Promotional Products Fit for James Bond: How To Achieve ‘Double-O’ Caliber Preparedness

There are a few, guaranteed, reasons for me to go to a movie theatre.

One of those reasons? You’re probably familiar with his name.


James Bond.

The latest and twenty-third film from the franchise, “Skyfall,” premiers November 9th. This is an important year for the Bond franchise, celebrating the 50th anniversary since the release of “Dr. No” (1962), and they’ve stepped up their game accordingly. Not only did they get an Academy Award-winning director (Sam Mendes), but gave Daniel Craig’s Bond a formidable opponent in casting Javier Bardem as the film’ villain. And – if that’s not enough awesome for you – Thomas Newman composed the score. Dudes and dudettes, in case you’ve no idea who Newman is: “The Shawshank Redemption?” He wrote that music. Now you know. Oh. And I should add – in a smart return to using prominent female artists – Adele penned and sings the title song.

If you’re a Bond fan, you’re looking forward to this movie.

If you’re not a Bond fan, you’re still looking forward to this movie.

So, what makes this dude awesome enough to have fifty years of staying power? It’s simple, really. Bond always has the skills and tools to get the job done, with an ability to improvise a solution to any problem he faces. If you want to conquer a situation like the man himself, you’re going to need the right tool for the job. Allow me to play “Q” in this instance (let’s go with “E”), and recommend some gadgets and gear from QLP that every secret agent should have:

Martini SetWhen it comes to his martinis? “Shaken, not stirred.” He knows what he likes and how he likes it. Who better, then, to make your signature martinis but yourself? The Attache Martini Set has everything you need to pour yourself – and perhaps a friend, too – a martini. The discreet black carrying case is going to look a lot more appealing than the box of Franzia less-classy dudes are toting around. Bond not only gets the job done, but does so while looking good.

Crank Phone ChargerWhen Bond’s doing recon, observing other spies, it’s not like he’s sitting at Starbucks, mooching-off free WiFi and plugging his charger into the wall outlet. In the field, a phone’s only useful as long as it’s charged. When stationed in remote villages, you’re going to have to make your own power. To make sure he never runs out of juice, I’d recommend Bond carry a Phone Crank Charger, which enables him to charge his battery even he doesn’t have electricity at his disposal. It even doubles as an LED flashlight. Without relying on proximity to a power source, this enables Bond to safely go off-the-grid.

Global Power AdapterWhen Bond does have access to electricity, he’ll need a World Travel Adapter with USB Port to charge his electronic devices, because the size and shape of outlets differs from one part of the world to the next. This one works in over 150 countries. Globetrotting as often as Bond does, this adapter is an absolute essential, guaranteeing he’ll be able to plug his electronics in, regardless of his location. Even at Starbucks, if he so chooses.

Swiss Army KnifeIt’s a Swiss Army Knife. It’s a set of pliers. It’s both. Unlike the “Leatherman-style,” plier-based multitools, Wenger’s Ranger 75 Genuine Swiss Army Knife improved upon the standard SAK by incorporating a full-sized set of folding pliers into its sleek design. It’s a palm-sized toolbox. It’s a weapon. And it all folds into a sleek, discreet black casing. Pairs perfectly with that peak-lapel tux you’re wearing to the card table, James.

Escape ToolSometimes the car Bond’s driving is going fast. Sometimes the car Bond’s driving is traveling on the wrong-side of the road, against traffic. Sometimes the car Bond’s driving takes on heavy machine gun fire. That all said, there will be the occasional time (at least once per film) that Bond will need to bail on his ride. If you’re not lucky enough to have someone tear off your car door for you, the next best thing to have would be one of our Car Escape Tools. Featuring a seatbelt cutter and window breaker, this product is literally a lifesaver. Toss one into the glove box, or better yet, use the attached key ring to keep one handy when you’ve got to, uh, “borrow” someone else’s set of wheels.

Travel WalletAnd, before you leave, James, you’re going to need something to stow those fake passports, boarding passes, and global currency in. In keeping with your sartorial tendencies, allow me to offer something that works well and looks as suave as you do. No secret agent deserves a “George Costanza” sized wallet. Try this Cutter and Buck Performance Series Travel Wallet. It’s just large enough to be the size of your passport(s), while still able to hold your necessary paperwork, identification, and money.

So long as he’s carrying the aforementioned items, Bond will be prepared for anything. In the meantime, I’m preparing myself for what looks to be an epic night out at the movies.

Are you a James Bond fan? Are there any particular gadgets from the films that have stood out for you? How to you best prepare for the unexpected? How are you preparing for the premiere of Skyfall?

Image credit to Sony/MGM Pictures (low-res screenshot in header image) and Quality Logo Products.

Eric Labanauskas

Eric is a data entry specialist and contributing writer for the QLP Blog Squad. He is a city boy with a country heart, with an appetite for anything chicken-fried. He has studied as an apprentice at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, performed across the country as Buddy Holly in "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story," and can tie a bow tie by himself without the aid of a mirror. 1950's rock 'n roll is his soundtrack, especially while on road-trips with his lovely girlfriend. Suffice it to say, he is also the owner of some good cocktail party stories from his many experiences. You can also connect with Eric on Google+.


  1. Jeff Porretto

    That wallet looks sweet. I confess to having a Costanza-ish one but have never made the leap to something different. I’m definitely seeing this flick, so maybe that’ll inspire me! Nice recommendation E!

    • Alex Brodsky

      Velcro wallet 4 Life!!

    • Eric

      Thanks for reading, Jeff!

      I could quote from GQ’s advice when it comes to wallets, but really, you’ve got to buy one that suits your individual needs. If you don’t carry a handful of cards, a 4-slot card holder is great, but if you’ve got insurance cards, credit cards, membership loyalty cards…that’s no good for you.

      I will say two things: A.) bi-fold is as many folds as a wallet should be making (tri-fold is just begging to create a “Costanza” sized wallet), and B.) choose a softer leather (stiffer leather is harder to get out of a pocket and harder to fit cards into).

      Buy a good one, it’ll last you years.

      Most importantly, agreed…”Skyfall” is a must-see, nothing less.

  2. Mandy Kilinskis

    I like that Phone Crank Charger! I don’t go on cool adventures like James Bond, but that would certainly be a nice item to have if you’re out on a long drive or if you’re out all night and can’t find an outlet. Sometimes you just need a tiny bit of battery to send that crucial text – and this would be perfect for that!

    Great round up of products, Eric! if someone doesn’t tip off the door to Bond’s car this time, I think I’m going to be disappointed.

    • Eric

      To be honest, thinking on it, that’s not a bad thing for anyone to have. I originally was going to feature one of those battery-based emergency chargers. Didn’t after I saw this one, because, well, as long as you’ve got hands…you’ve got a way to hold power.

      From what I’ve seen in trailers…trains and motorcycles take a pretty good beating in this film. If that’s any indication of a trend, who knows, it may be the first Bond film to wreck every possible transportation method possible.

      Insert SEGWAY CHASE SCENE here.

      Thanks for reading, Mandy!

  3. Mikey

    Heh, if nothing else, I have to admit that these blogs are turning into a great opportunity to learn about the products we have available. I wasn’t aware we sold that car escape tool. …or that something like that even existed, to be honest. It’s pretty awesome though, and definitely something that should exist. And count me amongst those looking forward to this movie! I’ll admit, I’m not traditionally a Bond fan, but I’ve definitely been liking the Daniel Craig movies. Thanks for the cool post, Eric!

    • Eric

      Oh, yeah. Car escape tools? Something – hopefully – you’ll never need to use, but it is the only way to break a car window if the vehicle submerges. Since your arm movement slows underwater, the only two effective ways to break glass are either with A.) a spring-loaded, sharp-tipped “punch,” or B.) a hammer with a sharp point. Maximum force applied to a minimal surface area. Alright. I’ve watched one too many episodes of “Mythbusters” (Adam is the unlucky person to test that myth out). Back to Bond, however…I’d been bored stiff until “Casino Royale” came out a few years back, and after that, started taking the franchise seriously again because, quite simply, it started taking itself seriously. Glad ya enjoyed the post, Michael!

  4. Rachel

    I love all these suggestions, Eric! They feel very 007. 🙂 I like the martini set especially — a staple in Bond’s stash of gear, for sure!

    • Eric

      I could’ve approached this as a “two-parter,” just to be able to include items for all the implausibly ridiculous gadgets the franchise has seen over the years, but those things don’t much fit in with the Craig-era Bond we’ve been introduced to. If only we actually sold roomful-worth-of-compressed-helium-gas bullets (See “Live and Let Die,” circa Roger Moore). That said, I went with stuff I actually could see Bond needing, if not using. Thanks for reading, Rachel! 🙂

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