In this economy, businesses everywhere are struggling to stay afloat. This often means several companies vying for your dollars. How do you decide who to buy from? Honestly, most people choose the company they identify with the most – and that familiarity only comes through effective advertising. Using logos in advertising is essential for branding your company and maximizing your profits.

Cruise down any street, drive along a highway, or even walk through a mall, and your sure to find a multitude of logos helping companies to advertise their products. These advertisements can be anywhere and everywhere: on TV, on the internet, emblazoned on billboards and shop windows… the possibilities are endless. Advertisements have the ability to shape the way a person views the world, others, and even their self-image.

The average person sees more than three thousand ads per day! What could a strong logo advertisement do for your company? Here are a few marketing strategies to help you make your use of logos in advertising pay off BIG!


Think outside the box and be creative. The goal of a logo is to set you apart from others while helping you to develop a solid company image. You want to be immediately recognized as the go-to in your niche or industry. You can’t do that if you choose ads and logos which are generic or have been done before. A set of green arches won’t make people come to your new café… and it just might be copyright infringement. Avoid clip art logos, as well as those that could very well be taken as a monogram for towels and sheets.

2. Color Matters

Before opting for that fuchsia and lime green logo combo, realize the colors used send a message to potential customers, and ACT ACCORDINGLY. Logos help to establish a visual identity for a company. The colors and symbols should be chosen with care. In some cultures, bold colors may be viewed as offensive, while in others the same color is viewed as a gesture of kindness and hospitality. Colors like white are used to symbolize purity in some countries, but are related with death and sadness. Pastels or muted colors might not be assertive or eye-catching enough, and thus must be used with something bolder to make them ‘pop.’ The key here is to do your research, and make sure that your logo won’t offend or disgust consumers (like the easily misconstrued “Megaflicks” logo at the top of this post). Be global in your approach and make sure your logo will hold appeal across cultures.

3. Keep it Simple – But Not TOO Simple

When creating a logo you must make certain you are avoiding the common pitfall of too much flash and not enough bang. Avoid the over-use of special effects with a logo. Also avoid designs that are so complex that they are garish. Solid colors and simple lines will take you farther and communicate a clean look and feel for your company. If you use color in your logo, make sure it looks just as good in black and white, so it can be used more flexibly.

Once you decide on a logo, you are locked in for the long haul, so don’t be afraid to invest some time and money in the designing of this all-important marketing tool. Logos can be used in your advertising but will also appear on your letterhead, company literature, product packaging, and maybe even a few novelty items. While you can always redo your logo later to maintain a contemporary look and feel, you don’t ever want to deviate too much from the original logo once you have branded yourself. Regardless of what your business is, using logos in your advertising and marketing will establish and promote your company image. It needs to be strong and unique, and appeal to a variety of consumers.

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