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Must-Have ‘Community’ Merchandise to be Your Best Human Being

Good news, human beings: it’s October 19th! The fourth season of NBC’s Community is almost back on the air! After multiple delays and a cancellation scare, everyone’s favorite sitcom about a group of misfits at community college is back!

The show is still on the air because of the diehard fans; the fans who marketed the show to their friends, showed up for flash mobs, and bought all of the Community merchandise that their budgets allowed. Sure, Subway helped by giving the show a lot of money in the third season, but legions of fans buy tons of swag definitely didn’t hurt.

These promotional items are some of the best finds from the official NBC store, Etsy, and fan merchandise sites. Brand advocates with design skills have run wild with cool t-shirt and merchandise. And this has only helped enforce brand loyalty in this delightful cult show.

But let’s get on with it! On to the killer merchandise that promotes the show and your hardcore loyalty.

Classic Merchandise

Every true human being has to have some of the essentials! So grab the seasons on DVD from Amazon and then check out the official NBCUniversal store to browse their awesome selection of merchandise. You can feel like an actual student at Greendale with either this warm hoodie or awesome t-shirt.

Advanced Classic Merchandise

Now that you look the part of a Greendale student, it’s time to take it up a notch. After cuddling with your Human Being Mascot Plush, you can start your day by watching Troy and Abed in the Morning and sipping coffee out of your matching mug. The show might be fake, but the bliss is real.

Common Eloquence 203

The study group has plenty of catchphrases and common sayings, but there are few that are more iconic than Abed’s and Pierce’s. Pierce tries to make “Streets Ahead” happen like Gretchen Wieners tries to make “Fetch” happen, but he ends up just being streets behind.

magnitude pop pop

And we certainly couldn’t forget our secondary character: Magnitude. His “Pop Pop!” just irresistibly catchy.

Episodic Celebrations

Community has plenty of stand-out episodes. And those episodes have spawned some very memorable, niche merchandise. You can replay the fun of the paintball battle from “Modern Warfare” with this t-shirt on Redbubble and the meaning of Christmas from “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” with these figurines from the NBCUniversal store.

What better way to ponder if this is the darkest timeline while wearing this “Remedial Chaos Theory” t-shirt, playing Yahtzee with your friends, and singing “Roxeanne?” After that you can reflect over the “Pillows and Blankets” war by reclining on this custom pillow.

Fans of Troy, Abed, and Annie’s living situation can’t go without the #AnniesMove t-shirt. In fact, you can wear it while you purchase these pints glasses from Etsy! They’d definitely be an excellent addition to your own Dreamatorium.

If action is more your style, then you’re going to want to commemorate the elaborate heist of the Greendale Seven with a classy t-shirt. But only after you play a game of Project Hawkthorne while wearing your 8-bit earrings.

Advanced Study in Quirkiness


Is quirky more your thing? Okay, well, if you’re a fan of Community, it probably is. So whether your allegiance aligns with Chang or you’re really just a fan of the Doctor Who knockoff Inspector Spacetime, there is merch for you, too! You can grab the Chang shirt from above, or this equally awesome one. For Spacetime fans, you can get this great print, or a super cool t-shirt.


Just because nothing beats a Community and Avengers crossover. Although Britta is dressed up as Wonder Woman because she’s the worst.

Do you own any of this Community merchandise? Do you own other Community merchandise? Doesn’t promotional merchandise rock? How excited are you for the return of Community?

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  1. keith

    Soooooo excited for the show to come back tonight!! I do have the Troy & Abed In The Morning Coffee Mug on my desk here in the office. Thanks for showing all of the other stuff that I will end up getting down the road. Now they just need to make them pop vinyl characters and I’d be set! Great post!

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      I also have the Troy and Abed coffee mug! I sip my coffee from it every morning. It’s a small trip to the Dreamatorium every morning. 🙂

  2. Wash

    I’m still surprised at how the future of this show is uncertain with all of the fan support….is that not enough!? I’m sure people are watching the show on DVD (if not live) and buying a ton of merchandise.

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      Apparently it’s not enough. They have to get more people to watch the show (and the ads) live or strike more sponsorship deals. I’m just hoping they figure it out soon! #sixseasonsandamovie

  3. Rachel

    I think my favorites are the “Cool Cool Cool” shirt, the Inspector Spacetime print, and that Avengers crossover. The Avengers one is scarily accurate, haha. Of course the Dean would be Black Widow … Awesome collection, Mandy!

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      Fun fact, I’m pretty sure that the Inspector Spacetime print, the Avengers crossover, and the Remedial Chaos Theory shirt were all drawn by the same artist. I didn’t realize it when I was putting the post together, but apparently I am a big fan of them!

  4. Brandy

    The avengers designs are cute, see these designs makes me laugh. I don’t know why. 🙂

  5. giulio

    I’d like Troy, Abed and annie in the morning mug

  6. Frank

    Unfortunately a large fan base is no guarantee of a show’s longevity.
    Remember the original Star Trek series – canned after only 3 seasons despite the exponentionally-growing fan base!

  7. Carrie

    Does anyone know if you can get Troy and abed wine glasses?

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