Could There Really Be a Market for Underwear-of-the-Month Clubs and Vending Machines?

As I was driving to work Monday morning half listening to talk radio, I heard the host mention an underwear vending machine. I turned the volume up to find out what in the world they were talking about. The host continued with his story about a company distributing vending machines in the LA area that exclusively sold underwear. They joked about people only needing the vending machines when they have a bowel movement in their pants.

After arriving at work I forgot about the crazy vending machine until about 2pm. You know, the “Why the hell isn’t the day over yet?!?” hour (*Note how I turned my would-be Monday afternoon laziness into actual work.) My mind started to wander, and I eventually debated about whether there was any market for an undergarment vending machine.

Underwear of the month?

Underwear of the month?

Apparently Me Undies thinks that there is. The founders of Me Undies not only invented the underwear vending machines but have also designed an exclusive internet club for underwear of the month (a lot like Shoe Dazzle). For $16 each month, you receive an exclusive e-mail with a new pair of undies to purchase. You don’t have to buy the product each month, but you have to decline within the first 5 days of the e-mail or your credit card will be automatically charged $16 on the sixth day and you’ll be issued a credit good for one pair of underwear.

Weird, right?!?

Here are a few pros and cons of Me Undies’ underwear clubs and vending machines (as I see them, at least):

Pros for the exclusive club:

  • They have a great return policy: 100% satisfaction guaranteed or you get a full refund and keep the undies.
  • You won’t have to ever go out and buy new underwear at a store.
  • Free shipping on all orders in the continental US (Sorry Alaska and Hawaii).
  • They use good quality fabric and are confident they have the best undies you will ever own.

Cons for the exclusive club:

  • There is a small size selection.
  • You get charged each month if you forget to decline the order.
  • It’s expensive: $16 for one pair of undies, yikes!
  • You only get a new choice once a month and older selections are not always available for repurchase.

Pros for the vending machines:

  • Convenient in case of emergencies.
  • Same as the exclusive club, they use good quality material.
  • Last minute gifts, maybe? (It’s a stretch.)
  • Would be great in hotels, gym locker rooms, airports, and night clubs (in case you lose the pair you went in with, haha).
  • Great for recreational scavenger hunts.

Cons for the vending machines:

  • Some people won’t wear unwashed clothing, especially underwear.
  • It’s not impulsive like candy and soda; it’s really just for emergencies.
  • Same as the exclusive club, it’s expensive and there is a small size selection.

They gave me PINK undies this month instead of PURPLE! My life is over!

They gave me PINK undies this month instead of PURPLE! My life is over!

For someone who hates shopping for underwear, fits in the sizing chart, and has unlimited funds for underwear; this online club is perfect. But for the average person, this would be a hassle and a huge waste of money. However, I think the vending machine could get a lot of business in the right setting: hotels, locker rooms, etc.

But let’s get real, who is this market really geared toward? I really can’t figure it out. It’s not the average woman, because most women don’t mind shopping to pick out their panties in a store/ boutique or online. And it’s not the average man, because in my experience most men don’t care where their skivvies come from, as long as they fit, are cheap, and don’t have a floral design. The underwear enthusiast market seems a little bit too niche, doesn’t it? Is this concept too specific? I think it might be.

So who would buy underwear at $16 a pair? Would you or do you know someone who would go nuts for this exclusive club? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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  1. Bret

    Where do I sign Jay up for this? I’m tired of seeing his stained underwear hanging out when he bends over. The only think worse than Jay’s underwear is plumber crack!

    • Jaimie Smith


  2. Michelle

    Don’t think the undie vending machine or club would be for me. The cost is crazy and I have no issue’s going to VS to make my purchases. Good luck to the company though!

    • Jen

      I agree, it’s really expensive for just one pair. Maybe if you got three or four new pair, and they were super cute, it’d be a different story. Until then I will make the trip to the mall. 🙂

  3. Mandy Kilinskis

    Some people do have unlimited money with nothing else to spend it on.

    These are the people that will be buying underwear from a vending machine.

    Oh, I can also see this underwear being an impulse purchase for really drunk girls at a night club. “Omg, did you see that cute purple and pink pair?! I GOTTA HAVE IT.”

    • Jen

      Unfortunately Mandy you are all to correct, about all of these scenarios. I can picture the drunk girl now..

      • John

        These clubs already exist for men. A quick internet search reveals about half a dozen reputable monthly underwear clubs from designer brands.

        It seems to be geared more toward the gay crowd, as we tend to buy underwear for style, materials fit and comfort over price. $16 may seem like a lot per pair but monthly clubs for designer underwear can already range in the $25-$50/month or several hundred dollars if purchasing in 6 month or year increments.

        I don’t know so much about a vending machine although I could think of countless places that these would literally sell out within days of being restocked and not just because people “get dirty”

  4. Amy Swanson

    Holy cow, $16 for one pair!? That’s crazy!! Maybe they figure that if everyone buys one pair for the novelty of it that they’ll make more money than by charging less and getting repeat business? I don’t know, but like Michelle said, “Good luck to the company though!” hahaha

    • Jen

      I know, I though for sure you’d get at lease two pair for that price. They would have to be the best pair of undies ever made, and last forever, for me to even consider buying them!

  5. Jenna Markowski

    This seems like a genius concept for hotels, gyms, nightclubs, and airports…however $16 isn’t necessarily the amount of money I’d be willing to drop in a vending machine. Especially in the case of travelling — for that price I’d rather just wait until I can get to the nearest Wal-Mart and get about 8 pairs for that same price. I mean…IT’S UNDERWEAR! When any emergency strikes, I’m willing to bet that the fresh undies being “the most comfortable underwear in the world” is not exactly important.

    I researched this concept further, and found that soon they’ll be selling fresh socks and T-shirts in the machines as well. This really has potential…but I can’t see myself spending that kind of money on stuff I’m going to wear UNDER my clothes. You’d think college students would be one of their main demographics, but as a broke college student I have a hard time spending $16 even on a new shirt or pair of jeans, let alone underwear. I think their plan needs work.

    • Jen

      You’re right Jenna, I think it would appeal to college students, if it were less expensive.

      And yes, they need to work on their business plan, it could work if maybe they cut the price in half (at least).

  6. Jaimie Smith

    This whole concept seriously cracks me up!!

    But yeah, i agree with Michelle, I am perfectly fine with going to Victoria’s Secret for my underwear, I do not need to order it online, or walk up to a vending machine.

    The only time I see these vending machines getting business is on a college campus saturday and sunday mornings! 🙂 jk…kinda.

  7. Rachel

    Part of me thinks these vending machines would make sense in public bathrooms, too. The other part of me is wondering why the heck I am spending time thinking about where an UNDERWEAR VENDING MACHINE could go.

    Totally agreed with your last paragraph, Jen: who the heck is being targeted with these underwear clubs and machines? I could maybe understand it if the price point was much lower, but as things are now, I just don’t get it. What’ll people think of next …

    Great post, though! It’s a highly bizarre yet entertaining topic. 🙂

    • Jen

      Haha, it is a very bizarre topic Rachel. And I agree with you, that I spent far too much time and effort thinking of places these vending machines would be useful. I like the public restroom idea though. When I worked in retail I witnessed my fare share of poopy underpants in bathroom stalls and garbage cans. I guess it might come in handy for some people…

  8. Eric

    $16 for one pair of underwear?!?! Talk about cruel opportunism when someone needs some so badly they resort to a vending machine!

    Start charging that much, and it better be made out of cashmere, and by Ralph Lauren.

    Apart from that, I don’t know what to say…this one’s weirdness trumps about anything I could come up with.

    Interesting post, for sure, Jen!

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