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Mini Promotional Items: Irresistibly Adorable Ideas for That ‘Aww’ Factor

I know plenty of people who collect miniatures, or at least utter the words “Oh, that’s so cute!” when they see small versions of recognizable objects.

Granted, most of those people are women, but that doesn’t mean anything. Anyone could enjoy these miniature promo items!

Recycling Bin Pen Holder

Decorate your desktop and show off your recycling enthusiasm with this Recycling Bin Pen Holder. Isn’t it adorable? You could use it to promote your office’s green initiatives, give it away as a favor for an eco-friendly wedding, or even pass them out on Earth Day. This pen cup is only 5 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide, so there’s even room for it on micro work spaces. And if you get tired of it — which is unlikely but not impossible — you can always hand it down to someone who still plays with Barbie dolls.

Miniature Golf Bag

I don’t know a damn thing about golf, but I do know that miniature golf bags would appeal to those who like the sport. It measures in at less than 6 inches, making it a prime candidate for this compilation. There’s also a clear version (the Mini Golf Bag Kit) if you prefer. Or, if golf bags aren’t your style, I’d also suggest the desktop golf game we carry. It’s a mini putter, golf ball, and felt putting green for those “meh” moments in the afternoons!

Mini Hockey Stick

Regulation size hockey sticks are probably too big to bring to work with you, but this version is significantly easier to display on an office wall. The best part is, you can support your favorite team with a Mini Hockey Stick! At 18 inches long, it’s slightly bigger than some of the other miniatures on my list, but still micro enough to merit a mention. The digital imprint area on these hockey stick replicas allows for multiple colors at the same price.

Mini Watering Can Blossom Kit

Miniature watering cans? How could you resist? They’re only about 4 inches tall, but they’d technically be taller once the flowers are sprouting from it. Each of these metal containers comes with the seeds of your choice — Coleus, marigold, sunflower, basil, money plant, forget-me-not, parsley, tomato, red-white-and-blue mix, or poppy. Small blooms seem appropriate for a small watering can, we think.

Pen Rod

Fishing enthusiasts could get in on the action as well, thanks to this little gem. It’s a pen-sized fishing rod, complete with drag control, a casting brake, and 40 yards of 4lb line. Each one comes with a lunch bag, too. These are slightly bigger than a normal-sized ballpoint pen and they can do so much more! I think a Pen Rod would make a thoughtful gift for your favorite fisherman (or fisherwoman) around the holiday season because they’re not likely to get a duplicate.

Okay, enough with the sports-related promo items. I’ve also got a suggestion for an adorable product that’s further down the health spectrum — miniature donut-shaped erasers and a coffee mug. They’re called “3Drasers” because of their sharp three-dimensional definition. Can you see why? Look at that detail! It’s impressive, to say the least. These 3D erasers are almost too cute for their own good, though, because people will probably display them instead of using them. (That means more brand impressions for you).

We’ve also got a customizable mini fridge, a mini USB air humidifier, and all sorts of detailed stress balls that are uncanny representations (like the traffic cone stress reliever).

Good things come in small packages…even promotional products! The next time you want to ditch the bulky giveaways and opt for something an itty-bitty bit more casual, consider one of these aww-inducing suggestions.