Leaving Your Mark with Guerrilla Marketing

With a weakened economy, many businesses are turning their marketing efforts away from traditional media, which can be expensive. Some now use guerrilla marketing tactics to catch the eye of consumers and consequently make their brand more memorable.

Oh, and for all of you readers who may not know what I’m referring to in guerrilla marketing, here’s a definition (no, it has nothing to do with gorillas, monkeys, or any other primates, for that matter…except homo sapiens):

According to, guerrilla marketing is “an unconventional way of performing marketing activities on a very low budget”. With this type of marketing companies rely on their creativity, energy and imagination rather than investing millions of dollars into traditional campaign that are likely to go unnoticed to the target market anyway.

One of my favorite examples of guerrilla marketing was implemented by Minnesota based furniture corporation, Blu Dot. Strapped for cash in their marketing budget allowance, Blu Dot has decided to try their hand at guerrilla marketing by launching a rather genius plan in New York City. The company will randomly leave 25 of their signature furniture pieces, the Real Good Chair, around NYC. Following NYC dwellers’ apparent obsession with claiming furniture leftovers on the street, Blu Dot is banking on the premise that these chairs will quickly be taken off the street and into a ‘Real Good Home’. The chairs are outfitted with small GPS tracking devices which will enable Blu Dot to track where each chair ends up and how many times the furniture is traded to new homes. After a couple weeks Blu Dot will then approach the new owners of these chairs and ask them to participate in a documentary film about the project.

Obviously, this tactic comes with privacy concerns that some New Yorkers will not be very open with: Blu Dot stalking their souvenirs. If consumers aren’t down with this type of non-traditional marketing, then the company will gladly remove them from any reports which they plan to use in association with promoting this experiment. If nobody wants to partake in this film then Blu Dot remains optimistic – at the very least NYC inhabitants will now be 25 chairs richer!

So after reading this story it really got me thinking. Out of the box marketing is catching on – even in the furniture industry. There is much room for growth with these types of experiments and at the very least, non-traditional marketing forms ensure the company behind them some exposure and press. Look, here I am talking about a furniture company on a promotional products blog!

For additional ideas, check out these fine examples of guerrilla marketing:

Guerrilla Marketing: Virgin Atlantic Airlines

Virgin Atlantic Airlines portrays the amount of care they handle baggage with, by putting cartons of unharmed eggs on a luggage vestibule.

Guerrilla Marketing: Cingular

Cingular’s large and noticeable attempt at guerilla marketing surely caught the attention of consumers as they traveled the city by foot, car, and even plane!

Would you stop to check out strategically-placed advertisements like this, or do you think you’d walk on by? Would you cooperate with Blu Dot if they asked you to be a part of their documentary? Guerrilla marketing, like well-chosen promotional products, can inspire a lot of attention for your brand. Leave a comment and let us know your favorite unconventional advertisement or promotion!

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  1. QLP Kid

    I love that advertisment from cingular…So catchy!

  2. QLP Jill

    I’d be all for participating in a documentary for Blu Dot! After all, they would have given me a free chair, so what’s to complain about?

    Guerrilla marketing has been around for awhile, but so many businesses are taking it to the next level with advertising campaigns like this. Really, how could you NOT remember a brand that has the guts to place egg cartons on vestibules, give away furniture with embedded tracking devices, or “hack” up their own billboard? I love it!

  3. D-Rok

    I love this kind of marketing, because besides being just a way to sell your product or service, it’s an art form. I don’t particularly appreciate the tracking devices and think the people responsible for those devices should be prosecuted, but the rest is art. I’ve seen images of many different guerrilla (hard word to spell, isn’t it?) marketing campaigns, and they’re so witty and out of this world. I saw one of a lamp post designed to look like a pot of coffee pouring into a McDonald’s Coffee cup. In appearance, it defies gravity. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

  4. Bret Bonnet

    Whenever I see these flying monkey toys the “Space Jams” anthem starts playing in my head:

    I just can’t help it., Man I used to love that movie. Oh the memories.

    As far as Blu-Dot goes – I think this is AWESOME and hats off to them for giving this a shot. I’d be curious in general how many owners a piece of furniture actually has before being taken out to the pasture. I mean seriously – How funny would it be if all 25 chairs ended up in the SAME place. An old room mate of mine fought for weeks over WHO was going to take the college couch with them after we graduated. I so miss that couch.

    I’m open to guerrilla marketing. Anyone have any idea QLP can use to stand out? I’m all about attracting the RIGHT kind of attention, you know, the kind that doesn’t involve the 5-0.

  5. Scooby DOO!

    Nothing like getting your hands dirty! And sometimes, you just have to. One of my most favorite examples? The JZ & Lebron’s poster that the Nets posted on one of the largest buildings at Madison Square Garden to taunt the Knicks. My least favorite? Remember the night-brights that stopped traffic all of NYC because some one thought they were bombs. Lesson here, be careful Donkey Kong!

  6. Jana

    Number one, I love that Flying Monkey. I’ll definitely need to invest in one of those. Mega cute.

    Number two, as far as guerilla marketing goes, I’ve always thought that the students of the nearby colleges (Aurora University, North Central College, Benedictine University) and businesses near those colleges would make a good target audience. There’s always some kind of sports team that needs an item for fundraising or a student organization that wants to get t-shirts for recruiting. Perhaps mailing a customized QLP bag with some imprinted swag (as well as perhaps a mini-brochure featuring college-friendly gifts) as a “care package” to the presidents of the clubs/teams/organizations would get the attention QLP oh-so-deserves.

  7. WP

    Nice post. Thank you for the information!

  8. Lorraine

    Best post that I have read all day!!


  9. rachat

    Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol…great read, thanks.

  10. ismartypants

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  11. Reggie B.

    Fantastic blogs from you, man. I have read your stuff previously and you’re fantastic. You make it enjoyable to read and while still taking care to keep your points sensible. I can not wait to read more, this is actually a tremendous website!

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