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Medical Promotional Products for Hospitals, Doctors, and Health Professionals

When searching for the perfect promotional item, what stands out to you most? Is it quality or value, or perhaps significance?

For example, if you walked into a new grocery store on the weekend it opens and a sales clerk hands you a computer-shaped stress ball with “Lucky’s Grocery Store” imprinted on the screen, would you be confused? I would — what does a computer have to do with a supermarket?

Promotional products should in some way reflect the company, either by the name or by a logical association. In the case of Lucky’s Grocery Store, a broccoli-shaped stress ball or a shopping cart stress ball would have been much more appropriate than a computer shape. Or, since the name of the store is Lucky’s, a shamrock or horseshoe could also fit well. Even a colorful tote bag would have done the trick.

My point is this: if you’re giving away promo items for your business, then make sure they make sense. Don’t leave your patrons confused and wondering what in the world you were thinking!

That being said, promotion is important for every business, even for hospitals or doctors’ offices. In this particular post, I have put together a list of 15 in-demand promo items for the medical-related field. Doctors, healthcare professionals, and hospitals, take note if you could use some giveaway ideas!

Stress Balls

The Capsule Stress RelieverThe Capsule Stress Reliever – Pharmacies and doctors’ offices can ease the pressure of each visit with a pill-shaped squeezie. Show patients that pills aren’t all bad!


Dr. Bear Stress BallDr. Bear Stress Shape – Any kid would love to get this at their pediatrician’s office, especially if they were already feeling scared in the first place.


Ambulance Stress RelieverThe Ambulance Stress Ball – This is an awesome promotional product for hospitals and EMTs! Show off your quick response time and ease their minds.



Tooth-Shaped MagnetThe Tooth Flexible Magnet – Dentists need promotional products, too! Tooth magnets remind customers of contact info and/or business hours. Dental kits are great options as well.


Eyeglasses MagnetEye Glasses Magnet – Is optometry your organization’s specialty? We’ve got a magnet for that! Get your logo in their line of vision with glasses-shaped magnets.


Business/Appointment Card MagnetBusiness and Appointment Card Magnet – Patients will never forget their appointments if they’re written down on the fridge! Help them remember.


Keychains and Office Items

Syringe PenThe Syringe Pen – Give these fun pens away to patients and keep them around the office for your staff. (If you’re a chiropractor, you might also like the bone pen)!


Mini Pill Holder KeychainMini Pill Holder Keychain – If your city is having a parade, imprint your name on these and throw them to the crowd.


Stress GripperStress Gripper – Physical therapy patients could always use a good hand exerciser to build up muscle strength and regain control.


On-the-Go Products

Wheelchair ToteWheelchair Tote – Assist handicapped patients by providing them with a handy storage bag for their belongings. These bags attach right onto the handles for easy carrying!


Acrylic Straw TumblerAcrylic Straw Tumbler – Remind your patients to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. These travel tumblers look like disposable cups, but they’re made of durable plastic.


Colorful Bandage DispenserColorful Bandage Dispensers – Doctors and safety should go hand in hand. Parents all over will find these super useful to have in their car for the occasional cuts and scrapes from the playground!


Trade Show Giveaways

Scrubs NotebookThe Scrubs Notebook – These 80-page notebooks look like they’re wearing scrubs! Give attendees something to remember you by at the next convention you attend! You can choose from blue or green scrubs.


Stethoscope ID TagStethoscope ID Tags – There’s nothing worse than misplaced stethoscopes or unidentified doctors in a healthcare workplace. Identify yourself and ID your medical equipment with a name tag!


Keep-It ClipboardPersonalized 9×12 Keep-it Clip Board – Clipboards are practically attached to doctors’ hands! These organizers have a pen holder and a nail hole for easy writing and hanging.


Using the right promotional product for you company can make all the difference. Remember, make sure you’re choosing a product that’s useful for the client and significant to your business. Otherwise, your customers will get confused and they could be less likely to recall your business name.

Look for another installment of industry-specific promotional items next week!

Have you used any of these healthcare promotional products in the past? Which medical giveaways would you recommend? Is there a specific industry you’d like to see in this series? Let us know by commenting!


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  1. Jeff Porretto

    For some reason, I can see J.D. giving a “Dr. (Brown) Bear” stress ball to Turk on Scrubs. I’m surprised that didn’t actually happen… Thanks Jen!

    • Jen

      Bwahaha! That would have been amazing!

    • Alex Brodsky

      He didn’t need it. They already had Rowdy to cuddle with.

  2. Amy Swanson

    Amazing suggestions here, Jen! I can’t pick out which one is the best, but I picked out the top two that I would love to receive:

    – A magnet with my doctor office’s telephone number would be awesome and they could totally mail it out with my bill and save some extra shipping.

    – Bandage dispenser! I have a nail file, nail clippers, compact mirror, and Kleenex in my purse at all times because when I don’t have them is when I do need them. Bandages are the same way I think. It seems like when I don’t have them handy is when I get a blister from my shoes (if I had a dollar for every time that’s happened to me, I’d be a millionaire!)

    Great suggestions here, Jen! I hope my doctor’s office is taking notes!!

    • Jen

      Thanks Amy! I keep tons of “junk” in my purse just in case too! You’re right, you just never know when it’s going to be needed.

  3. Jaimie Smith

    I feel as though magnets with your next appointment is a great idea. I almost always forget when my appointments are unless they are written down or posted somewhere to tell me.

  4. Rachel

    I love all these suggestions! I think my favorite is the syringe pen, because come on, that’s awesome. The magnet appointment card is another really cool one — it’s super practical. Really, though, all these ideas are great! Thanks, Jen!

  5. Eric

    Bandage dispenser! Could always use spare ones, and I can’t tell ya, Jen, how many times I’ve been on a road trip and something happens to necessitate a band-aid. Although those kids need ’em for a rough day at the playground, us grown-ups get our share of dents ‘n dings, too.

  6. Cybernetic SAM

    Having worked in the medical field this stuff is pretty cool to get/give out! I remember as a kid too I love going to the health fair and getting all the medical S.W.A.G! Great post! Great suggestions!

  7. Mandy Kilinskis

    My chiropractor uses imprinted clipboards that drug companies have given him. They really work because every time I fill out paperwork, I see the name of this joint pain medication. Luckily I don’t need any right now, but if I ever do, I’ll know which medicine I’ll be asking about.

  8. Candice J.

    I can’t lie I’m pretty in love with the Syringe Pen. I don’t know why but it just looks so damn cool! I love promo items for any profession but its even better when it can be used in every day life for anyone. Great post Jen!

  9. Maria

    Hate to burst the Syringe Pen bubble, but, having worked in a medical office, I can tell you that novelty pens, which are uncomfortable to write with, go right in a drawer. Stress balls also accumulate a lot of grime, no matter how much you clean them, because the surface is porous.

    If you’re giving them to a patient, go for it, but if the intended audience is a medical professional, go for the clipboard or the stethescope tags.

    • Jill Tooley

      Thanks so much for the tips, Maria! It’s great to hear a testimonial from someone in the industry. We’ll keep your suggestions in mind for our next blog update! We’ve got plenty of clipboards and stethoscope tags to write about.

      We appreciate your comment, and hopefully you have a good weekend. Come back anytime! 🙂

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