You’ve probably seen PopSockets – the small circular cell phone accessory that’s taken the world by storm. What you can’t tell by looking at one is how you can use it! PopSockets are used for more than just a stylish addition to your phone case. They are a removable grip, mobile stand, and so much more.

Dive in to find out what these sticky buttons are all about!

What Are PopSockets Used For?

A PopSocket is primarily used as a stand and as a grip for your mobile device. The little accessory is actually really handy for taking selfies, watching videos, and even for texting. The benefits of using a PopSocket make it a must-have mobile accessory.

Check out all the uses for a PopSocket:

  • Media Stand
  • Video Chat
  • Cord Wrap
  • Texting and Photo Grip
  • Camera Protection

Media Stand

If you use your mobile device to stream movies or watch your favorite YouTubers, a PopSocket will perfectly prop up your device for hands-free watching!

Video Chat

Whether you FaceTime your mom or you’re catching up with friends, a PopSocket can hold your phone upright while you video chat.

Cord Wrap

Nothing is more annoying than having to untangle your charging or audio cables before using them. Avoid the headache by wrapping your cords around a PopSocket!

Texting and Photo Grip

Texting and taking selfies are normally done with one hand. When you use a PopSocket, you can securely grip your phone with one hand without worrying about dropping it.

Camera Protection

When fully collapsed, a PopSocket slightly protrudes from the back of your phone. This allows your phone to rest face-up without the risk of scratching the camera lens.

Regardless of which way you use your PopSocket, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a secure grip on your phone.

Where Do You Put a PopSocket?

There is no right or wrong location to place your PopSocket on your phone. Ultimately, you should place the PopSocket wherever feels the most comfortable for what you plan to use it for.

There are three main locations you can put a PopSocket:

  • Two down the center
  • One in the center
  • One down low

Two Down the Center

Place two PopSockets on the back of your phone! The double position allows you to secure cords or wires, and it also makes a sturdy media stand. If you frequently give your phone to young children, this position is recommended because it helps reduce the risk of dropping it.

One in the Center

Placing your PopSocket in the center of your phone is one of the most popular positions. This placement is great for watching videos, texting, and taking selfies. Be aware if you have a larger mobile device because placing the PopSocket too high can make it difficult to text one-handed.

One Down Low

The best PopSocket position for using your phone one-handed is on the bottom. When using your phone one-handed, you naturally grip the bottom half of your phone so, the PopSocket supports it in your hand.

The key to perfectly placing a PopSocket on your mobile device is to test out which positions feel comfortable before you finally stick it to your phone. This way, you’ll be able to text, take selfies, and stalk Facebook without unnecessary strain on your hand.

If you have multiple phone cases, place a PopSocket in a different position on each case for different occasions!

How Do PopSockets Stick?

There is a sticky gel or adhesive on the back of every PopSocket that helps it stick to your phone. If your PopSocket ever loses its stickiness, you can bring it back to life by rinsing the gel under water, letting it dry, and sticking it back on your phone.

Be sure to never leave your PopSocket unattached to a surface for longer than an hour. If you leave it uncovered or unattached for too long, it can lose its stickiness.

What Can a PopSocket Stick To?

PopSockets are designed to stick to the back of your smartphone or case. They may have difficulty sticking to certain materials like silicone, leather, and waterproof or textured cases.

This accessory will stick best to clean flat phone cases made of plastic. You can even stick a PopSocket directly on to the back of your phone without a case.

How Long Do PopSockets Last?

You’d be surprised by how long a PopSocket lasts! A genuine PopSocket is designed to collapse and expand 12,000 times, and re-stick over 100 times.

Here’s how you can make your PopSocket last longer:

Try Not to Continuously Remove It

While PopSockets are safe to remove, continuous removal can cause dust and dirt to build up on the sticky gel and it’ll lose its grip. If your PopSocket isn’t sticky anymore, dunk the sticky gel part in warm water to clean off the dirt. Allow it to air dry and re-apply to your phone.

Be Gentle with the Expandable Button

It is pretty satisfying to expand and collapse your PopSocket, but the button can fall off if you pull on it too hard. It can also get caught on your pocket or bag and pop off the sticky base. If the button falls off, you can re-attach it using the four connector tabs on the accordion part.

It is totally safe to frequently move your PopSockets to different positions, cases, or to another phone entirely. Be careful with your PopSocket to make sure it lasts as long as you want it to!

Can You Reuse a PopSocket?

You can absolutely reuse a PopSocket. When you are not using a PopSocket, make sure that you adhere it to a hard, flat surface so that the sticky gel doesn’t dry out.

You can stick a PopSocket you aren’t using to an old phone case, a mirror, or even stick them to your wall to hang jewelry! There are plenty of ways you can reuse a PopSocket even without sticking it to a mobile device.

Check out the different ways you can store a PopSocket in this video!

How to Remove PopSockets

You can easily remove your PopSocket using an I.D. card or a piece of dental floss! The key to successfully removing a PopSocket is to go slow and exercise caution. PopSockets have a very strong adhesive that can potentially damage your phone if not removed correctly.

Follow these methods to safely remove your PopSocket:

  • Use an I.D.
  • Use Dental Floss

Use an I.D.

When you’re ready to remove your PopSocket from your phone, all you’ll need is a credit card, gift card, or I.D. Carefully wedge your card under the PopSocket to lift it off your phone case. Go slow and be careful not to damage the sticky gel so you can reuse the PopSocket later.

Use Dental Floss

Carefully run the dental floss underneath the PopSocket to remove it from the phone case. Slide the floss straight down slowly until the PopSocket is fully removed. If you don’t have dental floss handy, you can use any other type of thin string like fishing line or hanging wire.

When removing your PopSocket, do not attempt to pry it off from the expandable button! This can cause the button to break and your PopSocket will no longer be usable. If your PopSocket is applied directly to your phone, take extra caution to remove it without damaging the phone itself. Always go slow and do not force your PopSocket off any surface.

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t already made the executive decision, you should go get a PopSocket. They are the perfect little accessory to help you keep a good grip on your phone. Whatever you use your phone for most, you can use a PopSocket to make things easier!


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