Popular New Year’s Resolutions, Promotional Items, and Tips to Keep You On Track: Part 1

Research shows that almost 50% of American adults make a New Year’s resolution each year and a whopping 80% of those resolutions will fail. Kinda scary!

With statistics like that, what’s the point of even trying? If only a fraction of the people who set goals for themselves actually achieve their goals, then why should we set ourselves up to fail? Because people who make specific resolutions are 10 times more likely to succeed than people who don’t clearly outline their goals. (For example: don’t simply resolve that you’ll eat healthier this year and hope for the best. Be specific! Instead, resolve to create a healthy daily menu for yourself…and then stick with it.)

We make New Year’s resolutions because it’s a chance to start fresh. With that mindset, it’s easier to commit to new habits and forget about the past failures. Unfortunately, when we are unsuccessful at reaching the goals we set for ourselves, we just quit.

My advice? Don’t give up! If your resolution is to stop smoking and you have a cigarette after dinner one night, it’s not the end of the world. Just make it a goal to not give in to your cravings the next day. If your goal is to shed some pounds but you have a big slice of chocolate cake at the office for somebody’s birthday, then don’t worry yourself sick about it. Make a mental note to exercise a half hour longer the next day. There is always a way to make it up to yourself, so don’t get discouraged.

If your New Year’s resolution involves losing weight and/or staying healthy, then this is the blog for you. Here are some of my favorite promotional items to help you battle the bulge this year:

Palmetto Salad Container

The Palmetto Salad Container: Tip: One of the most important parts of staying healthy is eating healthy! Take a salad with you to work for lunch to make sure you’re getting your daily serving of vegetables.

round-pillcaseRound Pillcase: Tip: Sometimes eating healthy just isn’t enough. Taking a daily multi vitamin will give you all the nutrients your body is lacking and increase your daily energy level.

calorie-counter-jumpropeCalorie Counter Jump Ropes: Tip: Remember that along with diet, it’s also very important to exercise. Jumping rope is a great cardio workout, and it’s fun! Burning the calories you eat is a sure fire way to lose extra pounds.

exercise-bandExercise Band: Tip: Even if you can’t jump around or get up from your desk, you can still exercise and keep working toward your goal! Using an exercise band will strengthen your muscles and keep you moving throughout the day.

Motivations Executive Calendar: Tip: Keep track of your daily exercise progress and caloric intake on a calendar. Have a weekly weigh in on a set day and watch your weight decrease. Setting small goals for yourself each week will urge you to want to do well and succeed, and seeing your physical progress on the calendar will give you that motivation to keep going.

Better Book: Fast Food: Tip: If you’re like me and have too much to do and too little time to do it, then sometimes cooking yourself a fresh healthy meal is out of the question. This fast food guide will help you choose healthier options when dining out to keep you on track and feeling great!

The Touch Screen Pedometer: Tip: Walking is a great way to incorporate exercise in your everyday routine. It’s so hard to get up and move around when you work in an office, but there are ways to incorporate walking. During your lunch break, take a 15 minute stroll around the block. It will ease any of the morning’s tension and give you a boost of endorphins (the feel good hormones) to power through the day.

If your goal is to quit smoking this year, then I have a few promo ideas to keep your hands busy and your mind off the nicotine withdrawals.

The Cigarette Box Stress Ball: Tip: Keep this pack with you at all times instead of a real pack of cigarettes. When you have a nasty craving and want just want to scream, take your anger out on the stress ball and not your friends.

flip-mintFlip Mint: Tip: Chewing on mints can take the edge off of not having a cigarette in your mouth. Concentrate on the texture and cool taste of the candy can get you through the craving. Remember the craving will only last for about 3 minutes.

Wilbur Piggy Bank: Tip: Take the money you will spend each day on a pack of smokes and put it in the piggy bank. At the end of each week or month empty the bank and take all the money you’ve saved and treat yourself to something you really want (not a cigarette!).

A Rubik’s Cube and The X Ball: Tip: Keeping your hands busy will stop you from lighting up. Knitting, painting, drawing, playing an instrument, and cooking or baking are a few other hobbies that will keeping your mind off of the cravings.

Here are a few ways to really commit yourself to your resolution:

  • Put it in writing.
  • Make yourself a “YOU CAN DO IT!” poster and list all your goals and reasons behind them.
  • Modify your behavior and find long-term ways to cope with your cravings.
  • Reward yourself when you reach a goal. Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or a get a tattoo — whatever floats your boat.

And, most important of all, don’t panic if your relapse. As I mentioned before, don’t give up if you ruin your diet or give into your nicotine craving. There are always ways to keep moving forward and improving!

Keep an eye out for my next installment of popular promo items for your New Year’s resolutions.

What resolutions are you setting for yourself in 2012? Do you agree with my tips or do you have any to add that I missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Mandy Kilinskis

    I knew that lots of people (myself included) made resolutions and then gave up on them halfway through January, but I was surprised that the numbers were that large!

    But these are some great promo items for helping stick those New Year’s goals. I love the pedometer and I’m huge fan of the X-ball. Here’s hoping that these will help others stay on target!

    • Jen

      I know! 80% fail!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with a resolution for the full year, so I’m part of that percentage. But while writing this blog I’ve learned a lot of tips to hopefully keep me on track.

  2. Jana Quinn

    “Because people who make specific resolutions are 10 times more likely to succeed than people who don’t clearly outline their goals.”

    This, this, THIS! This is 100% the biggest problem with new year’s resolutions – or any kind of goal-making in general. “Get better at golf” or “watch my diet” may be your end goal, but it’s hard to be accountable when there’s nothing specific for someone else to call you out on. When you say, “practice putting three times a week” or “cut out soda,” anyone who sees you skip out on the green or chugging a Dr. Pepper can call you out. Results-based goals (e.g., lose 30 pounds by June) are less effective than action-based goals (e.g., work out five days per week, eat 3 servings of vegetables per day) because of the lack of positive reinforcement from success throughout the process. While the ultimate goal might be a certain number on the scale, why would you wait until June to consider yourself successful when you can make more specific short term goals and succeed every week or even every day?

    Another little New Year’s resolution hack I read (in Cosmo of all places) was to change your passwords to something related to your goal (e.g., BikiniSeason, NewJob2012) so you get the reinforcement every time you go to log-in.

    Nice recommendations on the products, Jen. Companies could certainly boost their brand awareness by becoming a source of success when imprinting on those goods. Just a little hint… 😉

    • Jen

      You’re right Jana! Also, setting specific goals a week or two at a time will keep the resolution going. It’s much easier than one big vague yearly goal.

  3. Rachel

    What a great blog, Jen! There’s a lot of excellent information here for any type of goal-setting, whether New Years-related or not. I also really like your promo product ideas. I didn’t know we had fast food nutritional guides … how cool! I’d totally use one of those.

    • Jen

      I would totally use it too! :]

  4. Amanda

    Great blog to start off the new year Jen! =) I love that you talk about not getting down on yourself for messing up along the way. That is a big part of why people give up on their goals I think. If we mess up one day, we just have to do our best to get back on track the next day instead of letting that one mess up keep us off track for the rest of the week and then the rest of the year.

    • Jen

      Keeping a positive attitude and believing in ones-self is the key! I know when I mess up my diet and indulge I feel terrible and the bad mood makes me eat more junk! It’s a viscous cycle, but it can be over come with a little extra self-confidence and motivation.


    I totally agree about New Years resolutions! For the most part they only last for 5 days if not less… Therefore I feel its important to establish some form of balance in our daily lives health wise and it starts with making one realistic commitment with ourselves at a time and sticking to it!

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