How to Throw a Good Labor Day Party

Whether you are throwing a barbeque in your back yard or an outdoor event in a public place, you have to choose the right food and the right amount of supplies for your Labor Day party. Get all of your necessities ahead of time and prepare your grill in advance by brushing it clean and setting up the charcoal or briquettes. The importance of buying everything in advance is so that you don’t have to worry about stores being open on a holiday.

Ice is one preparation a lot of people tend to overlook until the last second. You will need lots of ice, not only for putting in drinks but for filling up those much needed coolers, because you don’t want to be putting ice in your beer! Buy large bags of ice before the party starts and keep them in a deep freezer or a very good cooler. Fill your cooler with drinks first, then pour the ice over the drinks to ensure you don’t fill it too full of ice.

Decorations are not mandatory, but are certainly recommended if you wish to leave a good impression on your guests. Think back to the parties and cookouts you remember most, and I’m sure you’ll remember decorations being there. You can use banners, balloons, and apple-pie scented candles that scream summer fun in America! If you want to really be the talk of the town, then cook up some delicious apple pies just before your guests arrive so they not only get the smell but also the wonderful taste to top off the barbeque.

Make sure you notify people in advance, as I’m sure you already knew, and find out roughly how many will be coming so you can prepare the right amount of food and supplies. Have some Hors d’œuvres prepared and displayed for your guests. You can do deviled eggs, rattle snakes (jalapenos sliced lengthwise filled with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, then baked in the oven until crisp), or even water crackers with a little bit of goat cheese and some small pear slices sprinkled with parsley.

You can also use this opportunity to promote your business by handing out free promotional party favors. There are so many to choose from, including barbeque related items such as grill lights, disposable plates and outdoor wine glass holders. Have them imprinted with your company’s name, logo or website address and watch your customer base grow.

If you have vegetarian friends coming, be sure to provide Boca burgers or vegetable kabobs. You can also grill corn on the cob, which is good for everyone and a favorite all summer long.

Be sure you and your guests have plenty to do. Having a bean-bag throwing game or even a football available will make for plenty of after-dinner activities that will keep guests happy and healthy. You don’t want your guests to arrive, eat and leave; you want to offer more than just food so they stick around and enjoy the experience.

So put on some good music and crank it up loud enough to be heard but still talked over, make your guests comfortable and have fun. It’s labor day, relax and enjoy and don’t stress the details too much. Happy Labor Day!

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  1. QLP Jill

    Thanks for the tips! I’m always nervous when I’m hosting a party!

  2. Bret Bonnet

    I like to serve peanut butter & jelly sandwiches at all my parties. No joke. It’s totally random… but who doesn’t like a good PBJ. Seriously though, serve PBJs at your next party (as a side, not the main course) and you will be amazed by the nostalgia that permeates the room!

    … A lot of HARD LIQUIOR doesn’t hurt either! 🙂

    I hope you all had a great labor day; I did… Until I dropped my iPhone and cracked my screen while shopping with the wife.

  3. Barbara Miller

    PBJs. I like it. Make ’em fancy and cut the crusts off!

  4. D-Rok

    I like the PBJ suggestion. I prefer to cut mine into small triangles and spear each one neatly with a USA flag toothpick. I also do two separate plates – one with creamy PB and one with chunky PB, so people have an option. I feel that giving people that one simple choice empowers them and makes them feel a sense of pride.

    Next year, I’m going to have a third plate with ones made from NATURAL PB and sugar free jelly for those who like to watch their calories. I’m also thinking of using a cookie cutter to cut my sandwiches into SHAPES! I’m just not sure if people are ready for that kind of pizazz yet. I don’t want to cause too much of a disturbance.

    • QLP Jill

      @D-Rok – I don’t think they’re ready for that jelly…HA!

      Seriously though, you guys must really love PBJs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – I just haven’t seen anyone talk about them with such enthusiasm before! 😉

  5. D-Rok

    Well they are a staple food. They have all of the major food groups in there… you got your protein, your fruit group, your bread group, your sugars and when you have the blessing of tasting mine, you’ve got the toothpick feature to allow for easy clean-up of the teeth… plus I put them on individual napkins so you can wipe your mouth and throw away the crumbs.

    MMmmmmm, I could sure go for a PBJ right now, but I’ll have to wait ’till next year. They’re just for Labor Day.

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