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JCPenney’s Pricing Strategy: 5 Things You Should Know

When you go to the shopping mall, there are a few things you can still expect to see: mall cops on super attractive segways, kiosks with unusual products, food courts, pretzel stands, and JCPenney’s. At least that’s how it used to be.

Nowadays, JCPenney is struggling to compete in this fast-paced marketplace. People are turning to newer, bolder brands and leaving department stores in the dust. As a result, JCPenney is starting to cut jobs and has even eliminated the position of their Chief Merchandising Officer. In an attempt to stay relevant with customers, the store has tried many different business tactics, including new logos and pricing strategies.

Check out this video from Business Insider about JCPenney’s declining sales:


While they may not be in the prime of their branding, let’s not forget that in their heyday JCPenney was a leader, with an authentic, approachable strategy to their pricing game. It was about respecting every customer’s wallet and making sure to be fair and honest, like No Surprise Pricing® here at Quality Logo Products®!

JCPenney’s Questionable, Yet Noble Pricing

To try to appeal to customers, JCPenney did a complete overhaul of their pricing strategy. The idea was to keep it super simple and make sure customers understood exactly how much they were spending. These were the five changes they made to their pricing.

JCPenney Every Day Prices1. “Every Day” prices. Their plan was to use the previous year’s sales data to mark down prices on all of their merchandise, by at least 40 percent or lower. Example: a Liz Claiborne purse regularly priced at $50 could have an “Every Day” price of $25. On top of this discount, JCPenney also offered exclusive coupons on their merchandise that could be found online at the time of purchase. This made it easy for a customer to save big, and ultimately, buy additional products.

JCPenney Easier Pricing2. Easier pricing. As you noticed in point #1 above, JCPenney used whole figures when pricing their merchandise. Goodbye to jeans for $19.99 and hello to jeans for an even $19 or $20 instead. Most people already round up, but why pretend like the price is any lower? That’s deceptive pricing at its finest! JCPenney’s pricing made it easier to figure out a rough estimate of what your total was going to be when you got to the register.

JCPenney Red, White, and Blue Tags3. Easy-to-decipher tags. Many people shop way more often than they really should. We all want to save money, but it’s still super annoying when retailers mark down their merchandise with stickers. The “final” price is often in limbo and sometimes the stickers even fall or get ripped off. When something was discounted at JCPenney, it got a whole new tag! A red tag showed an “Every Day” price, a white tag was a “Month-Long Value”, and a blue tag showed the “Best Price.” One tag per item.

JCPenney Sales Days4. Strategic sales days. A red “Every Day” price tag is just that — the everyday price. The “Month-Long Value” white tag showed what was on sale for that entire month, not just for the next 6 hours, the day, the weekend…but for the whole entire month. The stuff that didn’t sell had a blue “Best Price” tag put on it; these items were on sale on the first and third Friday of every month, conveniently at the same time that most people got paid from their jobs.

JCPenney Fair Pricing5.Fair and square pricing. JCPenney tried to cut back the number of sales, and instead offered customers a flat rate that they deemed was the “best price” for the item. This relied on the customer’s trust with the JCPenney brand since they were being given a fair price for their merchandise. It was a risky maneuver, but it had the love behind it that JCPenney intended. The goal was to not seem like they were trying to pull a fast one on their customers. 

New Logo, Same Old JCPenney

Of course, one of the best ways to switch things up is through rebranding, whether that comes from a new logo or maybe a completely new brand personality. The JCPenney logo* has changed many times over the years, but they didn’t go too far off the beaten path.

Take a look at all of JCPenney’s logos over the years:




JCPenney mistakenly thought reverting back to their original logo would work. However, it was about completely going for broke and taking risks in their growth as a company. It’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks if the dog is open and willing to try!

What Your Business Can Learn

The road to a very dark, fiery place is paved with good intentions. Even though JCPenney tried to come through with a fair pricing strategy and new logos, their efforts ended up backfiring. In 2017, 138 JCPenney stores were closed, which is 14% of their locations*.

Former Apple executive Ron Johnson became JCPenney’s CEO in the fall of 2011. Seventeen months later, he was out of a job. The basic reasons behind his departure were summed up by Time Magazine as: 1) he didn’t listen to what the customers wanted, 2) he didn’t test his ideas in advance, 3) he alienated core customers, 4) he didn’t understand the JCPenney brand, and 5) he didn’t like JCPenney. All in all, it was a recipe for disaster.

Don’t make the same mistakes when it comes to your business. Pay attention to the times and change your branding strategy in accordance to what people want. Furthermore, make sure you understand who you are and stick to your core values.


*Money Insider. (2017, May 19). JCPenney Hits a New Low. Retrieved April 19, 2018, from 

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  1. Jenna Markowski

    I think that all of this sounds awesome in theory, but I’m curious as to how it will pan out. I’ve always been confused by the pricing strategy of JCPenney’s and stores like it (I’m lookin’ at you, Kohls.) It seemed like every time I went in, there were sales signs on EVERYTHING, with those big charts listing the original and sales prices. I know I’ve thought before, “Hey, all of this stuff is drastically on sale every time I come in here. Instead of trying to trick me into believing that the original price was $156, but it’s on sale for $16.99 (all year long), why not just price it at $16.99 to begin with?”

    I’m assuming that’s the idea that Penney’s is attempting to tackle, and I hope that works out!

    • Amy Swanson

      I hate how Kohl’s, JCP’s, and Carson Pierre Scott’s all look the same inside. I’ve literally had to stop and think to myself after a while of walking around, “Which store am I in?” So annoying!

      I also hate that I seem to find the one rack of clothing at JCP that isn’t on sale. Every other rack has a giant red sign on it saying, “LOOK at these awesome deals, we’re practically giving it away!!” But the shirt I’m looking at is still full price. I’m hoping this is addressed with their new strategy.

      Plus, I hate getting mailers from them every other day announcing a new sale. Like you said, just make it 16 bucks to begin with and be done with it.

  2. Scooby

    AS- nice one. What do you think of their marketing / commercials? Annoying or well stated?

    Hey Hoff, what do you think of their khakis? Are they nice and fitted like those ones you wear every day? Just wondering if JCP ones iron as nicely.


    • Tony Promo

      I’m not sure about their Khakis. As an elitist, I only rock Banana Republic boot cut Khakis. You know, the ones you compliment me on all the time, like yesterday.

      Scooby, I’m curious, how are their Polos? Do they have the little man on a horse on them? Do they have enough of a color selection to facilitate you wearing a different color for each day of the month? More importantly, does JC Penny sell ANY clothes of any kind that match a 2002 Hummer H1?

      • Scooby

        Tony, I don’t think Amy cares to comment on our thread, as she knows the answers to all of your rhetorical questions, but both of us are curious to know, when you shop on the right side of the BR store, if you find those fitted pants in the petite section. We also find it kind-a odd that you decorate your office with the boxer boxes; is that like a hangover from the A&F bags you used to cut out? It looks like their marketing is working with or on you.


  3. Jeff Porretto

    While I’m a little worried I’ll need a decoder ring to figure out all this new fangled marketing, I am VERY excited by the precedent set! Everyday low prices? YES. No .99 annoyingness? YES! Cute girl in the (likely unrelated) picture rocking metal hands? Double YES!

    I’ve only shopped at JCPenny a few times, but I enjoyed it. The only downside is their sizes varied WIDELY from brand to brand. I’d be a L in one, and a S in the other. I’d like to see that cleaned up, but this new marketing strategy will most likely end up with me checking it out at the very least!

    EXCELLENT post Swany!

    • Amy Swanson

      Thanks Jeff 🙂

      I really hope they implement their new strategy slowly, because I just picture a bunch of customers (I’ll let you imagine your own stereotype) yelling at the sales people for not understanding the new prices. I think this is a great idea and I hope other companies jump on board, because the concept sure seems smart.

  4. Candice J.

    I don’t know how I feel about this, being an avid JCPenny shopper. My parents always shopped for me there and now its one of my favorite places to shop for my daughter. Some of their sales were staples to me. The Back to School Sale, MY FAVORITE! My mom would go out and spend endless amounts of money because the clothes were priced at such a great deal. Are they still planning on keeping those sort of sales around or is it just bye bye? In theory this sounds great, but how it will actually play out is a whole other thing. For me I’m the sort of shopper that only goes out when I know there is a sale. I don’t have the luxury anymore to just go out and wander aimlessly to see if the prices are worthwhile. I need to know before i start packing up my daughter and step foot out my house that its worth my time and money. I think initial customer sales are going to decline because new isn’t always so welcoming (especially for something thats been the same since FOREVER!) but it has the potential to pick back up once customers get used to it.

    • Amy Swanson

      I’m curious too, Candice! I occasionally shop at JCP but don’t know when their big sales are. Carson’s on the other hand, I start counting down the days until their Goodwill Sale since everything in the store is on sale, including make-up, perfume, and their Coach items (which NEVER goes on sale).

      I think you’re right, once people get used to the new pricing system I think it’ll be a great asset. Change always makes things a bit rocky at the beginning, so as long as customers can be patient, I think they’ll really enjoy the new strategy.

      • Amy Swanson

        They do them twice a year. The next sale I think is in March, I asked a friend who works there earlier today so when I find out for sure I’ll pass it along 🙂

        Have you ever gone to the Aurora Premium Outlets off of I-88? There’s a Coach outlet there with some amazing deals. I bought a purse from there last year that was originally $325 and I got it for $80. Highly recommend it!!

        • Jaimie Smith

          Yes! i Actually have been there, i Love it!! Thats awesome you got that great of a deal! and yes, next time you hear about it pleasee let me know! thanks girl!

        • Amy Swanson

          The sale is the first week of March this year 🙂

          • Jaimie Smith

            awesome!! thank youu!

  5. Amy Swanson

    I’ve received some mailings from them talking about the new system, however I’m not sure if everyone else who got one will read it. I had to explain it to my parents, and even now I think they’re still confused. So, you’re not alone 🙂

    I think as long as they make it extremely clear what the new changes are in the store, I think they’ll be okay. It’s going to be rocky for a few months I’m sure, but once that passes I think people will really like how simple and easy to follow their new pricing is.

  6. Amy Swanson

    Thanks, Mandy!

    Math doesn’t relax me, so when I’m shopping the last thing I want to do is figure out what 47% off of a pair of $64.32 shoes is. With this new pricing system, that won’t be an issue any more 🙂 Yay! Shoes for $34, done. Here’s my card, where do I sign?

  7. Rachel

    Thanks for this, Amy — like Alex, I had no idea what those JCPenney commercials with people screaming in them were about, so it’s good to have an explanation (because I’m too lazy to google it myself, lol). This sounds like a really cool thing, if it works! I admit, I do like the psychological feeling of being able to say I got a shrug originally $50 on sale for $10 … but yes, it’d be way better if reasonable prices were the norm. Also, removing the rounding ($19.99, etc.) seems pretty revolutionary! Are there ANY stores that go with whole numbers for their prices anymore? Anyway, I look forward to see how this whole strategy works out. Thanks again, Amy!

    • Amy Swanson

      Hahaha, I’m glad this helped Rachel 🙂

      I honestly haven’t come across any companies that use whole numbers in their pricing. It seems like they always end .95 or .99 on the price tag, so that alone is pretty revolutionary for JCP. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  8. Bob

    I think the new prices are too expensive. Yes, things are supposedly 40% off, but JCP almost ALWAYS had everything 50-60% off, plus those coupons were great. I agree that it’s silly to jack up prices just to have a sale, but if the original prices were the same before the 40% off, I would rather have 70% off the original price (60% sale plus 25% coupon) than just 40% off. I didn’t mind waiting for a sale because I never had to wait more than two weeks. With today’s JCP prices, I’m finding I can go to Macy’s, Younkers, or Kohls and get similar items for less on sale with a coupon.

    • Amy Swanson

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Bob 🙂

      JCP has some pretty stiff competition with Kohl’s, Macy’s, Younkers/Carson’s so I think they’re hoping this pricing strategy will differentiate themselves amongst them. It’s almost like they’re telling consumers, “You can go to Kohls and bring your coupons or come to JCP and get the lowest price already”.

      I’m very curious to see what comes from this new strategy and what changes will be made, I’m sure there will be a few before all is said and done.

      • Geoff

        I agree with Bob, I used to be able to go to JC Penny and buy some jeans and a few shirts for some pretty low prices. While the new marketing scheme is definitely easier to understand, I find myself having to spend more than I used to before the pricing change. So while “normal” prices are now lower giving the perception of decent prices, the overall end price is still more expensive than it used to be. This is just a marketing ploy to make people re-evaluate how they see JC Penny and its prices. I went in for their sale this weekend which was supposed to be the “best prices” of the year but was very unimpressed. I left, not buying anything and I will not be returning to JC Penny anymore.

        So in the end, I like the the new simple advertising model, but they need to stop trying to convince people that their prices are cheaper than they were before when in fact it’s more expensive.

  9. Amy Swanson

    I really hope it’s successful for them too, Jaimie! If nothing else, it’s certainly something new and exciting to talk about!

  10. Jen

    I get reminders in the mail all the time for JPC sales, but I hardly ever go unless I have something in mind I absolutely need. A sale that runs all month is great, then if something comes up and I can’t get to the store when I planned to go, it’s no problem, the item will still be on sale the following week. I think this is an awesome idea, especially if everything is a lower price all the time. Great post Amy!

    • amy

      I’m the same way, Jen. I’ve been trying to budget my finances better so I avoid reading through the mailings that come every day. My closet and dresser are already busting at the seams, I don’t need any more clothing hahaha

      We shall see how this works out for them 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  11. Bret Bonnet

    I bet Billy Beane would approve of this strategy! The truth is in the #s!

    • Amy Swanson

      ‘Moneyball’ is still on my list of movies to see, but if Billy Beane would approve of it, it’s gotta be golden then!

  12. Jill Tooley

    Between this and JCP’s recent stand against unsavory organizations I oppose, they’re really on my good list this year! Not that they weren’t already, but this makes me like them even more. I’m so excited to go there and check it out — I always find THE best stuff from JCPenney and Kohl’s! 🙂

    The bi-weekly pricing is the only thing that confuses me here. I have a hard enough time remembering what day/time of month it is half the time! #ImOld

    • Amy Swanson

      Even if I’m not looking for anything in particular, I can ALWAYS find something I need at JCP or Kohl’s. It’s a sickness I think!

      I’m really curious to see how people react to the new strategy. I’m sure there will be a bumpy period, but hopeful things will be easier and smooth out 🙂

  13. Eric

    “Sales” are a curious thing, I’ll tell ya. When I worked at unnamed-retail-store-in-the-outlet-mall-adjacent-to-QLP, almost EVERYTHING was on sale. Never, ever, only once in a blue moon did something actually ring up for the full MSRP printed on the tag. People felt like they always were getting a deal. Or they came in at just the right time. These feelings were only amplified when holiday sales and clearance sales actually did happen.

    Regardless of whatever the true vale is of those clothes, I think it’s a smart strategy, and better to keep a steady stream of customers coming in, year-round (especially in this economy) than have them all swarm in for Black Friday and show up nary a day afterward.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this works out for JC Penney. Neat article, Amy!

    • Amy Swanson

      Thanks, Eric 🙂

      I’ve always wondered if stores hoped that every day was like ‘Black Friday’ or are they thankful it only comes once a year? Maybe the people up at corporate wish that, but as a former retail sales associate even just once a year seemed too much.

      I really hope after the first quarter or year using this new strategy, they release some information about it. Did it pan out exactly as they were hoping? What did they find worked the best? The worst?

  14. Rebeca

    While I actually am fond of eliminating the .99 portion of the prices, I am not too fond of the elimination of coupons! Especially the 15% off coupon you’d get for completing a survey. I used to do those surveys all the time! I don’t know about you, but coupons were always an incentive for me to go shopping. It feels good to knock down a few dollars from the original price, even if it’s just a FEW! I also enjoyed their $10 off $25 deal. The store would be crazy packed whenever they had that promotion going on! I’ve been to JCP a couple of times since Feb. 1st and the store looks kind of empty. I hope their new strategies work! As for me, I’d rather shop at Kohls or even Macys with their coupons. Coupons are a must have, in my opinion. The pricing change JCP has made is great, though. I can’t stand when someone says, “Wow $19.99! That’s under $20!!” Good idea with the whole number pricing, bad idea with eliminating coupons!!!!

    • Amy Swanson

      I’m all for saving a few bucks too, Rebeca! My downside is that I always leave the coupons at home on the counter when I’m out running errands. Or I put them in my purse so I’ll have them, and then I forget about them and they expire- haha. One day I’ll find a system that works 😉

      Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment, I hope their strategies work too!

  15. maria

    This would have been great if they actually did slash the prices for everyday, but my experience and I have the receipts to prove it — November with coupons, drapery panel cost $28.00. February same drapery panel, no coupon, everday sale price $40.00.
    Did I miss something?

  16. Mo

    I have been a JCP associate for 14 years now. I worked the last two nights and I can say that the customers here are getting this change. We get many, many positive comments about the strategy. I worked changing the prices those weeks and I do not understand the comment about the draperies. I have had some customers say that it seems like we don’t have as much of a selection, especially in the misses department. That isn’t so. What they did was adjust the heighth of the racks and don’t force too much merchandise on the racks like they used to. Instead of having ten size 12’s on the rack, they try to have a couple of each size. The racks aren’t so close together anymore either. The first and third Friday mark downs rival the best of our clearance sales. Last Friday we had a lot of racks of merchandise marked down to $2 and women’s winter coats were selling for ten bucks. People were buying 6 and more coats at a time last week. I don’t remember having those good of prices in such big numbers with the old clearance sales. Those prices stay after Friday, it is just that the customer has more choices in color and sizes if he or she comes on that first day. No, JCP doesn’t do the coupon thing anymore (they did their research and they knew how many sales they had and how many customers repeated their business with the store using coupons) but if they do reward their loyal customers by giving points for using either their JCP card or signing up one or more of their other cards. It doesn’t take much to earn a $10 rewards coupon to use on buying merchandise. I see where customers who have their rewards cards also have birthday $15 coupons to use. The customers that have surprised me the most with their comments – the teenagers that are spending their own money when buying. They have made very favorable comments about the prices and about liking the new ads. So, no one can please every one all the time, but as someone who works there, I am sold on the changes. I think the changes coming are going to be even more fun for customers. I hope you give the store a chance because these new guys don’t make changes lightly and I trust they know what they are doing. If customers around here can learn to love these changes (very conservative area), then I am sure this is going to work. Thanks for listening! And thanks for the explanation in the first post. You explained it well.

  17. Sharon Sproul

    I went shopping at Penny’s yesterday and was surprised at their pricing. Not only are their prices the best I have seen from any store in a long timel…but you would expect the merchandise to be made of cheap fabrics. This was NOT the case! I found everything to be of great quality fabric and the fashions were wonderful! They weren’t the left overs that wouldn’t sell because they were just plain ugly! I picked up a 60’s style cropped wool jacket with 3/4 length sleeves and completely lined! The tailoring was beautifully done and the wool was of very good quality! I am a sewer and sew alot of my own wardrobe in part for enjoyment and part to save money and get fashions I actually like. I have to say….I will probably sewing less and shopping at Pennys ALOT more! Their pricing was not confusing at all. Everything was very clearly marked on the clothing as well as the racks. I hope people realize what a great bargain this is and will start shopping there so we can see this pricing strategy for the future. I have been telling everyone I know about it! They do need to get the word out a little better though.

  18. Sharon Sproul

    I forgot to say….the little jacket I bought that I know would have been at least $80.00 plus at Macy’s was a mere $13.00!! I was shocked. I felt like I had gotten by with something! I also bought a beautifuly fully lined MNG hot pink blazer for $30.00. I have shopped at Kohls and their clothes are so poorly put together and one washing and that’s about it for that garment. Penny’s clothes are quality!

    • amy

      Thank you so much for the great comment, Sharon!

      I’m glad you like the new changes to JCPenney, I recently went in one and I agree with you too. The quality of the clothing seems to be much higher than it used to be, and the amount of selection seemed higher too. Instead of having just two or three colors in a shirt, they had five or six. As someone who will buy the same shirt in a variety of colors, I’m a huge fan of this!

      I know people are still on the fence about the changes, but I’m hoping JCPenney sticks with them. From what I’ve seen I really like them 🙂

      Thanks again for dropping by, Sharon!!

  19. Lori

    There prices are too expensive now.

  20. Christine McGhee

    I for one do not like the “New JC Penney”. Very unpersonal, bare and looks alot like bargain basement shopping. I am a long time JC Penney shopper but as stores try to unpersonalize their businesses ( and I understand the bottom line is making money) I feel they will eventually go by the wayside. Sorry, because I use to enjoy shopping there and feel that I will not be shopping there as much as I have in the past. I was just there this weekend and store seemed quite empty.

    • Amy Swanson

      I’m sorry to hear you don’t enjoy JcPenney’s new concept, Christine 🙁 You are not the only “long time” shopper that they’ve lost from what I’ve been reading and hearing from others.

      I hope they can get back on track, but their future isn’t looking too bright as of now.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  21. Andrea Parker

    I have been a long-time JCP shopper, more frequently since my grandchildren arrived because their sales on children’s clothing, especially Back to School and winter coats, could not be beat. Their little kids clothing would go on sale for 2/$5, etc. which helped because I have two grandsons 11 months apart wearing the same size. Now these items are $8 each. I haven’t been in the store except twice since the price change and that was to go to the hair salon.

    Almost all of their salon staff in the local JCP has left since the new changes have become effective. I still go to one of those who left and when I asked her how the new pricing was doing, she said the store had lost millions because of it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  22. MARY

    I like the pricing strategy. I can usually find things I like at JCPenneys. I hope the company can endure the changes because I want to shop there. Keep the faith and keep going!

  23. Anne

    I have always loved JCP, it’s my favorite store, ANA one of my favorite brands, it actually fits. Anyways, I’m curious to see if I’m going to find the same deals now, because that’s why I shop at JCP…
    Today I bought a great fashion top for…3.50! I don’t understand how anybody in their right mind can shop at walmart and actually think they’re 1- saving money 2- getting something nice.
    Another store I like for casual-AND-nice is Target. Yup! On clearance, of course 🙂

  24. Jodie

    Was pleasantly surprised when I went in the other day – no coupons! Which are annoying, confusing, I’m a day too early, a day late or not for the item I want. This is nice a quality item at a reasonable price – I will go back in on more regular basis now rather than just when my boys need jeans. I can’t wait to shop alone without the children so I can really check out all areas! Thank you for making much needed changes.

  25. crystal

    Actually SEARS did this around 1988/89 Everyday Low Prices..It didn’t even last a year…people want sales…within a few weeks we had to start signing sales again…not so revolutionary .

  26. Roberta

    Now if only their customer service improves as much as their ‘look’! I ordered a bed frame on line – never heard a word about the store delivery. Finally stopped by one day to discover there was no in-store catalog (delivery) department any more. Found a clerk who explained the new system and then spent 10 minutes deciding what had happened to my order (the original was returned damaged – another had been ordered – they would call me when it came in). They did finally call about a month later to tell me if I didn’t hurry up and pick up my order they were going to return it to the warehouse and cancel the order. A mad dash to the store and 30 minutes to locate and retrieve my item (2 months after the initial order). This, coupled with the fact that just getting onto their website is nearly impossible and they have dropped many brands who won’t go along with their new pricing scheme (ie Easy Spirit shoes), makes this customer definitely question whether it is worth making the effort to shop at JCP any more.

  27. Jonny

    Quality and Price is important to me. I rarely went to JCPenny previously, but this Holiday season I spent more than 300 bucks in store and online. I can’t believe their holiday mark downs, it is affordable and great deal. Its price sometimes beat Target and Burlington coat factory. The tag price is usually clear with original price, then red tag and purple tag. Almost every single item is below $100. I do notice they change their lay out of inventory a little bit every other week. JCPenny only sells certain brands of clothes, but I find they are high qualities.
    Their online ship to home took 5 days to reach, slower than amazon’s, plus amazon still no tax in IL and free shipping program.
    So overall satisfied with JCPenny and will shop often.

  28. Sandy

    I am very confused by the new Penneys. Are they trying to compete with stores like Macy’s? I always liked the fact that they had very competitive pricing. Today, I found a pair of shoes on sale for 60.00. That is just too much money for me to spend and they were not great quality shoes. I did find a pair of pants for 24.00 and a purse for 20.00. It just takes a lot more time to shop there now.

  29. Ducci

    We can now see the results of Mr. Johnson’s efforts: MASSIVE failure.

    Sales immediately dropped and now its stock has fallen 40%.

  30. Donna

    My family & friends think J C Pennys should go back to getting coupons. They use to have $10.00 off a $10.00 purhace or more. We love the hunt for our $10.00 or higher item. Thats what people really want. I know many people that loved using the coupon. You go in our J. C. Pennys store now & its emrty

  31. Eve

    Everybody loves a coupon. We want to feel like we’re getting a special deal. Myself included. I have an item I’ve been watching for weeks. It’s on sale, but it’s overpriced, just like any department store’s sales. I am waiting for a coupon and frankly it’s been a little irritating that they don’t have them. I don’t think their new marketing scheme has done them or us any favors. I’d rather shop at Kohls or Macys because at least they have real sales.

  32. Kz

    I’ve been saying clothing and shoe sizes to be standardized since I started shopping for my own clothes. The easiest way is to use a tape measure. (There’s a thought!) the size should be determined by the way the finished garment fits the intended model. No tiny shoulders here wide hips there balony. I hear about how this cut does this and that. Just make the clothes, measure the dimensions and put those on the tag and that is your size. This needs to be industry standard. Nobody would ever get confused again because all we have to know is our dimensions and what color we like.

    Same thing with shoes. Measure from back to front then side to side in the wides place and Put those two numbers in each shoe and skip the alphabet.

    I can’t believe people want this to be hard…

  33. maddy

    the employees are the ones suffering because they are not scheduled to work and then they receive a threatening letter saying they will be terminated because they haven’t worked! Go figure!!!!!!

  34. ann

    I really like the new JCP….I had not shopped there for quite some time. I like the clean, open look along with the great prices. JCP is an institution in the USA, and I hope our shoppers will give it a try, and return again and again! As far as I know it is still an American Corporation!

  35. Leticia

    Any one know when Jc penney will do there markdowns like last November , when they markdown all the summer stuff to .25 cents each.

  36. Shanaya

    When I used to visit jcp before it felt like old grandma’s shop but now the collection is so sylish and affordable.the women’s formal collection and dresses are awesome.i got praises on each and every outfit I wore that igot from jcp. Also, I didn’t had to stand in line for checkout, their associate had a portable credit card machine so they came to me and got my credit card swiped and finger signature taken on their machine.i thought it was very cool

  37. kat

    There was a reason they have been around so many years! That is because people liked what they got!! I’m afraid that reason no longer applies! I was unaware of any of the changes that have taken place and went to do my Christmas shopping there. I was horrified! I used to have stop myself from spending too much there but instead I honestly couldn’t find one single thing I wanted to purchase!! I was so shocked and disappointed!! I thought maybe it was just picked over because of Christmas shoppers so I went back this week and still left disappointed!! So I came home and got on the Internet to see if I could get a better selection on their website. They have always had the best selection of bedspreads and all bedding of anyone I know but not anymore! Ive got great coupons to use but I couldn’t find a thing I wanted! Then I stared investigating and see why all the changes. Its so sad to say but I will be shocked if they will last the rest of the year! I think Jcpenneys has seen its last days. Sooooo sad!!

  38. Darlene Brabamt

    What the Hell! I am a curvy women and last year I could jeans in my style and size with no problem , so this year I went there and Penny’s had drop my size22 women’s and ones with some style. they carries some 18 that look granny jeans and no 22 and the style for larger women was disgusting bad , Maybe they forgot that older women are the ones that have money and we spent it . the Piercing is good but not if I can’t find my size. And why do you just carry your band of bras , they don’t fit the big girls and I hate the style you had , I may be curvy and older but I still like my girls to stand up there and I like my butt to be covered , not all women are skinny , God Good Men are so dumber

  39. Greg

    I got a flyer in mail this week. Don’t know how they plan to appeal to customers when the prices so expensive I can’t even think about shopping at JCP. Flyer introduced new designers. The average person with the economy barely on the rebound can’t even walk through their doors. What are they thinking!

  40. Ashley

    What’s funny is as a customer the pricing change sounds great, as a working person this change is killing me. I work a 40-hr a week job in the warehouse changing the tags to different prices when there are sales. I have been out of work for 3 weeks now as a result of this change going into effect. I can only hope there will be work for the holidays at least. Thank god I have a part time job too or I would be totally underwater.
    Whatever Pennies is doing, lots of people are losing their jobs.

  41. Nan Fischer

    I want the buy one get one for a dollar deals back!! Parents with multiples deserve if!!

    • Nan Fischer

      Spell check!! UGH!!
      Deserve it!!

  42. William Powell

    Well, I went to get my wedding band and my future wife band. They were $999.99 and $345. When I went today that were $1999.98 and $666.66. Its like what happen? I am very disappointed with JcPenney right now!

  43. Sad end to an American Icon

    So lMAO at the rosy, drink the Kool aid remarks. Ronnie boy did very little testing, well none, Apple didn’t test anything, they wouldn’t either. Low everyday prices? Ronnie jacked them up, low only to JCP. Ever item I checked could be had cheaper at Target or Walmart. Ex upright brand name vacuum cleaner was $35 cheaper at Target, why? A real sale in the Sunday paper. A flip waffle iron, $25 cheaper at, get ready, Sears, boy is Sears dead. Nothing but going out of season crap was every going to make those 2 monthly Friday sales, basically a dump for old seasonal stuff to make room, not his everyday stuff.. Ronnie called his old customer base, old ladies. Now you know why those size 6s. Things are really no better after the Ronnie firing, I just returned a pair of Reebooks? Why? I save $20 via of dropping in again in Sears on a whim. JCPenny’s 2014 prices are no bargain. It is like they rejacked them higher but only lowered them to a sale price at the Ron Johnson price.

    I see why Johnson was pushing hard for “made for”, ” made exclusively for” JCP for well know brands. These items can not be compared to other stores. . This was a borrowed idea from Target it would seem. They just sprinkle the store lightly with this “made exclusively for Target” stuff, tokenly. I can not remember the upscale name at Target, started with an “M”, but it was a made for item, little girls dress for parties that were well over $100. They were marked down to $60. Didn’t see any takers. Target really is just a slight better looking store then Wallymart if you yank this magic out of it. At least you can find some bargains there.

    Oh well, will continue to fight finding sales at Macy’s or Kohl’s. I really have trouble finding things in Kohl’s but after years shopping JCPenny for years, I dislike the pricing. I do believe they are higher then Maacy’s especially in the home dept, I have kissed them goodbye.

    Yeah, not surprised to see those rings a commentator posted jacked up so they could have a sale, the problem? They will be 35 percent higher on sale then the old price. Welcome to JCPenny where we think our customers are stupid. Ronnie said so, that 99 cent stuff confused people, doing simple percent off math confused people, sales confused people. My god, how do these people ever figure out a tip at a restaurant? Well, in Ronnie’s head, these types eat at Mickey Dees, no tips required I guess.

    Probably the reason the plan was during check out you got an email receipt to read later, you would be too stupid to check at a later date, or not at all, don’t forget, Ronnie said math wasn’t the strong suit of a Penny’s shopper.

    Ah, insult to injury.

  44. Michelle

    I gave my email at checkout, now every 100$ you spend you get 10$ off back on 10$ or more you spend next time. Plus I spent 150$ got a few bags, actually went back for more, while at checkout, everything rang up cheaper?
    Pretty confusing but with two Teen girls they were so happy. I actually got myself some things too…

  45. Michelle

    Also checkout
    They publish those 15-20% off coupons on total purchase.

  46. Beth

    I enjoyed reading this article and the discussion, but it would be so very helpful if there was a date on the article and on each post so that the reader can tell whether this is a recent article. Fwiw, I’m making this comment on 1/25/16.

    • Amy Hoidas

      Hey, Beth! This blog was published in 2012. Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the article and the discussion it created 🙂

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  52. sex shop

    Because of the dart, there will a bit of the back shirt hanging longer than the front.

  53. Latina_Gal

    I love JCPENNY but the pricing sometimes confuses me because it would say that its on sale and when you come to see its not.I would like to see a lot more clearance ailse. other than that jcpenny has a very large variety of merchandise.

  54. lesa Morris

    JCPenny is a great place to shop. love their clothing and the way the store is set up. All the employees welcome u and will ask several times if they may help you in finding something. Now don’t get me wrong all stores aren’t the same but the one where I live their employees are trained well.

  55. Nicole Saldana

    if JCP stays in business they should not just target 40-60 year old women… Go back to the good old days when everything was priced reasonable all the time. I have 4 kids 6 years apart and there is something for everyone in JCP… good variety of infant clothes and items, toddlers, kids, teens, women’s, and mens… plus you have your name brand shoes and items… JCP still has good quality clothing they just need to price it better and let you use more than one coupon or discount whether the item is on sale or not like Kohl’s

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