9 MORE Must-See Product Videos from Quality Logo Products

In the past, we’ve rounded up the best Quality Logo Products videos we could find and featured them here and here. Well, it’s about that time again! A few months have passed and our media team has been hard at work on dozens of new product videos. I’ve included a few of the most entertaining, off-the-wall, and zany ones in this blog — just for you.

The fun starts in 3…. 2…. 1…..

9. Giant Promotional Pencil

We bet you’ve never seen a wooden pencil with this kind of power before now! Come on, 15 inches of pencil is quite impressive. Luckily, we know the secret to producing the Giant Promotional Pencil, and we’ll share it with you right here (Hint: It involves something called a Large-inator).


8. Freedom Tumbler

Recurring characters are one of the most exciting parts of QLP product videos. Ronnie Vonbergenheimerstein is one of those characters, and he’s here to educate us about Freedom Tumblers this time around (he first appeared in the Budget Coffee Mug video). There’s not much Ronnie doesn’t like about this straw tumbler, but you’ll have to watch to find out why.


7. Manchester Padfolio

At first glance, the Manchester Padfolio video seems like a typical, straight-laced production. Just you wait, though! There’s more in store for viewers when you make it past the first 15 seconds.


6. Varsity XL Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler (24 Oz.)

Have you ever played Corporate Super Savings, the newest promotional products game show? You’re in for a treat. Watch as contestant Becky Williams tries to guess the price of our Varsity XL Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler! Did you know the correct answer?


5. Carpenter Pencils

Speaking of recurring characters… Thomas Tennison-Taylor III, our favorite businessman/wildlife enthusiast, makes his triumphant return to discuss Carpenter Pencils. What makes them so great? How good is his Australian accent? There’s only one way to find out! (You can see the debut performance of Thomas in the Tropical Fish Stress Ball video).


4. Screwdriver Set with LED Light

Oh, no! How will our dear Alex get out of the pickle he’s in? The answer is right in front of you. The Screwdriver Set with LED Light video has everything — suspense, action, a QLP employee in distress, a superhero named Emergency Handyman, and of course, a kick-ass promotional product.


3. Scent-Sational Pencil

The Scent-Sational Pencil‘s title sounds an awful lot like an infomercial product, and that’s exactly what our media team went with here. We know, scented pencils are already exciting on their own, but this makes them even better! (See the debut performance of our infomercial personality in the Kan-Tastic Can Cooler video).


2. Personalized Party Cup

If there was an industry award for maximizing bro references, then we’d have it on lockdown. What can we say? Quality Logo Products tries to be the best brole model. Rest assured that the Personalized Party Cup is no brototype; it’s a real product with real branding potential!


1. Best Selling Natural Yardsticks

There’s a reason our Best Selling Natural Yardsticks video nailed the top spot! Well, 5 reasons, actually. QLP put together a boy band called Exit Only to record “3 Feet of Love,” and it’s tremendous. I guarantee it’ll get stuck in your head, too! Just wait.

That does it for today’s blog post, but we’ll have more for you very soon. Our media department works their tails off to deliver new product videos each week, so it’s only a matter of time before we have more to share!

Which of these Quality Logo Products mini-productions is your favorite? Which recurring characters would you most like to see again? Which boy band member has stolen your heart? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Tim

    Even though Mr. Vonbergenheimerstein is pretty awesome, I’d have to say that the Screwdriver Set with LED Light is my favorite video. Gotta love that cape flying action. 🙂

  2. Wash

    Captain Hammer, is that you?

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