How to Use the Delivery Schedule Tab on a Product Page

When viewing a product page online, you will see a tab labeled Delivery Schedule. Click on this tab, and you’ll see calendars with a zip code slot. This is a very useful tool for determining when you must place your order to receive your products on the date you prefer.

Each product differs, because different products are produced in different locations and held in different warehouses around the country. Although this may come across as inconvenient at first, it’s actually a helpful characteristic of how we do business. While the avocado stress reliever you are interested in may be housed in a warehouse on the other side of the country, making delivery much more expensive and time consuming, there are two other similar styles of avocado stress relievers we offer that are held in warehouses in completely separate locations. These other two avocado stress relievers may be closer to you, and therefore less expensive and less time consuming.

If you type your zip code into the field located below Destination Zip Code, and use your mouse pointer to left click a date on the calendar above, the delivery date will be provided for you. Under Production, you will be provided the order date you have selected (in yellow), the number of days required to process the order, the production time, and the estimated ship date (in blue). Then below that, under Delivery, you are given up to four different delivery dates. These are delivery dates are based on what type of delivery you choose. Ground service is the cheapest, but takes the longest. Then three day, two day and overnight are quite self explanatory. The best way to use this tool is to compare the ship dates to those of other similar products on our website.

If you type your zip code in for one of the avocado stress balls, and it comes up that I’ll take two weeks to receive your order, you can also type your zip code in for another avocado stress ball on our website and it may tell you it’ll take a week and a half to receive your order. Doing this will not only help us to get your order to you sooner, but the delivery will actually cost less as well, because it’s not being delivered from as far away.

If you want the packaged delivered overnight, but the price is just out of your range, try checking to see how much it would cost to overnight another similar product, because if it’s closer, it may cost less. We provide the products, we provide the service, and now we provide the tools for you to make an educated decision!


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