Koozie Confetti! A Party’s Not a Party without Plenty of Koozies

A few months back, I received a box of roughly 300 identical overstock koozies. I know – what am I going to do with 300 koozies? If I owned a business of my own, I could white-out the imprints and write my company name on them I suppose. The problem here was, I didn’t own my own business; and if I did, I’d probably choose a more efficient route of customization – such as hiring a professional.

So here I was; regular ol’ me doing my thing, except now I had 300 koozies. So I stuffed them into a duffel bag and took them home. I thought to myself, as I drove home with a duffel bag stuffed to the brim with can koozies, what the heck is my fiancé going to say? I got home, and she was on the phone. So I quietly walked in with the duffel bag, sat it on the kitchen counter and unzipped it.

She looked up and smiled at me, and I whispered “hey – guess what.” She raised her eyebrows, as if to say “huh?” Then, as if by surprise, I threw the 300 can koozies into the air and yelled “KOOZIES!!”

I think it goes without saying that she got pretty annoyed. She got off the phone, because the person on the other end could obviously tell she was distracted, and asked me “why in the world are there hundreds of koozies sprinkled over my house?” I explained to her that I didn’t foresee a lot of future opportunities to suddenly throw 300 koozies all over my living room by surprise. I had to seize the moment.


One of the 300 koozies I received

This is one of the koozies I used to confetti my living room!

Moving on, we used a couple of the koozies on a relatively consistent basis when we would go fishing or have company over. However, there was no logical way we would ever use 300 of them. I started giving them away to people I knew, and found it wasn’t hard to do at all. After-all, these were quality koozies; not like the ones people make themselves out of odd scraps they find laying around their house. I’m not going to make a koozie from an old t-shirt and a shoe insert; and even if I did, I wouldn’t give it to someone I want to stay friends with. These were true quality can coolers with crisp, clear logos imprinted on them. Not my logo, but nobody minds. Everyone likes logo koozies, and the more unique the logo, the cooler they are.

One of the 300 koozies I received

Backside of one of the confetti koozies

So I gave an entire grocery bag of these koozies to my brother-in-law. I expected him to say something along the lines of, “what’s the matter with you?” and agree to take just one, but he didn’t. He actually took the entire grocery bag full of koozies. In retrospect, I haven’t seen that many koozies lying around his kitchen since that day, but I see a few from time to time. Perhaps he gave the excess ones to his friends. The point here is, you can give someone a ridiculous amount of koozies, and they’ll take them. They typically will not throw them away, because everyone needs them. They’re not something that will break or be forgotten about, and they make decent conversation pieces that lead people to talk about your business.

Koozies don’t have to be made from the foam in your stadium cushion wrapped with an old sock. They can be high quality customized products with finished edges and even hard, flat bottoms that stand straight on their own. These things are functional every-day accessories that get under-rated and taken for granted.

So next time you ask yourself why you’d want 300 koozies with your imprint, remember that they will get passed on to friends-of-friends’ friends, and be likely held onto for generations. You can never have enough koozies, just like you can never have enough friends!


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  1. QLP Jill

    Haha, I wish I could have a koozie party! 🙂 For the record, I would also take as many koozies as people were willing to give to me. If I couldn’t use all of them, then my friends and family would love them!

  2. Kat

    I received some of these same overstock koozies as well. Same thing: offered them to friends and friends of friends. They were a hit, and what a way to meet new people (which I absolutely LOVE to do!!) 🙂

  3. The Man of Mystery

    I love koozies, but being the lazy American that I am; I always forget to use them. I suppose if I had 300 of them lying around my house I wouldn’t have an excuse not to, but just like all “novelty” items that my wife or I purchase with GOOD intentions, they all end up in a kitchen cabinet somewhere only to gather dust.

    I think I might be the exception to the rule though. When visiting with the in-laws this past weekend, much to my surprise, everyone was using a koozie. Sure enough, right next to the beer cooler was an ice bucket re-purposed as a koozie disposal. It was pretty cool (think of a kleenex box but for koozies!). I guess for some people a drink just isn’t the same without their favorite koozie, but I for one can barely remember to put a belt on my pants before going to work (or my very own wedding reception for that matter!) nor locate two matching socks – so to remember to grab my drink koozie before quenching my thirst, well, I might need to a grocery bag full before I remember to start using one myself!

  4. QLP Kid

    That is a lot of Koozies!

  5. KB

    It’s true, you can never have enough Koozies OR Friends. Koozies are a fantastic and inexpensive promotional product that are not only an advertisement to the person using them but everyone who they approach while they are carrying them. Koozies need to grab your attention though, the more bold or unique the imprint is, the more succesful the promotion will be. Cheers!

  6. Lauren

    I also had a box of these overstock koozies. At the time, I was in school and walked around my entire dorm room and gave everyone one. If they weren’t there, I put the Koozie on their door handle. I’m sure ALL of these college students really apprecited them!! 🙂

  7. Jana

    Haha, that’s a fabulous story. I would in fact be kind of pissed if my fiancee came into the house and threw koozies everywhere.

    I do like koozies better than coasters, because the koozie is actually “attached” to the drink. That way, you don’t have to hunt around for the coaster; if you have a koozie on a drink, you have a place to set it down!

  8. Becky Gatch

    All I can say is people love FREE stuff! Especially something that compliments a beer!

  9. alleva

    This post is real usefull!

  10. lumache

    Tweeted this!! Lumache

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