It feels good to learn a new skill, discover a new book, or connect with someone with similar interests. Online blogs are some of the best places to get inspiration even when you don’t think you need it.

Some of the most interesting blogs, however, are nerdy blogs! Whether it’s eating healthy or learning how to fix your gaming system, nerdy blogs provide a wealth of knowledge for just about anyone. Before delving into the best blog for nerds, it’s important to know what exactly a nerd is.

What Is a Nerd?

Nerds are experts in a certain field or people who have mastered a skill. This can be anything from computers to video games, even a chef can be considered a nerd. In all reality, everyone is a nerd because we all have talents and hobbies we are passionate about and enjoy connecting with like-minded people, like through online blogs!

Now, here are 10 of the best nerdy inspirational blogs you’ll obsess over.

1. The Nerdy Teacher

The Nerdy Teacher is a blog and educational consulting business run by Nick Provenzano, an award-winning educator and best-selling author. His posts provide ideas for teachers to help develop the minds of students through project-based learning.

Nerdy Teacher blog

Why Us Nerds Love It: Nick Provenzano takes a unique spin on his teaching philosophy that is hyper-focused on the growth of the students. Teachers can learn about pressures of failing, integrating literature into the curriculum, and even what happens when you stop grading.

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2. Nerd Fitness

Starting in 2009, Nerd Fitness has been helping people around the globe change their lifestyle and get healthy! Experts work with individuals to create custom exercise and nutrition plans. Their blog specifically covers commonly asked questions about fitness, fad diets, and more.

Nerd Fitness blog

Why Us Nerds Love It: This blog specifically caters to newbies and people who might not know where to start to change their lifestyle. The beginner-friendly approach takes the pressure and intimidation out of going to the gym and eating healthy.

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3. Nerdy Book Club

Who doesn’t love a good book? The Nerdy Book Club focuses on children’s and young adult literature and is the perfect spot to read book reviews, get classroom ideas, and connect with other bookworms! This blog makes it easy to share your love of reading and discover diverse books to share with students.

Nerdy book club blog

Why Us Nerds Love It: Staying connected with the Nerdy Book Club will supply an endless amount of book titles and ideas to get students excited about reading. The blog even invites contributions from readers to write posts and vote on top 10 lists.

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4. Code Newbie

Learning a new skill is refreshing, but it can also be challenging without the right tools. Code Newbie helps people learn how to code by giving them resources to get started. From providing guidance to online courses to starting your own brand, Code Newbie has everything you need to get the ball rolling.

Code Newbie blog

Why Us Nerds Love It: Code Newbie provides a community of support for new coders. The blog helps you learn more than just coding, like how to nail an interview, or how to get better at public speaking. There is even a podcast associated with the blog!

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5. Hauspanther®

Calling all cat lovers, this one’s for you! This site is all about creating a living space that cats will love without looking tacky. Design and cat nerds will love connecting with the online community to discuss inspiration for cat-friendly pads.

Haus panther blog

Why Us Nerds Love It: From cat gift guides to photo contests, the community at Haus panther® is close-knit and highly active. You can submit your cat-inspired projects to share with other readers or get DIY hacks to spark creativity.

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6. The Worst Things for Sale

Sometimes we all need a good laugh, and that is exactly what this blog can provide. The title is self-explanatory. Each day the author, Drew, finds a weird, funny, or downright random items you can buy on the internet and provides his own commentary about said items.

The Worst Things for Sale blog

Why Us Nerds Love It: As if the weird stuff for sale wasn’t entertaining enough, Drew’s quippy sarcastic tone makes reading his short posts about hashtag costumes or Twinkie makers a blast. This blog is the perfect source for your daily entertainment.

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7. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a great place to get accurate weather data and read about other weather-related events going on across the globe. You don’t have to be knowledgeable about storm systems and cloud types to enjoy learning about what’s happening in the sky.

Weather Underground blog

Why Us Nerds Love It: Anyone who doesn’t find weather fascinating is just lying to themselves. This website can not only tell you if you should grab an umbrella, but it teaches you about weather patterns and events.

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8. Nerdist

Do you ever wish you could filter your news feed to see only articles about Star Wars, Rick and Morty, and the latest in technology development? Well, Nerdist does that for you. Perfectly blending factual information with funny memes and pop-culture references, this blog has everything you need to stay informed.

Nerdist blog

Why Us Nerds Love It: Reading Nerdist is like having a conversation about your favorite movies and TV shows with your best friend. If you love TV show history to delving into conspiracy theories, Nerdist has all the content you really want at your disposal.

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9. Life Hacker

Life can be hard, and adulting can be even harder. This is where Life Hacker comes in. Whether you want to know how to make an entire Thanksgiving meal in an Instant Pot or how to detail your car with baby wipes and a paintbrush, Life Hacker has you covered.

Lifehacker blog

Why Us Nerds Love It: Reading Life Hacker is like learning how to do life easier. Chances are you’ll stumble upon an article and learn something you didn’t even know was important. The seemingly endless source of life hacks will keep you entertained for hours.

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10.  How-To Geek

How-To Geek is an online tech magazine. Much of this site’s appeal comes from the authors themselves, who are self-proclaimed geeks writing for other geeks. The publication is filled with how-to guides to help you fix your own computer or understand how a new gadget works.

How-to Geek blog

Why Us Nerds Love It: Sometimes technical language can be difficult to understand, but when reading How-To Geek you won’t have that problem. The information is made clear and easy to follow along, and there’s no confusing jargon. It is the perfect read for when you need to know how to do something, or just want to learn something new.

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Is There a National Nerd Day?

There is not a National Nerd Day, but there is a Geek Pride Day, which is celebrated on May 25th each year. The day is meant to celebrate all things geek! However, Word Nerd Day is January 9th. This day is for word nerds who love to read and expand their vocabulary. The good news is, you now have an excellent excuse to embrace your nerdiness and catch up on your favorite movies, books, and blogs!

Now comes the most challenging part: deciding which blog to dive into first! All nerds like cat lovers or storm chasers officially have some reading to do. Time to add checking your favorite nerdy blog to your daily routine just in time for next year’s National Nerd Day!

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