Are you tired of the same old advertising? Do you want to literally bring color to your brand? Well, you’re in luck because there are ton of color changing promotional products that you can customize with your name and/or logo!

68% of people have a favorite color, which means they will gravitate toward mood items like moths to a flame. These novelty items transform before your eyes, adding a bit of pizazz to things you use every day, from cups to pencils to winter ice scrapers.

Ready to wow the crowd? Here are the best color changing products! Hand them out as party favors or use them as promotional swag at your next event!

What Are the Best Color Changing Products?

You can get a ton of color changing promotional products in bulk! These novelty items add a unique spin on everyday items like plastic cups, pencils, sunglasses, bowls, and keychains.

Here are our picks for the best color changing promotional items:

Mood Drinkware

Mood cups, mugs, and water bottles change colors when you pour in hot or cold drinks. They usually have a gradient look and are particularly great swag for bars, restaurants, and summer events.

color changing stadium cups

Mood Stadium Cups

Color changing stadium cups are great for sports events and casual get-togethers like birthday parties and baby showers. Print text on the front, pour in cool drinks, and watch this drinkware transform like magic!

color changing drink tumblers

Color Changing Drink Tumblers

You’ll see all kinds of trendy drink tumblers at stores like Target. Mood tumblers are even better since you get a cool ombre look that look great in pictures.

color changing water bottles

Printed Mood Water Bottles

Do you need something fun for the end of your soccer season? Splurge on personalized water bottles for all your athletes. Mood bottles are sure to be a hit!

color changing coffee mugs

Color Changing Mugs

We all need a little extra something to start our morning. Wake up on the right side of the bed by pouring your coffee in color changing mugs.

color changing shot glasses

Plastic Mood Shot Glasses

No (adult) celebration is complete without shots! Fill up these color changing shot glasses and hand them out to all your guests.

color changing beer steins

Mood Beer Steins

Whether you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day beer crawl or celebrating Oktoberfest, you can’t go wrong with color changing beer steins. Get them in bulk for your bar!

color changing hurricane cups

Color Changing Hurricane Cups

Resorts and spas can bring a taste of paradise with color changing hurricane cups. Fill them up with your drink specials, and let your guests keep them as souvenirs.

color changing koozies

Color Changing Koozies

Color changing koozies are the perfect favors for company picnics and family reunions. Slip the soda or beer can inside and watch as they transform colors!

Color Changing Office Supplies

Why should your office or classroom look boring? Bring some personality to your space with color changing products. These mood items will change colors in your hands as you use them. Write with mood pencils, and make Patrick Bateman jealous with color changing business cards!

color changing pencils

Mood Pencils

Bring flair to the classroom with color changing pencils. These mood items are less than $1 each and are great for bookstores and book fairs.

color changing stylus pens

Mood Stylus Pens

People are always sending emails or filling out forms on their phones and tablets, especially with so many working at home. Make it easier with color changing stylus pens. They’re great corporate gifts!

color changing rulers

Mood Rulers

Your brand will really measure up with custom color changing rulers. These are fun novelty items if you need swag for contractors, architects, or engineers. They’re also perfect for schools.

color changing journals

Color Changing Journals

Jot down your thoughts in color changing journals. These custom notebooks change colors in different temperatures, or with the pressure from your hands.

circular color changing erasers

Circle Shaped Mood Erasers

Mistakes happen all the time. Fix them up, and feel in a good mood at the same time, with personalized erasers that change colors.

color changing business cards

Flexible Mood Business Cards

Billboards and bus benches are one way to get your name out there, but kick it up a notch with color changing business cards. They make you unforgettable!

Mood Stress Balls

73% of people have stress that impacts their mental health. For those moments when you’re struggling, pick up mood color changing stress balls. You’ll love watching these fidget toys transform with each squeeze. PS – they’re awesome promotional giveaways for kids!

round color changing stress balls

Round Color Changing Stress Balls

Let’s face it – work can be extremely stressful! Ease your team’s anxiety, or curb bad feelings before a big test at your school, with round mood stress balls.

color changing light bulb stress balls

Color Changing Light Bulb Stress Toy

Here’s a bright idea! Use color changing light bulb stress balls to promote your electric services, or to encourage your team to be creative.

color changing football stress balls

Mood Football Stress Relievers

Score big at your tailgate with custom footballs that change colors. These promotional mood items are also easy to toss into the crowd at halftime.

Mood Smiley Face Stress Balls

According to Forbes, “smiling is evolutionarily contagious and we have a subconscious innate drive to smile when we see one.” Bring that happiness to everyone’s day with color changing smiley face stress balls!

Color Changing Accessories

Why should mood rings have all the fun? Mood bracelets, sunglasses, pedometers, and drawstring bags naturally transform in the sun while you’re going about your day. Everyone will ask where you got these fun color changing things!

color changing rubber bracelets

Custom Mood Bracelets

Non-profits…this one’s for you! Sell color changing bracelets for cheap at your next event. They can even be in your awareness ribbon colors.

color changing sunglasses

Color Changing Sunglasses

Summer events will be way more fun with color changing sunglasses. Put them in the swag bags, and hand them out as “welcome” gifts at community fairs or back-to-school picnics.

color changing pedometers

Color Changing Pedometers

Track those steps with color changing pedometers. These promotional mood items are wonderful for gyms, personal trainers, or physical therapists. Your clients will stay right on track with their fitness goals!

color changing drawstring bags

Mood Drawstring Backpacks

Camps, theme parks, zoos, and many others can advertise with promotional drawstring bags. Choose some that change colors, and they’ll fly off the racks at your gift shop.

Color Changing Kitchenware

Whether you’re making lasagna or frozen pizza, it’ll be way more fun to cook with mood kitchenware! Serve delicious scoops of vanilla in color changing bowls for an ice cream social. Do you run a coffee shop? Wow your customers with mood stirrers they can use to mix their drinks!

Customized Mood Spoons

Plastic spoons are great for ice cream, pudding, and Jell-O. Keep them on your table if you’re serving any of these desserts at your next party!

color changing bowls

Color Changing Bowls

Your ice cream shop will get a bunch of new customers with color changing bowls. They’re great for downtown areas since everyone will notice them and want one, too!

color changing coffee stirrers

Mood Coffee Stirrers

Move over, Starbucks! Color changing coffee stirrers will get a lot of buzz on social media. These mood items help make small coffee shops and bistros more memorable.

Color Changing Toys & Novelty Items

Let’s have some fun! Your trade show, fundraiser, or live event will be way more exciting with color changing toys and novelty items. Sell them as souvenirs or give them away for free – whatever floats your boat.

color changing frisbees

Color Changing Frisbees

Do you have a beach bash this summer? Crank up the energy by flinging mood Frisbees into the crowd. They naturally change in the hot sun and are great giveaways for everyone.

color changing rubber ducks

Color Changing Rubber Ducks

Bring the “quack” to your advertising with custom rubber ducks! You can’t go wrong with ones that change colors in water. These novelty items are great for hotels and cosmetic companies.

color changing keychains

Mood Keychains

Keychains are great promotional swag for car dealerships, mechanics, and colleges. Make these simple trinkets more exciting by buying some that change colors!

color changing phone wallets

Mood Phone Wallets

Never forget your wallet at home again! Phone wallets stick right onto the back of your phone, and these ones are extra cool since they’re color changing.

color changing ice scrapers

Color Changing Ice Scrapers

Winter can be brutal, but you may look forward to clearing off your windshield with color changing ice scrapers! Use them at your ice skating rink, or bring them along to a December trade show.

color changing items popular since 70s

The color changing craze really took off in the mid-70’s. The mood ring was sold in department stores across the United States. It didn’t take long for color changing clothes, office supplies, drinkware, and other items to become popular.

The way mood items work is pretty simple. Each product is coated with leuco dyes, which reflect light and create color. These dyes are activated by heat, causing the color changing items to transform before your eyes.

Why Should You Use Color Changing Products?

color changing promotional products

It’s hard to resist products that are unique, trendy, and attractive. Color changing items are all of the that and more, making them amazing promotional swag for any fun-loving, vibrant company!

Follow the rainbow and print your logo on color changing promotional products! Mood items are particularly great swag for the following:

  • Schools
  • Non-Profits
  • Live Shows & Entertainment
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Arcades
  • Theme Parks
  • Zoos
  • Weddings
  • Parties

Research shows that 2 in 3 Americans will bring back a souvenir from their travels. That’s not even counting the favors and tchotchkes you get at live events, bars, weddings, and events at your school. Just imagine how many good vibes you’ll be sending with color changing things!


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