January 2014 Holidays, Observances, and Awareness Dates: Plan Your Promotions!

So…I’m not exactly sure where 2013 went. Did it fly by just as quickly for you as it did for us here at Quality Logo Products? Either way, another year is almost over. And that means that it’s time to start looking forward to 2014! A new year means a fresh start so you can really plan your promotions to help spread some brand awareness.

Obviously there is still plenty of time in the season for you to give out winter-related items. So bring ice scrapers to your next trade show or reward your employees for a year of hard work with some custom hoodies. Anything that will help people battle the cold will be appreciated and used frequently for the next couple of months.

What else is happening in January? Let’s take a peek!

With Customer Service Day and Thank Your Customers Week, there’s never been a better time to thank your customers for sticking with you over the years, or months, or even days! Consider sending out an email blast with a thank you promo code or handing out limited edition gear to some of your VIP clients. You can advertise that you’ll be giving spontaneous discounts in your store or every single customer who visits gets a branded tote bag – the possibilities are endless!

Between Hot Tea Month and National Oatmeal Month, this seems like the perfect time to get those logo mugs for your organization. Employees will love having them for the office and your clients can warm up their morning with your brand. Consider spending a little more on your promo items to get a mug with a spoon so your recipients can use the mug for more than just beverages.

Interested in any of the products featured on the January 2014 calendar? You can find them right here on our website: Silver Star Klapper, Droplet Figure Stress Ball, Spooner Mug, and Ice Scraper Hand Mitten.

Ready to start off 2014 on the right foot (or left, we won’t judge)? Then let us help you with your January promotions! You can contact a Quality Logo Products by phone (866-312-5646), by email (, via live chat, or by leaving a comment below!

Have any cool promotions planned for 2014? What are you looking forward to the most this January?

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