Popular New Year’s Resolutions, Promotional Items, and Tips to Keep You On Track: Part 2

Besides losing weight or quitting smoking, the second most popular New Year’s resolution is to save money and get out of debt. In our tough economic times, people are racking up credit card bills to survive and maintain a comfortable life style. Break free from your creditors and start fresh this year!

It’s not an easy task, but here are a few tips and promotional items to help you on your way to achieving financial freedom from creditors.

Tip #1Replace your bad spending habits. If shopping is a stress reliever for you, then it will be difficult to repress the urge to go out and spend money (especially when you are super anxious about your bills). Replace the shopping with something else, like exercise. It can be as simple as just taking a walk or bike ride to clear your mind. I also suggest having the Stay Fit Personal Fitness Kit handy. It has great strength training equipment and a jump rope packed conveniently in a nylon duffel bag.

curvy-printedcandy-jar-fillmTip #2Make getting out of debt fun and not a chore. Every time you pay down a large bill, treat yourself to a movie night or a modest dinner out with friends. When you reward yourself, it makes you want to pay off all your bills in a timely fashion. You could also treat yourself with candy! I think Curvy Printed Candy Jars are a great option. Print a reminder on the jar or even on each candy piece and with every sweet bite you can think about how sweet it will be when you’re debt free!

Tip #3Save money as you get it. Get yourself a piggy bank for loose change. At the end of each month cash it and deposit the money into a savings account. This is a really easy way to save, and it will add up quickly. Remember every penny counts!

Tip #4Squeeze some of your stress away. With a stress reliever like the Million Dollar Bill Stress Ball, having that “cash” in your hands will remind you to keep saving. And who knows, maybe someday you will really have a million dollars!

Tip #5Keep a weekly or monthly calendar. When you have a pocket planner or a monthly calendar with the dates your bills are due, it won’t be as easy to forget to make a payment and get charged late fees.

Learning a new skill is another very popular New Year’s resolution. There are so many options for people to explore; for example, some choose to learn a new language or to join a class to learn how to dance. It’s great to discover new pastimes and better yourself in the process.

Here are a few great promo items to inspire you to take the leap and do something you’ve never done before:

Learn CPR– This is a skill that could allow you save somebody’s life, and you don’t even have to be a physician. Take some CPR training classes at your local community college in order to get certified. The Key Point: CPR fact-filled fold-up guide is handy to have as a reminder in a serious situation if someone around is injured and help is not available. (Please note: you should have an active CPR certification before performing the procedure on anyone!)

golfcoolerkit-golfballLearn how to play golf– Golf is a great hobby to take up because it’s relaxing and stress free. I like that anyone can play this game and have fun while being a little competitive at the same time. The Golf Cooler Kit is a great kit for anyone learning to golf because it has everything you’d need, except the clubs and caddy, to get started.

Take a cooking class– This day in age it’s really not necessary to know how to cook, because food is so readily available already prepared. But there is just something about cooking your own meal from scratch that is so satisfying. If you are not into paying for classes, then have a friend or family member show you a few moves in the kitchen, but don’t forget your personalized apron!

grillmaster-apronkitBecome a grill master– If the thought of cooking is appealing, but you’d hate to be cooped up in the kitchen, grab your tongs and Grill Master Apron Kit and head to the grill. There is an art to perfectly searing that burger or steak, and a new year is the perfect time to learn.

growpot-eco-planter-herb-3pack-extralargeLearn herbology– If you decide to take up this new hobby, it may sound like you’ve taken your Harry Potter fandom a little too seriously, but herbology, the study of herbs, is actually a great way to garden all year round and taste your sweet success. Grow parsley, basil and chives in this Planter Kit and stock your kitchen with the good stuff.

Learn to play an instrument– Music is a wonderful way to express yourself without saying a word, because a tune can carry so much impact and drama. Playing an instrument can be stress outlet and a social catalyst. I’ve always wanted to learn guitar or the saxophone, but you could start out with something simple like the maracas.

Learn to sew– There are certain skills that never go out of style, and one of those is being able to sew. I don’t mean you have to start making your own clothes, but it’s a great skill to be able to patch holes in pants and make custom household items that are expensive to buy, like throw pillows and curtains. A small sewing kit like the Deluxe Travel Sewing Kit is enough to get you started.

milano-shoeshine-kitLearn to shine shoes– Aside from being a skill that can make you a few bucks if you have some time to kill at the train station(though you should probably make sure you have all the required permits first), having perfectly polished shoes will always make a good impression. Buff, polish and mend your favorite shoes with the Milano Shoeshine Kit and walk more miles in your shoes this year.

There are so many different new skills you could learn in the new year, it can be hard to choose just one, but who says you have to. Have fun with new pastimes and get involved with group activities or sports. Having new hobbies can help you manage your stress in positive ways by giving you a healthy escape. And remember it’s important to invest time in yourself to improve your life.

Make this year a great year for yourself!

Do you plan on saving money or paying off debt in the New Year? Do you have any tips I didn’t mention? If you could learn a new skill next year what would you choose? Let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. Jana Quinn

    Another great set of tips, Jen! My only worry is that rewarding yourself with shopping (or buying dinner or some other purchase) for being financially responsible might start a vicious cycle. Maybe a non-monetary reward – a supportive friend will do a favor for you each month you put $100 into your savings account or a significant other will make your favorite dinner instead of going out – might help you double down your progress.

    • Jen

      Great point Jana, you could also have a fun movie night at home with a couple friends, they can bring the popcorn and soda, since you’re providing the movie. And I really like idea of a supportive friend or family member doing you a favor after reaching a set goal. That would be super sweet!

  2. Mandy Kilinskis

    If you’re saving money for something (instead of just trying to get out of debt), motivate yourself visually. Saving for a trip to Europe? Make the desktop of your computer or phone your destination. Want a new car? Tape a picture to your mirror and tuck one inside of your wallet. Every time you pull out your wallet to buy something, you’ll be face to face with that dream car.

    • Jen

      Great Idea Mandy!!!

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