Think about how you feel after a good workout. Stinky and kind of gross, right? Well, the same goes for a shaker bottle. These cups can take a serious beating when you use them all the time!

So does this mean you should quit exercising and give up on your diet forever? Absolutely not! You just need to show your protein shaker a little TLC. Here’s your guide to cleaning shaker bottles, with and without a dishwasher.

Are Shaker Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

Are Shaker Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

Are Shaker Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

It’s okay to put plastic, metal, and glass shaker cups on the top rack of a dishwasher, but not all the time. Eventually, the heat will destroy the rubber seal or measuring lines on the side. Try to wash your shaker cups by hand instead whenever possible.

If you’re cleaning your protein shakers in the dishwasher, stack the lid and bottle separately. The whisk ball (agitator) at the bottom should be removed and washed by hand.

How to Clean a Protein Shaker Bottle

Even if your shaker bottle is dishwasher-safe, you should still regularly clean it by hand. Follow the steps below!

  1. Step 1: Remove the lid from the protein shaker so it can be cleaned separately from the bottle.
  2. Step 2: Soak the bottle in warm, soapy water for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Step 3: Clean the lid using a soft bristle brush and a pipe cleaner for the straw.
  4. Step 4: Take the bottle out of the water. If it’s still caked in protein powder, refill the sink with warm water and let the bottle soak for another 30 minutes.
  5. Step 5: Scrub the inside and outside of the bottle using a scrub brush. Be extra thorough around the mixing ball.
  6. Step 6: Rinse any remaining suds from the lid and bottle.
  7. Step 7: Dry thoroughly with a clean towel. Leave the bottle and lid upside down on a dish rack to make sure there’s no more moisture.
  1. Step One: Remove the Lid

    Step One Remove the Lid

    The first thing you want to do when cleaning a shaker bottle is remove the lid. You’re going to clean it separately from the bottle.

  2. Step Two: Soak the Bottle in Warm Soapy Water

    Step Two Soak the Bottle in Warm Soapy Water

    Fill your sink with warm water and mix in about ¼ cup of a mild dishwashing soap. The New York Times recommends using Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap, which is great at removing odors. Put the bottle inside and let soak for about 30 minutes.

  3. Step Three: Clean the Lid

    Step Three Clean the Lid

    While the bottle soaks, use a soft bristle brush to scrub the inside and outside of the lid. If the lid has a narrow straw, you can use a soapy pipe cleaner to get inside.

  4. Step Four: Remove From Water

    Step Four Remove From Water

    After 30 minutes, remove the bottle from the water. Is the protein shaker still full of goop? Refill the sink with more warm water and let it soak for another 30 minutes.

  5. Step Five: Scrub With Brush

    Step Five Scrub With Brush

    After you remove the bottle from the sink, use the scrub brush to clean the inside and outside. Be very thorough around the mixing ball since this is the toughest area to clean. You can even remove it and clean it separately if that’s possible.

  6. Step Six: Rinse the Bottle & Lid

    Step Six Rinse the Bottle & Lid

    Rinse the bottle and lid until there aren’t any remaining suds.

  7. Step Seven: Dry

    Step Seven Dry

    Use a clean towel to dry the protein shaker. Leftover moisture can affect the taste of your next protein shake, so it’s not a bad idea to also leave it upside down on a dish rack.

Would you like to see the process in action? Check out this video!

Why Does My Shaker Bottle Smell Bad?

Why Does My Shaker Bottle Smell Bad?

Why Does My Shaker Bottle Smell Bad?

When bacteria builds up, it causes your protein shaker cup to smell really bad. This happens when you don’t clean the bottle regularly, so make sure to wash it out after every use.

You also shouldn’t leave an unwashed shaker bottle in your car. Hot temperatures mixed with leftover food is a breeding ground for bacteria. Being careless with your protein shaker is just asking for bad odors to show up!

How Do You Get the Smell Out of a Shaker Bottle?

How Do You Get the Smell Out of a Shaker Bottle?

How Do You Get the Smell Out of a Shaker Bottle?

Deodorize a shaker bottle by mixing ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of white vinegar. Pour it inside of the bottle and leave the lid off the top. Let the bottle sit overnight and rinse in the morning.

You can also dip a paper towel in vanilla extract and leave it in the bottle for 24 hours. Keep the lid shut and that gross odor should be totally gone in the morning!

Can You Freeze a Shaker Bottle?

Can You Freeze a Shaker Bottle?

Can You Freeze a Shaker Bottle?

Most brands recommend that you do not freeze your shaker bottle. Cold temperatures cause the plastic to become brittle and may even create cracks.

Glass and metal shaker bottles may be safe for the freezer, but it will vary from brand to brand. Ask the manufacturer for more information before you freeze your protein shaker!

How Often Should I Clean My Shaker Bottle?

Wash your shaker bottle after every use. It’s important to wash thoroughly to stop your bottle from smelling. Since protein shakes contain perishable ingredients like milk, fruit, and veggies, you also need to clean them to prevent cross contamination.

How Often Should I Clean My Shaker Bottle?

According to Cape Code Healthcare, you could be drinking mold and germs if you don’t regularly wash your bottles. In fact, after a week without cleaning, a protein shaker cup could contain 300,000 bacteria cells per square centimeter. You don’t want to get a foodborne illness, so take the time to thoroughly wash everything out!

How Do You Make Your Shaker Bottle Last Longer?

A shaker bottle can cost as much as $20, so you want it to last as long as possible. Here are tips for caring for your protein shakers!

Wash By Hand

Wash By Hand

A shaker cup might be dishwasher safe, but you should still wash it by hand at least once a week. This helps remove smells, prevents the plastic or rubber from getting destroyed, and stops any design on the front from peeling off.

Do Not Microwave

Do Not Microwave

Most shaker bottles are not microwave safe. Heat will melt the plastic, which ultimately forces you to throw the bottle away and find a replacement.

Store Bottle & Lid Separately

Store Bottle & Lid Separately

Take the lid off before storage. You’ll cut down on any odors that may get trapped inside, increasing the shelf life of your protein shaker.

Fill With Safe Ingredients

Fill With Safe Ingredients

Don’t fill your shaker bottle with random foods like mustard, pickle juice, shrimp, or noodles. You should use it only to make healthy protein shakes that contain ingredients like milk, oatmeal, nuts, bananas, etc.

A protein shaker isn’t meant to last forever. It gets worn down over time, especially if you’re using it 5 to 7 days a week. If you drink a lot of protein shakes, it may not be a bad idea to buy more than one shaker bottle.

The Bottom Line

You wouldn’t wear your sweaty gym clothes without washing them first. Why should your protein shaker cup be any different? Give it a good cleaning before your next workout!


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