack on Top of Each Other Source:

Stack on Top of Each Other

Some outdoor chairs don’t fold closed or are too big for storage bins. If that’s the case, stack them on top of one another in a corner of your garage and store them underneath a protective cover.

Hang on the Wall Source:

Hang on the Wall

The metal legs of a folding chair easily hang from the wall in your garage. You can also put your lawn chairs in their dedicated sleeves and hang them from the handle.

How to Hang Folding Chairs on a Wall

How to Hang Folding Chairs on a Wall

You don’t have to be an expert carpenter to fix new hooks in your garage. It just takes a little time and craftsmanship to make it happen.

Here’s how to easily hang folding chairs on a wall:

  • Step One: Find two pieces of 1” x 4” lumber. You can get these wood pieces at a hardware store or find them at a scrap yard.
  • Step Two: Cut each board so it will fit between the legs of your folding chair. Make sure each board is the exact same length.
  • Step Three: Space each board across from each other, so they end up positioned at either end of the chair legs. Fasten them to the wall with 3 screws, making sure each piece tilts upward by about 30 degrees.
  • Step Four: Hang your folding chairs onto the boards. There should be enough space for at least one chair to securely hang.

If you don’t want a project, you can also put up metal hooks. Most hardware stores sell these specifically for the garage, so see what’s out there and choose the ones that work best for you!

Did You Know?

There are unique folding chairs on the market that will help you save space. Take these chairs for example. They’re extremely lightweight, and made with a built-in hanger for easy storage.

How to Stack Folding Chairs

Folding chairs should be stacked either flat on the ground, against the wall, or one on top of the other. The easiest way to transport these chairs is by putting them on a dolly with wheels, which lightens the load and can typically fit anywhere between 5 to 100 chairs.

How to Stack Folding Chairs
How to Stack Folding Chairs

If you plan on keeping your folding chairs in the attic, crawl space, or basement, options #1, #2, or #3 are a good idea. They make it easier for you to save space and access your chairs when you need them.

Option #4, on the other hand, is a must-have when it comes to organizing big parties, meetings, or events. You can move the chairs around without throwing out your back!

How Do You Hide Folding Chairs?

It’s possible that space is tight, and you don’t have a shed, basement, garage, or attic for your chairs. You can hide them in many other places around the house!

The following areas are all great places to hide your folding chairs:

  • Under the bed
  • In the closet
  • Next to the washing machine
  • Behind bookshelves or dressers
  • On the wall as a new shelf
Under the Bed

Under the Bed

Kids think the Boogeyman lives under the bed, but adults know that’s fantastic storage space! Stack your chairs flat, or put them in their protective sleeves, and push them underneath until they’re ready to be used.

In the Closet

In the Closet

Do you have space to spare in your closet? Put your chairs stacked inside against the wall, laying down on a shelf, or if they’re compact enough, inside a dedicated bin.

Next to the Washing Machine

Next to the Washing Machine

There’s typically a little extra space between the wall and your washer or dryer. Fold your chairs and stick them in that space. You can also use the open space next to your refrigerator!

Behind Bookshelves or Dressers

Behind Bookshelves or Dressers

Move your bookshelf or dresser a little bit off the wall, and store your folding chairs behind them. Just make sure they aren’t packed in too tight, or it could be a pain to try and get them out later.

Turn Them Into a Shelf Source:

Turn Them Into a Shelf

Go for an artsy look and hang your chairs on the wall in your living room. The seats can be used to hold potted plants, frames, and other knick-knacks. When it’s time to use the chairs, simply take them off the wall and replace them with a couple pieces of art or posters.

You want to hide your folding chairs, because let’s face it, most of the time they’re kind of ugly. If there’s just no room for keeping yours out of sight, consider sprucing them up a little so they look more elegant.

Paint, fabric seat covers, custom designs, and other DIY projects can do wonders. You won’t want to hide your chairs away if they look amazing!

How Do You Pack Folding Chairs in Your Car?

How Do You Pack Folding Chairs in Your Car?

Are you going on a road trip? How about a family reunion? It’s easy to store your folding chairs in your car, with room left over for your bags, passengers, and even your dog!

Store the folding chairs first and then pack everything else around them. You can stack the chairs flat in the trunk, and then place your bags in between the legs. You can also slide the chairs in sideways, so they’re against the driver’s seat and door.

For folding lawn chairs, make sure you always keep them in their protective sleeve. You can then roll these underneath the car seats, or hang them from the little hooks that are typically found in the backseat.

How Do You Pack Folding Chairs in Your Car?

How Do You Keep Your Outdoor Chairs From Getting Dirty?

As great as it would be, it’s impossible to prevent dust from accumulating on your chairs while they’re in storage. The good news is there are a few precautions you can take ahead of time to keep your furniture from getting dirty.

Protective Covers

Tip #1: Protective Covers

Protective covers will prevent any dust, dirt, or grime from sneaking onto your chairs. Be sure to find the right size, as anything too small or large won’t get the job done as effectively. You can also create makeshift covers from tarp or old sheets and blankets.

Clean Regularly

Tip #2: Clean Regularly

Give your chairs a good cleaning once you take them out of storage. You can use gentle dish soap, warm water, and Magic Erasers if they’re made from aluminum or plastic. If they’re made from fabric, you can use white vinegar and your garden hose.

Pack Cushions Separately

Tip #3: Pack Cushions Separately

If your folding chairs come with seat cushions, untie them and put them separately in storage bins. The fabric could attract bugs, and the cushions could also get easily scuffed up if you’re frequently rummaging around for other stuff nearby.

Cut Foam for the Top

Tip #4: Cut Foam for the Top

Your metal folding chairs can get easily damaged if you lay them out against the wall or stack them flat on the ground. Cut foam pieces and fit it around the top of each chair. This way the chairs are laying against the foam and not each other.

Put Lawn Chairs in Bins

Tip #5: Put Lawn Chairs in Bins

Even inside of their protective sleeves, fabric lawn chairs can get super gunky while sitting in storage. Consider putting them in a dedicated bin to keep them protected.

The Bottom Line

Your folding chairs and lawn chairs are there for it all – outdoor concerts, drive-in movies, camping trips, and holiday dinners. They deserve to be well-loved and stored properly. Whether you live in a downtown apartment or a large mansion, there’s plenty of space for this furniture!


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