Logos are a funny thing; they’re the first line of defense companies have to attract our attention so it’s imperative that they’re colorful and eye-catching. Think this concept only applies to companies? Think again. Sports teams’ logos are just as important to make sure they’re attention-grabbing.

For the sake of not having a 12,000+ word blog, I’ll only focus on the National League division of Major League Baseball to showcase the best and worst team logos. These are merely my opinions, so if you feel differently, I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comment section at the end!

A huge thanks and internet hug is needed for Chris Creamer and his totally kick-ass site sportslogos.net for having all these logos in one, easy to find place. Many hours have been saved (not to mention very little hair-pulling) solely because these logos were so well organized! Now onto the best of the best logos!

Grand Slam Logo Mentions

LA Dodgers

Quite possibly one of the most quintessential baseball logos belongs to the Los Angeles Dodgers, which is surprising given how much of change their logo has seen throughout the years. Quick history lesson: the Dodgers debuted in Brooklyn, New York in 1890 and stayed there until 1957. They moved to Los Angeles for the 1958 season and since then they’ve enjoyed holding home games there. Okay, okay now for their logo. When you think of baseball there’s a very good chance their classic logo comes to mind. The font they use is classic and you know immediately that this logo is for a baseball team because of the soaring baseball, which is probably going to be a home run… not that I’m a bitter Cubs fan or anything. All in all, a great logo for a great baseball team!


Any state that proudly showcases their beer brewing heritage is a-okay in my book and deserves a place on this list. The Milwaukee Brewers’ logo beautifully showcases baseball with the giant baseball in the center of the logo and the wheat stocks at the bottom that tie in their team’s namesake. The colors that they chose are nice too, classic and not jarring or headache inducing like some sport logos. I’ve never been to the stadium before but if I ever get the chance I’m taking it!


Yes, I know I already included the Chicago Cubs’ logo in a previous baseball logo blog, but it’s just that their logo is a great example of using minimalism in a logo. The lines are crisp and while they could probably sneak a baseball in there somewhere they chose not to. They wanted the colors to really attract people to it and the let that do the talking instead of having a bunch of cutesy frills all over the place. They may be the worst in the NL Central standings (I hope that changes by the date this blog is published) but their logo is one of the best in the National League, bar none!

Logos That Hit a Pop-Up and Are Out

Arizona Diamondbacks

I come from the school of thought that logos should be timeless and never look outdated. For the examples I listed above I think they hit that thought on the head. The Arizona Diamondbacks on the other hand… not so much. This logo just looks circa 1990’s with the lines and the snake head used to create the ‘A’ shape. Nothing about this screams Arizona or baseball for that matter. My humble suggestion? Go back to the drawing board for a new logo concept all together.

Colorado Rockies

You want another outdated-looking logo? Look no further than another NL West division team and you’ll find the Colorado Rockies and their dated logo. With all the advancements we have in 2013 with graphic imaging software and the like, this logo needs a major re-do. The font choice looks more like a high school’s baseball team than a major league one and the Rocky Mountains in the background just look tired. There’s so much they could do with this logo, especially since they’re one of the better teams in the NL West division.

The National League of Major League Baseball has quite a few winners and some losers and not just in the terms of batting averages and slugging percentages but with logos too. While having a poor logo isn’t going to keep anyone from the World Series, just think what a great logo could do for fan morale? Who wants to wear and show off an ugly logo, especially if your team is already low in the standings? Very few, if anyone will make such a statement.

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