“The Office” is an award-winning show with 9 seasons, an incredible cast, and many hilarious memes under its belt. It launched careers and brought us unforgettable moments like the first Dundie ceremony at Chili’s or that time Michael Scott accidentally grilled his own foot.   

There is one episode, though, that hit us at Quality Logo Products® right in the gut. I’m talking of course about the episode entitled “Sabre.Michael pours orange juice into everyone’s metal water bottles with logo and proposes a toast. Afterward, they all make a disgusted face by the “metallic taste” that comes with their sip.

Michael Scott with Sabre water bottle
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This reaction deeply hurt our souls. After all, metal water bottles are popular business advertising products. Many companies print their logo on this drinkware and use it as branded merch and trade show giveaways. So we’re digging into the madness behind this myth and getting down to the truth on whether or not aluminum water bottles affect your drink’s taste – orange juice or not.

Does a Water Bottle Material Affect Taste?

A water bottle or cup’s material may have some influence on how your drink tastes. It really depends on the quality of the container, what you’re storing inside, and your taste buds.

Going back to “The Office,” the idea of orange juice in a metal container is depicted as being absolutely disgusting. That’s a strong claim, so we did our due diligence in researching how your water bottle’s material may affect your taste.

The results are here in this handy chart!

Does the material affect a drink's taste?

Overall, the water bottle’s material should have little to no effect on the taste of your drink, even if it does pose the risk for chemical leaching. Glass will give you the cleanest sip, but plastic and stainless steel water bottles are great choices too. As long as you wash it frequently, you will always have a water bottle that’s safe to drink from and holds a delicious drink.

Why Do Our Taste Buds Taste the Difference?

The human brain can make you taste the differences even if it’s not there. In fact, a 2018 Business Insider study of soda cans versus bottles found that some people’s tongues are more sensitive to the taste of metal than others. They interviewed researchers, like Christy Spackman, who came to the conclusion that water bottle taste simply boils down to the person.

quote about drinking from water bottles

This means the team at Dunder Mifflin wouldn’t have all reacted the same to their drink. They would have a different response to drinking orange juice from a metal container based on their individual taste buds and the sensitivity of their tongues.

Business Insider did a fascinating study on the taste of soda in cans vs. bottles. Check out this video!

If “The Office” taught us anything, it’s that custom water bottles are awesome employee gifts. Print your logo or company name on the front, and just like that, you’ve got something cool for your employees to drink from, even if they want some orange juice!  

We Love “The Office”

We may have had a bone to pick over the “Sabre” episode, but there’s no bad blood between Quality Logo Products® and NBC. Not only did we supply the earth-shaped stress balls for Season 7, Episode 15, but in 2018 one of our veteran customer service reps, Casey, had a 10-year anniversary party with Office-themeddécor like supplies in Jell-O and Dundie statuettes.

Quality Logo Products "The Office" party

Casey’s anniversary party not only represents our dedication and love for “The Office,” but also how much dedication and love we all share in our office. Maybe we can have our own show one day. Give us a call, NBC, we can work out a deal! ?

Key Takeaways

Now you know how we feel about metal water bottles, orange juice, and NBC’s depiction of all that in “The Office.” You should walk away with a few new pieces of wisdom:

  1. Custom water bottles are an awesome gift for everyone and well worth the investment.

  2. You may have a slight aftertaste in metal or plastic bottles, but it’s not something that will destroy your taste buds forever.

  3. “The Office” is an incredible show that you should seriously consider binge-watching immediately.

No time to waste! Fill your aluminum or stainless steel water bottle with orange juice, wine, or any other drink of your choosing, and get to Netflix so you can watch or rewatch as many episodes of “The Office” as you can!


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