July 2014 Holidays, Observances, and Awareness Dates: Plan Your Promotions!

As the days grow longer and the temperatures grow hotter it is finally beginning to feel like summer. You may be more than ready for the heat and days at the beach, but are you ready for all the summertime celebrations?! With July fast approaching, there are plenty of holidays and awareness events to prepare for.

Whether you are kicking off your first summer time promotion or planning your weekly fun in the sun, we have plenty of promotional items that will heat up your next event.

Let’s take a look at what July has in store:

Patriotic PencilsMetal Ice Cream ScoopMetal Ice Cream ScoopHand Shape Massager Of course the most famous holiday in July is Independence Day and what better day to show a little USA pride with some red white and blue? Patriotic Pencils are always a big hit, and if you are a part of a 4th of July parade, you can follow them up with Starlight Peppermints or other sweet treats to toss to your fans.

Speaking of sweet treats, July 7th is Chocolate Day and what better way to win over the hearts of chocolate lovers everywhere than to print your logo on customized chocolate pieces. Tie in National Ice Cream Month by ordering chocolate ice cream and giving it out in customized ice cream bowls.

Encourage your customers to get outside and enjoy their neighborhood beaches during Clean Beaches Week or organize a clean-up team for a day and provide them with tools like sunblock. Use any leftover sunscreen at your next UV Safety Month event.

Once the beaches have been cleaned, enjoy Everybody Deserves a Massage Week with customized handheld massagers. Don’t forget to get one for yourself and your employees, because everybody deserves a massage!

Last but not least, celebrate a few just-for-fun holidays. On July 13th, embrace your geekness with one of our Super Hero stress relievers. Or for the more tech-minded geek, try a cool looking USB Hub.

On July 29th don’t forget to celebrate International Tiger Day with an adorable tiger stress ball or plushie. You’ll earn your stripes with your customers and they’ll take home an adorable way to remember you for years.

Like the products featured on our July calendar? You can find them on our website: Patriotic Pencils, Metal Ice Cream Scoop, and Hand Shape Massager.

Looking to get your summer promotions sizzling? Our sales team is standing by ready to help you make your next promotion a hit! You can contact a Quality Logo Products by phone (866-312-5646), by email (info@qualitylogoproducts.com), via live chat, or by leaving a comment below!

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Julie Foster

Julie enjoys almost any creative outlet and isn't afraid to show off her geeky side. She can't help but love puns and witty banter, and she appreciates a well-crafted advertisement. She is a super fan of the Georgia Rae Family Band. Currently, Julie is looking for new ways to improve her Japanese.


  1. Chuck

    July is UV Safety Month! Check out item #Q23071, the rubberized sunglasses. These are awesome! Super good price, great quality and a lot of color options. They also double as good family reunion items! Have your family looking good while protecting yourself from the sun!

  2. Jaimie Smith

    The Fourth Of July! One of my favorite holidays!!

    Perfect time to have a party outside. What better party favor than a stadium cup or coozie for your drink??

  3. Doc

    What a great month for promotional products. I love 4th of July and QLP has so many great options for patriotic promo products (http://qualitylogoproducts.com/u/kxerqk/). Make sure to show off your Red, White, and Blue all month long!!!

  4. Erik

    I have to laugh at the irony that Chocolate Day and National Ice Cream Month happen during the hottest month of the year. Of course, ice cream is great on a hot summer day but no one wants melty chocolate all over their hands. I bet an imprinted cooler would help solve that issue! It’s also great for summer picnics, trips to the swimming pool or water park, and for taking your lunch to work. Enjoy your summer fun in the sun!

  5. David

    I’m a big fan of the USB Hubs and also the Portable USB Chargers (https://www.qualitylogoproducts.com/search.cfm?criteria=portable+usb+charger) that we offer. They are great for golfing, hiking, beach time and anywhere else you might want to use your phone where power isn’t readily available.

  6. Matt

    I’ll definitely be marking my calendar for July 7th and 13th! Although, it is kind of rough having national chocolate day in July but hey, melted chocolate is better than no chocolate!

  7. Erin

    National ice cream month!?! July just quickly became my favorite 31 days of the year and I can’t wait to celebrate! We’re definitely seeing lots of family reunions and picnics in July. Break out the custom Frisbees, branded picnic baskets & folding chairs!!

  8. PMO

    In honor of National Ice Cream month, I promise to eat all the ice cream.

    All of it.

  9. alan

    July 13th sounds like a good excuse to read comics and play video games all day.

  10. AG (A.K.A. Myrtle)

    The 4th of July is probably my favorite holiday outside of Bubba day ? Great time to celebrate our freedom and enjoy time with family and friends 🙂 What better way to bring the family together than some custom shirts, backpacks, cups, anything that signifies unity within the group 🙂 REMEMEMEMEMBER!!! Suns out… guns out!!! Let’s see some tank tops people! WOOHOO!!!

  11. Kelly Bird

    Isn’t every day chocolate day?

  12. Greg

    Great time for parties and bbq’s! Give me a call for your, Koozie, Frisbee, and folding chair orders today!

  13. Serenity

    Now when they say National Bastille Day is that the Paris thing or the band ha! Any way I always love that each year there is a national/international day, week, or month for everything. 🙂

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