Movin’ on Up! Big Changes at QLP

When I started at Quality Logo Products in mid-March 2013, we were growing as any healthy company should. Our cozy little building housed every department and we could walk ten feet to say hi to the sales people or peek our heads over our cubes to talk to our co-workers. Before long I didn’t even need to poke my head over my cubicle wall to chat with colleagues. As more and more new people were hired, they started to fill every inch of desk, counter, and floor space. Soon I didn’t have to do more than turn my head to ask a question or get an opinion from my office mates. It became a good idea to get to work early each day so you could find a spot in the parking lot, and to make sure your music wasn’t loud enough to be heard past your headphones.

As cozy and friendly as it was, it was time to divide. Not like grab-your-torch-and-pitch-fork divide, more like… mitosis.


The Media, Content, Data Entry and Web Team departments began to box up their things, from bobble heads to monitors, as other departments like the Sales and Orders Department slowly filled in our empty cubicles.


Those of us moving looked back, reluctantly at our desks as we carried boxes to cars and filled several vehicles to the brim. We liked our office: the tiny kitchen, the crowded conference room, the cluttered cubes. Moving to a new office meant unfamiliar spaces, new rules, and a 5 minute drive between us and the sales department.

Upon arriving at our new office the first thing we noticed was the spacious parking lot. “Hey! We won’t have to fight for parking anymore,” someone called happily.

As we got to the top of the stairs with our first trip of boxes, we looked around at the line of cubicles that ran down the wide hallway. “There are enough cubes here for everyone to have two,” someone muttered.


We began to bring boxes into designated offices and peek our heads through other doors to see what we could find. “There sure are a lot of offices,” someone commented.
“Yeah and they all have windows!” another person replied.

Our manager started to lead us around the office. “Over here is our new conference room…”
“Wow, we could fit everyone in here!”
“And here is the storage room if you need anything…”
“Everything is so organized.”
“And here is our new game room…”
A chorus of excited murmurs came from my coworkers as our manager opened the doors and let us look inside. We had to use our imagination at the time, but we eagerly pictured the X-Boxes and PlayStations and flat screen TVs.


Next we were led to the Media Studio.
Our manager swung open the door and the first thing we saw was the giant, bright green wall.

Studio Shot

We stood there in awe and excitement, imagining the many videos that would come to life in this room.

We broke for lunch and headed toward our new kitchen with our meals, only to be met again with more awe. The kitchen held 3 tables where we could all comfortably sit together, 2 microwaves and our very own fridge. No more crowding into a kitchen the size of a small cubicle and fighting over the microwave! No more timing your lunch an hour early or an hour late so you could cook your food and eat before your break was over. No more sitting alone, at your desk, or outside to eat.


As we sat down to lunch together, we were full of hope and exhilaration. That excitement has led to hilarious videos, insightful blogs, and a whole new look for our website. And it still drives us today as we come in to our new office and make magic happen behind the scenes of QLP.

If you would like to see more of our new office pictures then head on over to our Yelp page to check them out!

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Julie Foster

Julie enjoys almost any creative outlet and isn't afraid to show off her geeky side. She can't help but love puns and witty banter, and she appreciates a well-crafted advertisement. She is a super fan of the Georgia Rae Family Band. Currently, Julie is looking for new ways to improve her Japanese.


  1. Danny

    I like the new office because at the old one my desk was connected to a wall in the middle of a hallway. Plus this new office is a stone’s throw from my house!

  2. Mike Wenger

    Thanks for being the mitochondria to our mitosis!

  3. Kelly Bird

    Great post Julie! You guys have really settled into the new building and made it your own. As much as I miss seeing your smiling faces every day I love that you are only a quick 5 minute drive down the road and our mitosis-like division as left a lot of room in both buildings to continue our growth. 🙂

  4. Bret Bonnet

    1851, or QLP West, is the place to be!

    … I wonder when that elliptical is going to get it’s first use! 🙂

  5. Joseph Giorgi

    That is a VERY green studio indeed. 😉

    Also, I love the mitosis GIF.

  6. Jay Hoffman

    Officially jealous!!!

    (is there an over/under on how long that elliptical will remain unused?)

    • Michael Wenger

      I am not sure it has yet? Any update to this?

  7. Sam

    That was a very sad day when the one became two. It felt so awkward at first. We can clearly see that you have moved to greener pastures. We are all truly jealous of the game room, vending machines and heck even the parking situation. All in all though where we are, we’re still very cozy. It is like a second home and has tons of character, we couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. 🙂

  8. Erin

    Lunch room envy! It’s a great space and I’m glad our “other half” is enjoying their new pad. 🙂

  9. Jenkins

    Took quite some time to set up that office! I am glad we are getting full use out of it!

    And I will have you all know that I used that elliptical right after we set it up! (for like 5 minutes… but it was used!) Just need to figure out an easy way to use the elliptical and play some Xbox at the same time…..

  10. Rondell Caraos

    I’ve only visited the new office a couple of times for meetings but the office kept going and going! It is really nice and I’m kind of jelous that the Sales Department didn’t get in the new office building! I have been working here for almost 9 months and have seen so many new faces already! Love working here… It really is a great company!

  11. Julie Mussared

    Thanks All 🙂
    Sounds like more people need to come over here and visit us!!
    That elliptical needs another 5 minutes of use.

  12. Ashley

    This company continues to grow at an alarming rate and I love it! This is definitely not the same company when I first started five years ago and I couldn’t be happier in the direction it is going 🙂

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