Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Rose Gold Coffee Mug
  2. Scented Candle
  3. Unique Picture Frame
  4. Gardening Gift Set
  5. Plush Blanket
  6. Wooden Cutting Board
  7. Engraved Wine Glasses
  8. Manicure Gift Set
  9. Personalized Yoga Mat
  10. Glass Water Bottle
  11. Comfy Sweater
  12. Custom Cosmetic Bag
  13. Moscow Mule Mug
  14. Personalized Sleeping Mask
  15. Fuzzy Slippers
  16. Etched Glass Vases With Flowers
  17. Trendy Sunglasses
  18. Oversized Beach Bag
  19. Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  20. Snacks & Candy

Mother’s Day comes right in the middle of spring. The sun is shining, there’s a nice breeze, and a pastel array of flowers are in full bloom. It’s a beautiful time to celebrate your mom, wife, grandmother, or any other female role model in your life!

You’re probably brainstorming gift ideas for that special lady in your life, but Mother’s Day can also be a great opportunity for your business. You can order personalized Mother’s Day gifts in bulk for all the moms in your community, and either hand them out for free or sell them to customers who are desperate to find something unique.

Do you need some Mother’s Day gift ideas? Try any of these trendy, one-of-a-kind personalized gifts!

1. Rose Gold Coffee Mug

personalized rose gold coffee mugs

Shop: Rose Gold Coffee Mugs & Tumblers

Rose gold is a trendy color that’s as lovely as that blush color in your mom’s eyeshadow palette. She can wake up with something pretty to sip her coffee from, which is sure to make her morning a little brighter. 66% of women drink coffee compared to 62% of men. This makes these beautiful mugs the Mother’s Day gifts that keep on giving!

2. Scented Candle

personalized scented candles

Shop: Personalized Candles

Scent is one of the senses that shouldn’t be undervalued. In fact, a staggering 75% of the emotions generated every day are related to smell! A sweet aroma from a candle, whether it’s lavender, vanilla, or pumpkin spice, can improve any mom’s mood and help her feel more relaxed. She’ll love lighting personalized candles for a bubble bath after a long day at work, or even while watching Netflix in the living room with the family. 

3. Unique Picture Frame

unique personalized picture frames

Shop: Custom Picture Frames

A picture frame is a classic Mother’s Day gift, but if you really want to kick it up a notch, try to make it unique. A cute snow globe frame is great for winter wonderland pics, a ship in the bottle will look incredible above a fireplace or on a built-in shelf, and mom is sure to go wild over a funky zebra print pattern. The average parent is adding between 250 and 300 new photos every month, so you may as well come through with a cool way to display all of those memories!

4. Gardening Gift Set

personalized gardening gift sets

Shop: Gardening Gift Sets

During a nice spring day, there’s nothing better than being outside. According to the Census Bureau, about half of women in the U.S. are interested in gardening. Make it easier for mom to plant her flowers and veggies with a Mother’s Day gift set. You can DIY your own basket, filling it up with a straw hat, various seeds, and the standout gift – a custom watering can!

5. Plush Sherpa Blanket

personalized sherpa blankets

Shop: Personalized Blankets

New parents are hard-pressed in getting a quality night’s sleep. Parents Magazine reports that nearly half of parents with babies 6 months or younger get just 1 to 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Encourage all the moms to get more Z’s with soft personalized blankets. Sherpa blankets are particularly great Mother’s Day gifts since they’re plush, cozy, and make elegant throws for a couch.  

6. Wooden Cutting Board

personalized bamboo cutting boards

Shop: Custom Cutting Boards

Life can get pretty hectic for some moms. They’re working a 9 to 5, bringing the kids to swim lessons and basketball practices, and still trying to cook a healthy dinner at the end of the day. This is confirmed by the Pew Research Center, which found that among U.S. households, 80% of mothers are the ones who prepare the meals. A personalized wooden cutting board is a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for this exact reason. Mom will feel all the love and appreciation she deserves every time she uses it to cook.

7. Engraved Wine Glasses

personalized wine glasses

Shop: Engraved Wine Glasses

There’s a reason #WineMom went viral on Instagram – Mama needs her wine! 52% of women prefer to drink wine, which is why engraved wine glasses are one of the best Mother’s Day gifts. Choose glasses with a sparkly or colorful stem, and pair them with a good bottle of vino. It also doesn’t hurt to throw in a few wine accessories like bottle stoppers and corkscrews!

8. Manicure Gift Set

Shop: Manicure Gift Sets

Women will spend an average of $20 on a basic manicure. That’s not even factoring in the cost for extras like no-chip or press-ons. Save your mom her hard-earned cash by giving her a manicure gift set that she can use at home. Pick a rainbow of polish colors, whether it’s mom’s favorite shades or a pretty pastel palette for spring.

9. Yoga Mat

personalized yoga mats

Shop: Personalized Yoga Mats

Breathe in…breathe out! With 72% of women calling themselves yogis, you can’t go wrong with custom yoga mats as Mother’s Day gifts. Mom can bring it with to her weekly class, or set it up at home and get in some Downward Dog after a long day. A personalized design will stand out from all the other mats and give mom that Zen feeling before she even starts her stretches.

10. Glass Water Bottle

personalized glass water bottles

Shop: Glass Water Bottles

Water is obviously important for us all, but women especially need to aim to drink at least 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) every day. Drinking enough water improves digestion, keeps temperature normal, prevents cramps, and increases energy. That’s why glass water bottles are great gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Mom will love sipping from a stylish bottle that keeps the water inside nice and cool. 

11. Comfy Sweater

custom sweaters

Shop: Custom Sweaters

Do you typically give your mom a sweater that says “World’s Best Mom” or “#1 Mom?” Up the ante this Mother’s Day with comfy personalized sweaters or cardigans she can wear all year long. Mom Magazine asked 22 mothers what they typically like to wear. Almost all of the mothers favored leggings or jeans paired with sweaters or oversized cardigans. Mom will love throwing one on when she’s out running errands, or meeting up with friends for lunch.

12. Cosmetic Bag

custom cosmetic bags

Shop: Custom Cosmetic Bags

41% of Americans between the ages of 30 and 59 wear makeup on a daily basis. Many people who like makeup are mothers, which is why custom cosmetic bags make wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas. Even if mom doesn’t like to wear lipstick or foundation, she can still use her bag for toiletries, as a wallet, or to hold items for the kids like crayons and toys.

13. Moscow Mule Mug

custom moscow mule mugs

Shop: Custom Moscow Mule Mugs

Treat your mom this Mother’s Day to a tasty drink. Cocktails are always an excellent choice, particularly Moscow Mules, which were ranked #9 on Taste Atlas’s list of America’s favorite drinks! Mom will love pouring hers inside of a personalized copper mug. They’re unique Mother’s Day gifts that have a place in every kitchen cabinet. 

14. Sleeping Mask

personalized sleeping masks

Shop: Personalized Sleeping Masks

You already know that moms don’t get enough sleep, but part of the reason could be because they can’t block out distractions. Custom sleep masks are a great way for her to get some shuteye, especially since medical experts say that pitch black darkness is essential for a good night’s sleep. Whether mom is trying to nap on the couch or avoid her child’s nightlight, a stylish sleep mask is sure to come in handy.

15. Fuzzy Slippers

personalized slippers

Shop: Fuzzy Slippers

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many mothers were forced to not only work from home, but also try to keep up with their children’s e-learning. It’s no wonder why 9.8 million working mothers in the U.S. are suffering from burnout! Encourage these hardworking moms to kick up their feet and relax with a comfy pair of slippers. This Mother’s Day gift idea pairs especially well with candles and sleeping masks.

16. Etched Glass Vase With Flowers

engraved glass vases

Shop: Engraved Glass Vases

Flowers are classic Mother’s Day gifts, but you can take your bouquet to the next level by putting it inside of an etched glass vase. Engrave the vase with some kind of heartfelt message or quote about motherhood. It may seem cliché, but flowers are shown to have a long-term positive effect on our mood and make us feel less depressed and anxious. They also happen to be the perfect gift for spring!

17. Trendy Sunglasses

gradient aviator sunglasses

Shop: Custom Sunglasses

To reference the 2004 movie, Mean Girls…Mom doesn’t want to be a regular mom, she wants to be a cool mom! She’ll ooze confidence in a stylish pair of sunglasses. 89% of U.S. women wear sunglasses on a regular basis, especially during the spring and summer. Mother’s Day is in May, which is the right season for a good pair of shades!

18. Oversized Beach Bag

custom beach bags

Shop: Custom Beach Bags

Spring break for the kids is usually at the end of March/early April, but why not plan a Mother’s Day beach getaway? 40% of families plan at least 1 vacation per year, but mom deserves to go on a trip that’s all about her! Custom beach bags are the best gifts for Mother’s Day, especially if you fill them up with other goodies that will help her enjoy a day by the water.

19. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

custom bluetooth speakers

Shop: Custom Bluetooth Speakers

Sometimes mom needs a way to tune out her rambunctious kids! That’s where a portable Bluetooth speaker comes in handy. She can listen to her favorite playlist, podcast, or audiobook and indulge in a little “me” time. Online audio listening is on the rise with moms, with 87% tuning in via apps like Spotify and Stitcher. A wireless speaker is a must for all that listening, making it one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas!

20. Assorted Snacks & Candy

custom candy and chocolate

Shop: Personalized Snacks & Candy

It’s been biologically proven that women love candy and chocolate more than men. Case in point, a study published in the American Journal of Physiology showed that female hormones, namely estradiol, cause women to crave sweets. Personalized M&M’s, chocolate covered pretzels, champagne flavored jelly beans, and other delicious treats are all great gifts for Mother’s Day.

Final Thoughts

Mother’s Day is a wonderful business opportunity if you manage a store or even a non-profit. You can order these personalized gifts in bulk, customize them with a cute design or heartfelt message, and help your customers treat Mom to something special this holiday. It’s just as good as anything they’ll find on Etsy!

For everyone else, take inspiration from these Mother’s Day gift ideas! Mom won’t be able to resist a rose gold mug, comfy blanket, or classy wine glass. These gifts may not be diamond rings or a new sports car, but they’re way more thoughtful than another boring gift card!


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