Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy These 10 Pictures of Cute, Patriotic Animals

Happy Fourth of July!

We wanted to wish you a happy holiday, but we couldn’t decide the best way to do it… But then, it hit us.

What wishes people a Happy Independence Day better than adorable animals?

So, it was settled. Please enjoy the 10 pictures we’ve included below, and remember to be safe (AND keep your pets safe) today!

If I didn't love America so much, this would be degrading.

“If I didn’t love America so much, this would be degrading.”

[Image credit to Visualist Images]

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

[Image credit to Randy Son of Robert]

I'm ready for that close up now, America.

“I’m ready for that close up now, America.”

[Image credit to anja_johnson]

Hey, those hot dogs look pretty good...

“Hey, those hot dogs look pretty good…”

[Image credit to oh_candy]

Can't you tell how thrilled I am?

“Can’t you tell how thrilled I am?”

[Image credit to MarkelConnors]

Finally, my tree is patriotic!

“Finally, my cat tree is patriotic!”

[Image credit to Mr. Ducke]

This USA visor may be a tad low for me...

“This USA visor may be a tad low for me…”

[Image credit to cyto_steph]

Happy Fourth of July, dah-ling!

“Happy Fourth of July, dah-ling!”

[Image credit to harbortrees]

Meow if you love the Fourth!

“Meow if you love July Fourth!”

[Image credit to Jennuine Captures]

American bulldog, American flag. Nailed it!

“American Bulldog, American flag. Nailed it!”

[Image credit to krski19]

We hope this blog post gave you a mood boost! Again, Happy Fourth of July.

Which one of these patriotic pets is your favorite? How are you celebrating July 4th this year? Do you love the Fourth of July as much as we do?

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  1. Amy

    These pics totally made me smile 😀 I gotta cast my vote for the cool cats!

  2. Jana Quinn

    Cuteness = freedom

  3. Eric

    Was going to say…Daschund? In American gear? Thankfully the American Bulldog shows us how it’s done. Strut those stars and stripes proudly, pup!

  4. Jenna Markowski

    These are all so adorable, it’s hard to pick a favorite! But I guess if I have to choose, my favorite is the second one. Such a sassy freedom diva! Nothing screams “AMURRICA” like pets in cute little outfits, that’s for sure. 🙂

  5. Cybernetic SAM

    Awwww! These were all squeeeeee worthy!! My favorites are the first one and the third one sooooooooo cute!

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