National Drinking Straw Day is the perfect opportunity for anyone who’s “thirsty” to try something new. You can throw a barbecue in your backyard with friends, plan a picnic for your community, or if you’re a business, have a pop-up event at your store. After all, who doesn’t want an excuse to party?!

Do you want to celebrate National Drinking Straw Day, because, why not? Here’s some fun facts about straw history and ideas on what you can do for the holiday!

When is National Drinking Straw Day?

National Drinking Straw Day takes place every year on January 3rd. This date marks the issuing of the patent for the first paper straw in 1888.

Who Invented the Straw and Why?

who invented the straw and why

Marvin Stone invented the drinking straw in 1888. During the Civil War, he was forced to use ryegrass to enjoy his favorite Mint Juleps. This left a gross aftertaste, so Stone wrapped paper around a pencil and held the entire thing together with wax. This was the first paper straw ever used!

Knowing he was on to something, Stone eventually brought paper straws to a local tavern in Washington. The customers couldn’t get enough, and before long, he proudly had the patent for the artificial drinking straw in his hand!

Did You Know? The bendy straw was invented by Joseph Friedman in 1937.

What Should I Buy for National Drinking Straw Day?

You should celebrate National Drinking Straw Day with plenty of tasty drinks. Juice, cocktails, craft sodas…whatever you think will send taste buds soaring!

While you’re at it, get plenty of custom drinkware and, of course, straws for the occasion! Here are some suggestions.

Personalized Straws

reusable custom straws

Disposable bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic straws are, frankly, not that awesome for the planet. Do your part for a greener Earth by drinking from reusable custom straws.

Color Changing Straws

color changing straws

Bring some fun to the holiday with novelty straws that change colors! Kids will especially love drinking from one, especially if it’s customized with a funny message.  

Biodegradable Straws

biodegradable straws

Celebrate National Drinking Straw Day by making the switch to biodegradable straws! This is an eco-friendly option for bars, concession stands, diners, and restaurants.

Reusable Plastic Cups With Lids & Straws

custom plastic cups with lids and straws

Reusable plastic cups with straws are an absolute must for National Drinking Straw Day! They’re insanely cheap to buy in bulk, making them great favors for any party. Try to find a unique look like speckled rainbow cups or colorful cups with spiral lids.

Custom Water Bottles With Straws

custom water bottles with straw

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to drink plenty of water! National Drinking Straw Day is the perfect time to promote hydration, so give out custom water bottles with straws for the occasion!

Custom Tumblers With Straw

custom tumblers with straw

Pour lemonade, soda, or mixed drinks into custom tumblers with straws. A drink tumbler has thick, insulated walls that will keep beverages cold for a longer period of time.

Personalized Mason Jars With Lid & Straw

custom mason jars with lid and straw

Go for a rustic look by drinking from mason jars! Glass mason jars are great, but it’s also very easy to accidentally knock them over. It’s time to make spills a thing of the past by using mason jars with lids and straws!

Did You Know? Straws get their name from dried grass! In the 19th century, the cut hollow stems of grass were known as “straws.” Since these stems looked like drinking straws, the name stuck!

What is the Purpose of a Drinking Straw?

what is the purpose of a drinking straw

Surprisingly, some dentists believe that drinking from a straw is better for your oral health. According to these professionals, straws may help prevent staining, ultimately keeping your pearly whites nice and pearly.

Of course, not everyone agrees. There are plenty of dentists who argue against using a straw, claiming they could lead to chips, staining in your back teeth, excess gas, and a weakening of the enamel that coats your teeth. Yikes!

No matter what, if you do decide to use a straw, skip the disposable options and instead purchase a reusable straw that you can clean and reuse time and time again. You can put it in a carrying case and bust it out when you’re ready for a sip!

Drinking Straw Stats

  • The global market for reusable and disposable straws is estimated to be worth $3 billion.

  • Americans use 500 million plastic straws every single day.

  • Nearly 7.5 million plastic straws were found on U.S. beaches during a five-year cleaning project.


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