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Leave the Boring Business Cards Behind: 5 Fun & Creative Ideas

Standing out in customers’ minds is no longer an easy game of making eye contact with them at a community event and shaking their hands. Nope, now your competitors have a lot of avenues to get their company to come to your customer’s mind first. If only you had a way to make a memorable first impression on them…

Daydream no more, because other companies out there are using creative business cards to make sure customers remember their company’s name over the “other guys.” I’m not talking about using a heavier cardstock for your card or using different imprinting processes to make your information stand out, but using an entirely different material all together!

These are pretty awesome though, right?

These are pretty awesome though, right?

Some companies are opting for fun contact cards to get the attention of customers. Need some inspiration? Here are some of the wackiest examples out there!


Lego isn’t just an awesome company for kids, but I’m pretty sure adults would love to work there too (it can’t just be me, right?). One of the ways they make their creative and imagination-powered company stand out in customer’s eyes is with their business cards (pictured below). They’re far from the traditional style of business cards that we’re used to receiving from companies that we interact with.

Imagine reaching for a business card in your pocket and finding this!

Imagine reaching for a business card in your pocket and finding this!

Before you start to fill out your application and get your resume in order, not every Lego employee gets a custom figurine to hand out. They’re understandably expensive so only a few executives and those in the public eye receive them. Dare to dream though, right?

Broke Bike Alley

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you know that useful promotional items are the most successful ones. Broke Bike Alley applied this same idea to their business cards and have two that are all over the internet for their uniqueness. They have a tire patch business card (pictured on left) as well as a bike tool business card (pictured on right) that perfectly fit into wallets. Whatever issue arises, the recipient of these business cards will be able to whip it out and use it as well as take notice of the company’s name on it too!



If you think about it, your employees are your company’s superheroes. Without them you’d have to do every job and not pull your hair out. Yikes! Resoluut, a Dutch creative agency, has utilized the awesomeness of a 3D printer and has created “superhero-like characters” for their designers to show off what truly makes them unique and special.


What would your superhero business look like?

What would your superhero business look like?

I bet if they’re feeling stressed out by their workload, one look at their superhero figurine would give them the motivation they need to keep going.

Some Ideas for Your Consideration

Sticking with this theme of having a business card that could be used in your customer’s daily life, a business card with a bottle opener in it will surely get attention. Bars, restaurants, craft brewers, anyone in the beer business should have these cards as their contact information transportation device (the scientific name for a business card).


A little bit classier than having a church key hanging from your key chain

A little bit classier than having a church key hanging from your key chain

Unlike other business cards that may accidentally get washed and ruined forever, these tough guys will be ready anytime the times call for a cold beer.

Okay, now for an example that you can actually purchase and use as your own business card. Want to know the best part? You can order it from your trusted friends here at Quality Logo Products®! The Chocolate Logo Business Card is a great way to get people to your trade show booth or to really make an impression on them when they leave your shop. Plus, they’re pretty darn reasonable, and they’ll get people talking and stir up some word-of-mouth advertising for you.

Mmmm, a mighty tasty business card indeed!

Mmmm, a mighty tasty business card indeed!

When it comes time to buy business cards for your employees to give out, you can go with the standard that everyone will expect or you can give out something that will really get their attention. Why not make them stop in their tracks and give your card a good, hard look? For a reaction like this, you’ve got to give out a unique business card like the ones mentioned above.

Have you ever received a truly distinct business card? What would your ideal business card look like? Have you ever won a free lunch for putting your business card in a fish bowl? Shout off below in the comment section!

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  1. Julie Mussared

    If you can make your contact info brief enough, (or maybe print on both sides) you could make a carabiner business card.
    It’s even better than having your business card in a wallet–it can be out in the open on someone’s key chain!

    • Amy Swanson

      That’s a great suggestion, Julie! I never would’ve thought of that, but you’re right. If you’re trying to attract outdoor enthusiasts for customers that’s a great option to help them remember your contact information.

      Thanks for the comment and suggestion 😀

  2. Miss Cleezy

    Can you make a business card with teeth on one side like a comb?

    • Amy Swanson

      We do not here, but that sounds like a great idea! We sell magnetic business cards here but nothing as specialized as what you’re suggesting. I would suggest going to a specialty shop for that sort of work.

      Thanks so much for the comment and good luck! Your idea sounds awesome!!

  3. Steven Wendt

    Cards like these get me into creative mode for creating cards. Just incredible. I especially like the bike repair, can opener and the LEGO guy.

  4. Reba Hansen

    Really amazing ideas for business card designs. Business cards design plays a vital role in building and expanding the businesses. It is very important on how you design your cards as cards speak everything about your business. So well designed business cards differentiate you from others.

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