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Logo-Gate: Much Ado Over University of California’s Emblem Change

I’m baaaaaaaaack! After a long vacation from blog writing (I was touring the Pacific Rim with various Victoria’s Secret models), CONTROVERSY is what brings me back to the blogging game.

And it rings louder than a college student’s head the morning after a weekend bender.

I’m talking about: LOGO-GATE!

The University of California made a change to their school emblem, and it caused a huge backlash, primarily on social media websites. Petitions, Facebook pages, and YouTube videos went wild, demanding the new logo be ditched.

New Cali Logo

This brings up an issue I never knew existed: People ACTUALLY CARE about their school’s logo.  At least they do EVENTUALLY. The backlash just began last week regardless of the fact the logo was changed almost a year ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame people for not noticing. I went to Northern Illinois University for about 6 years (I even took a few classes), and I couldn’t tell you their logo if my life depended on it.

The fact of the matter is this: Things change. There ARE people out there who liked the new logo. And they realized that the old seal would still appear on their diplomas and their Donation Request letters. However, as is too often the case in this world, the people who complain louder get their way.

The University yielded, changing its logo back to please this angry (albeit months late) mob.

This is extremely short-sighted on the University’s part. You made the change because you wanted to move into the future. It’s still coming, changes are still happening. Five years from now, you’ll want to change it again, and the whole process will start over.

If you’d gone forward with it, this would ALL be over by now. People have extremely short attention spans, and will quickly forget how much they despise the change (See: Legends and Leaders conferences in the Big 10).

Besides, if social media had been around back then, I’m sure there would have been just as much outrage when U of C ditched their ORIGINAL LOGO in 1868:

Gold Rush

[Writer’s Note:  Thank you Richard Nixon.  Without his shameless spying at the Watergate Complex, lazy reporters and bloggers would have to come up with their own title for a controversy, instead of just adding “gate” to a related word.  #spygate, #bountygate, #nipplegate, #monicagate, #etc…]

 Image credit to ell brown, University of California, and Alex Brodsky’s brain.