Meet the Water Bottle that Helps Me Exercise Like a Champ and Stay Hydrated

The past few weeks have been interesting so far; I have officially begun my rigid workout routine and sparkly new diet. If you knew me, then you’d understand that this is a HUGE step! Furthermore, I have been guzzling water as if the entire world’s supply was going to deplete at any second, which is also new for me. I’ve done my research and I know that it’s CRUCIAL to stay hydrated during exercise unless you want to cause serious harm to your body. So, I am proud to report that I’ve been adhering to my diet plan. To what do I owe my sudden success? To be honest, I couldn’t do it without my personalized sports bottle!

I take my Eco-Friendly Sports Bottle (28 oz.) with me everywhere I go. (As I write this, my orange QLP-emblazoned water bottle sits on my desk just waiting for me to pick it up and take a drink). I’ve lost count of how many times a day I refill it, but it’s quite a few! What’s so great about these reusable sports bottles, you ask? Well, for one, this plastic bottle is easy to squeeze. If I’m preoccupied with my treadmill, then I don’t have to exert much effort to take a drink. The pop-up sports nozzle is so much more convenient than the screw-off tops on most disposable bottles of water!

Eco-Friendly Sports Bottle - lid close-up

Eco-Friendly Sports Bottle – lid close-up

Speaking of disposable bottled water, my eco-friendly (and BPA Free) bottle reduces plastic waste. Before I had a good reusable bottle, I’d run to the gas station almost every day and buy a bottle of water; not only did that get expensive, but it also generated a ton of recycling each week! Also, if I was running late or if I was short on cash, then I would just go without water all day (BAD IDEA)! But now, all I have to do is wash the bottle each day and then it’s like new again.

Plus, when I use this colorful bottle, I know that my drinking water won’t have any mysterious floaties in it. This may or may not remind you of that little girl from M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs, but I can’t drink anything if it’s been sitting for too long and could possibly have crud floating on the surface. If my ice-cold water is safely contained within my Eco-Friendly Sports Bottle, then I can take a drink on-the-go without worrying about swallowing a ton of dust particles! Oh, and I worry less about my clumsy self knocking it over.

What makes me like the Eco-Friendly Sports Bottle better than other water bottles for sale out there? I love the shape, I love that it holds a whopping 28 ounces, and I love the low cost (not to mention that I love the color orange). If you don’t like the color orange, then that’s okay: this Copoly bottle is available in 8 other colors. Seriously, you’d have a difficult time finding a reusable sports bottle better than this one…and I’m NOT just saying that! I highly recommend it.

Eco-Friendly Sports Bottle - color lineup

Eco-Friendly Sports Bottle – color lineup

If you have anything to add, then feel free to do so by leaving a comment! To inquire about the Eco-Friendly Sports Bottle, about any other promotional water bottles, or about giveaway items, just contact Quality Logo Products. Email us at, call us (866) 312-5646, or message us on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for reading our blog, and we’ll see you soon! 🙂

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