June 2014 Holidays, Observances, and Awareness Dates: Plan Your Promotions!

Believe it or not, June is coming up fast! It’s kind of crazy when you think about it. After all, wasn’t it just winter?

Warmer temperatures are (hopefully) on their way so we can finally start saying that “Summer is Coming.” And with summer comes a ton of outdoor festivals, parades, block parties, and community events that will give your brand a reason to have some kind of promotion. Whether you want to host some kind of golf tournament or just want to start handing out sunscreen as a promo item, there’s a way to make the weather work for you!

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in June:

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We can’t stop talking about how great it is that summer is almost here. It’s exciting to spend more time outside! So it makes a lot of sense that both Great Outdoors Month and Zoo and Aquarium Month fall during June. Local parks and zoos should make sure to ramp up their advertising or social media efforts to draw visitors. Give customers (or people you want to make customers) a useful promo item that they can use all summer long and you’ll get a whole season of brand impressions.

Along with the warm weather comes a brand new crop of fresh fruits and vegetables. It also means that farmers’ market season is in full swing. Whether you just want to promote healthier eating around the office or want to give your clients a way to carry their food home, there’s a lunch or tote bag to do it! You can even give your customers a discount on return trips when they bring back their reusable bag.

June also hosts National Business Etiquette Week. Certainly we all have and show etiquette in our businesses all year long, but the first week of the month is a great time to remind everyone else. Consider writing personal thank you notes to your clients or sending them a small gift to remind them how much you care. It’s also a great week to thank your employees for their service.

And now for the cutest part of the post: June is National Adopt a Cat Month! Local shelters can use the recognition to showcase all of the sweet cats and kittens who need homes! And heck, no need to stop there, promote all your furry or scaled friends by swapping fun pet-themed promo items for donations or when a pet finds a new forever home.

Now how about a promotion for you?! Remember last year when we had that giant sale/party for Bubba’s Birthday? We’re doing it again! June 2nd will be a day to remember. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post detailing the specifics of the promotion and get ready for plenty of fun!

Interested in the products highlighted on our June calendar? You find them on our website: Recycled Walking Enthusiast Kit, Sun Care Kit, and Park Picnic Blanket.

Whether you’re ready to get your June promotions rolling or have questions about our Bubba Day promotion, we’re here for you! You can contact one of our representatives by email (info@qualitylogoproducts.com), by phone (866-312-5646), via our live chat, or by leaving a comment below!

Are you excited that summer’s here? Throwing any cool promotions this year? Are you excited about National Bubba Day? Do you like the calendar this month? 

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Mandy Kilinskis

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  1. PMO

    Lots happening in June!

    It’s always a good reminder that I need to get my Dad something for Father’s Day.

    It also reminds me that for my youngest daughter’s first father day, she gave me the great present of a gross baby poop in the middle of the family room.

    Happy Father’s Day to me!

  2. David

    You can tell that summer is coming due to the number of water bottles being ordered. Lots of 5ks and baseball leagues getting their orders in now so their participants can show off the brand all summer long and beyond.

  3. AG (A.K.A. Myrtle)

    National adopt a cat month is clearly the best month of the year. Myrtle and I celebrate this quite vigorously at the end of each day during this time. There is plenty of catnip and yarn to go around should anyone want to swing by… just sayin… I’m also a fan of National Bubba day ? Let’s face it, Bubba is pretty much the bomb when it comes to little yellow guys ? So many reasons to celebrate! MURIKA!

    • Alan

      Don’t celebrate cat month too vigorously. Too much catnip is bad for you!

  4. Matt

    I think that we need to spread the word a little more about national Bubba Day. That being said, Sunglasses, totes, and water bottles would be perfect for any of these summer events.

  5. Kat D.

    You really don’t realize just how many different promotional themes and items are out there. A perfect promo item popped into my head for every awareness theme listed above! Thanks for posting these, as I may reach out to some of my customers to remind them about these dates! 🙂

  6. Jon Cacioppo

    I am glad to have this handy guide to know what is coming up and what to prepare for … as I have my customers letting me know about these weeks all the time… and sometimes it helps me learn about products we have to offer.
    For Example, did you know Quality Logo Products even sells fishing lures (http://qualitylogoproducts.com/u/qefsh9/)? I was even unaware until my customer called me and said he needed some for Fishing Week coming up the first week of next month … hope he and whoever use them catch some big ones!

  7. Candace

    Definitely take advantage of the Bubba Special coming up in June!! So worth it 🙂

  8. Erin

    Lot’s of great summer awareness days and events! This Great Outdoors Month don’t forget about our folding outdoor chairs, coolers and beach towels which are great giveaways that display your logo in a big way!

  9. Michael Wenger

    Is there a “wiki” on how to make a new “day of observance”? I’d like to submit make one for the QLP’ers. And if we did, for sure, I think this would make a great item:


    Oh, and happy father’s day, fathers!

  10. Greg

    June is a busy month! Summer time baby!!! Come get your water bottles and sunscreen! We have all kinds! Oh yea don’t forget The Chicago Blues Fest is in June to!

  11. Chase

    Summer is a great time for so many promotion items! People are out and people have the chance to see their items in action! Tote Bags are always great for the local shopper, and this time of year so many people are working on getting back into shape, that pedometers and water bottles are SUPER popular! And for those not looking to get back in shape, Koozies are always a summer favorite! 🙂 “Drink responsibly my friend!”

  12. Chuck Sullivan

    What a GREAT month. National Fresh Fruits & Veggies month AND Men’s Health Week. The health movement is definitely making a big push in this market as well as our everyday lives. There are a ton of products QLP offers to help supports both of these causes. You can piggy back on the fresh fruits and veggies month with helping to support the local farmers movement that is happening in a lot of areas as well! June is just so awesome, I cant wait till it gets here!

  13. Rondell

    What a perfect time to get some personalized Captain Chairs (Q1180) or picnic mats (Q52772). I know I sit outside all the time in the Summer watching fireworks or just enjoying the nice weather with my family! What ever you need or think of… we probably have it!

  14. Erik

    June is all about Dads and Grads in the retail world, but it relates to the promotional world quite a bit as well. Think about your customer base and how you can incorporate ideas to recognize this group. Maybe you want an imprinted tool set, a polo shirt, or mug for Dads. Likewise, what about techie items, messenger bags, and pens for those Grads to take on interviews. Either way, promote your brand and increase your customer base because you made them feel special. Don’t forget to celebrate one of my favorite days too. National Doughnut Day of course!

  15. Kelly Bird

    While there are many awareness specific items to choose from make sure you keep in mind that anything can be made cause/foundation specific with a custom imprint. Choose a product in the color you need and let one of the talented sales reps at QLP help you make it perfect for your event!

  16. Doc

    There’s an entire month dedicated to Candy???!?!?! That’s awesome. I wish I would have known about this year’s ago. We should order one of these candy jars for everyone at QLP!!!


  17. KEITH

    This is very helpful to remind us and customers for what days to be aware of for potential promotions!

    There is a National Doughnut Day!?!? That definitely needs celebrating.

    Summer time is finally upon us and so Rubberized Sunglasses, Frisbees and Water Bottles will always be hit for any event.

  18. Angie

    National Fishing Week! Now that’s what I am talking about. Collapsible Party Cooler with some cold brews at my favorite fishing spot sounds perfect.

  19. Alice

    This blog really highlights some important dates – and those I would not have thought of!
    Don’t forget there are lots of graduates this month going out into the ‘real world’. There are lots of interesting promo ideas for graduates!

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