National Nurses Week: 11 Products to Thank Awesome Healthcare Professionals

May 6 through 12 is National Nurses Week. These healthcare professionals – like all healthcare professionals – work tirelessly through long shifts to provide great care for patients of all ages.

So if you run a hospital, urgent care center, nursing school, or any business that employs nurses, consider giving them a tangible representation of your gratitude. A fun and/or useful product paired with some words of appreciation or thank you note can go a long way in making your nurses feel valued. And isn’t that what National Nurses Week is all about?

I’ve rounded up 11 products that I think nurses would like to receive for use either at home or at work.

About the products in the graphic:

9″ x 12″ Keep-it Clipboard: Clipboards might not be the coolest reward ever, but they definitely are one of the most useful. And with so many colors to choose from, you can chose a combination that matches your logo!

Scrubs Notebook: I know that novelty items can only go so far, but you have to admit that these notebooks decked out in scrubs are pretty darn adorable. Because why put your notes in a plain notebook when you can have one that’s decked out to look like a nurse?

Star Shape Massager: Being a nurse means plenty of long hours on your feet with little to no break. So being able to use a massager like this one can work out some tension during one of those rare breaks or at home. They feel great on backs, legs, and feet!

Madera Short Sleeve Polo Shirt by TRIMARK (Men’s) and (Women’s): Nurses need to wear scrubs at work, but what about social events or days off? A nice quality polo is a great way to thank your employees for all of their hard work.

Stethoscope ID Tag: Make sure that nobody ever misplaces their stethoscope again! These brightly colored ID tags give plenty of room to write your name and a fun splash of color to your outfit.

But the five highlighted on our graphic aren’t the only products you can giveaway this week! Check out these, too!

round-retractable-badge-holder-extralarge-6874Round Retractable Badge Holder: Wearing identification is a must nurses. So if why not spruce it up by handing out imprinted badge holders like these? The bright translucent colors will add even more personality to your ensemble. Different shapes like hearts can also be a fun alternative.

bic-widebody-black-grip-extralarge-252623Bic WideBody Grip Pen: Based on a comment from a previous post about healthcare promo items, working healthcare professionals don’t want to mess around with novelty pens (though they’d made a fun giveaway for patients or future nursing students). So while a syringe pen is really cute, opt for a pen with a nice grip that writes easily. Nurses will appreciate it!

companioncare-firstaid-kit-extralargeCompanion Care First Aid Kit: Whether they’re used to stock the nurses’ station, a drawer in the break room, or their own homes, nurses can use some extra first aid supplies. And this one has bandages and pain medication to get you back in action in no time.

jerzees-pullover-hooded-sweatshirt-extralargeJERZEES Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt (Hoodie): For chilly break rooms or casual wear around the house, a custom hoodie like this one would certainly be appreciated. You can increase brand loyalty in your staff with one of these comfortable sweatshirts with your hospital or organization’s logo on it!

acrylic_straw_tumbler-extralarge-233631Acrylic Tumbler with Matching Straw (16 Oz.): Plenty of running around to check on patients can create some serious thirst. So keep your employees hydrated an acrylic tumbler. These great pieces of drinkware will help nurses sip more water at home or at work.

dressed up sanitizer bottleDressed Up Sanitizer Bottle (2.2 Oz., Digitally Printed): There are plenty of germs circulating around hospitals. So while you probably already have some hand sanitizer on hand, you can make it a little more whimsical with these custom bottles of it. The act of cleaning your hands is just a little more fun when it dispenses from a bottle that looks like a nurse!

Really want to express your gratitude? Write some thank you notes to your staff along with these gifts. You could mention a specific instance where you really appreciated their hard work or just thank them generally for all of the time they’ve spent taking care of patients.

If you have a large budget, you might want to treat your team to lunch or dinner. If you don’t have a large budget, your staff will also appreciate a heartfelt “thank you” in person.

Are you planning anything special for your nurses this week? Anything else that nurses might like to receive as a thank you gift?

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