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Nickelodeon Responds to Customer Feedback and Takes Social Media By Storm with ‘The ‘90s Are All That!’

The big, real world is a scary place. But maybe it will be a little more bearable with the help of Clarissa, Pete and Pete, Lori Beth Denberg, Kenan and Kel. At least that’s what Nickelodeon is hoping for. Millions of fans cried out for a return of their favorite Nick shows, and Nick listened. As of July 25, every week night from 12 – 4 a.m. Teen Nick will be airing “The ‘90s Are All That,” which features everyone’s favorite ‘90s shows.

Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa Explains It All

By listening to their fans and engaging them in social media, Nickelodeon has been able to reclaim millions of young adults who had turned their backs on the network.

The folks over at Nickelodeon know their audience. They know that the kids who grew up watching their network are now either recent or soon-to-be college grads in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, craving a taste of their simple, childhood lives (myself included).

According to an official press release, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Nickelodeon, Keith Dawkins said:

These shows make up the pop culture DNA of an entire generation of young adults, and so we created ‘The 90s Are All That’ just for them. There are 15 million Facebook fans of ’90s Nick programming, and they’ve been very vocal about wanting to see these shows again. We are bringing them back in an exciting new way and now they’ll be able to enjoy and share them with their friends, just like they used to.”

The Adventures of Pete and Pete

The Adventures of Pete and Pete

Who do we have to thank for this miracle? Interns at Nickelodeon. According to the New York Times, last summer interns scraped Facebook for fan pages dedicated to ‘90s Nick shows, and found over 9 million fans across various pages and groups. From there, they pitched the idea for a revitalization of classic Nick shows, and Voila!

In its first week, the rotation features All That, Kenan and Kel, Clarissa Explains It All, and Doug. Additional programs such as The Adventures of Pete and Pete, The Secret Life of Alex Mack, and Legends of the Hidden Temple will be gradually added into the mix.

“The ‘90s Are All That” is like living the ‘90s all over again, with the addition of high-speed internet. So, now as the audience views their favorite shows, they can reminisce and share with their friends on their favorite social sites.  The tag line for the new time slot is appropriately, “Watch. Discuss. Obsess.” People are watching, people are definitely discussing, and “obsessing” would be an understatement.

The night of and the day following the premier, 8 out of 10 trending topics on Twitter referred to “The ‘90s Are All That,” including “#ThingsClarissaDidntExplain.”

#ThingsClarissaDidntExplain (Twitter trending topic)

#ThingsClarissaDidntExplain (Twitter trending topic)

Teen Nick is incorporating Facebook into the mix by encouraging fans to request the shows that they would like to see next. In addition to Twitter and Facebook, Teen Nick will be using Tumblr to stream a live feed of fan-generated art, animated GIFs, and memes that arise during the segment. Nickelodeon is taking customer involvement to a whole new level – and it’s working!

The ratings for “The ‘90s Are All That” have been overwhelmingly positive – and why wouldn’t they be?  Over 15 million 90’s Nick fans have had their voices heard, and they get to continue their conversation with Nickelodeon via social media. Nick is listening, and that’s the best thing that you can do to keep customers loyal to your brand.

What do you think? What experiences have you had with customer feedback? Have you been tuning into “The ‘90s Are All That?” And most importantly, which 90’s Nick shows are you most excited to see?


Post image credit to the official ‘90s Are All That Facebook Page.


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  1. Bret B.

    I love Nickelodeon! 🙂

    … I also heard that they are for REAL making a “Thunder Cats” cartoon remake. Should start airing on the Cartoon Network this fall! 🙂

    • Jenna

      I think we all love Nickelodeon! 😀

      That is awesome!

    • Vern-Matic

      They already aired the first two episodes of Thundercats (all one word, the nerds will get you if you don’t spell it right) last week. It is hard for me to tell if it is a re imagining or a retelling of the story. As a fanboy I give it three out of five video game controllers

  2. LK

    So weird that this blog came out today.. when I was watching TV last night I saw Clarissa Explains It All was on next and I got SOOO excited (sadly I fell asleep before it came on). I think this is a genius move on Nickelodeons part, I wish they would have thought of this sooner. I loved The Secret Life of Alex Mack and Legends of the Hidden Temple.

    These Nickelodeon interns are amazing, I’m so glad they realized what we’ve all been thinking for years now.

    • Jenna

      That is weird! I definitely can’t stay up late enough to watch them, but I have all of them programmed into my DVR. Legends of the Hidden Temple was one of my favorites, too!

      I’m glad those interns made a case for this. It’s so awesome to see my favorite shows on TV again!

  3. Cybernetic SAM

    🙁 I didn’t have cable…. so I never really got to watch any of these shows…. Mr. Belvidere and “Bill Nye” yes! Although I have seen a few of “All That” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” also I vaguely remember “Salute Your Shorts”

    • Jenna

      What a bummer! Although, Bill Nye was pretty awesome. All That is definitely one of the best ones. Are you Afraid of the Dark gave me nightmares! I couldn’t watch it!

      • Amanda

        Are you Afraid of the Dark was so awesome!!!! I’ve watched so many of those episodes on You Tube.

      • LK

        I’m still afraid of “Are you Afraid of the Dark”. There was an episode about mirrors, that had video cameras in the mirrors and people watched you through them.. I wasn’t able to look in mirrors for months after that episode.

  4. Mandy Kilinskis

    What a great case of why social media has become a driving force of decision making. I think people in our generation often wonder if we’re being heard, but now we can tell we are! With Betty White on SNL and The 90s are All That, opinions are being taken into account!

    Nickelodeon is brilliant for coming up with this and reclaiming a lot of their past viewers – it totally worked on me. I’m waiting anxiously to watch dumb kids fail at putting together the silver monkey, to sing the Camp Anawanna song, and watch Alex Mack melt into a pile of goo.

    • amy

      Seriously, how hard is it to put the feet, middle, and head on IN THAT ORDER?!?!? Every single time they ran out of time!!!

      • Jenna

        Exactly! It is so satisfying to know that our voices are being heard (even if it’s just from a kid’s television network). Nickelodeon definitely nailed it though — this worked on me, too!

        I can’t wait for Legends of the Hidden Temple. You guys are so right (as we’ve discussed multiple times). Did they not even watch the show before they went on it? It was the same monkey every time!

  5. Jen

    I can’t wait for Hey Dude and Salute your Shorts!

    • Jenna

      Agreed! 🙂

    • Amanda

      Me either, that was one of my favorites! =)

      • paulmangionejr

        you look like clarissa thats cool n yur pretty you rule yo

    • Vern-Matic

      What was that red haired kids name Budinski?!?!

  6. Kyle

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention because this is AWESOME. I might actually have to flip on Nickelodeon for the first time in ages.

    Any word on GUTS? I thought the show was so friggin’ cool when I was a kid. I always wanted to climb the Aggro Crag. Ah the memories…

    • Jenna

      You’re welcome! It is definitely awesome — probably one of the most awesome things to happen to me this summer!

      I believe GUTS will be airing eventually. Here’s a list of the shows they are planning to bring back:
      – The Adventures of Pete & Pete
      – Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
      – The Amanda Show
      – Are You Afraid of the Dark?
      – Catdog
      – Double Dare
      – Hey Arnold!
      – Legends of the Hidden Temple
      – Nickelodeon GUTS
      – The Ren & Stimpy Show
      – Rocket Power
      – Rocko’s Modern Life
      – Rugrats
      – Salute Your Shorts
      – The Secret World Of Alex Mack

      I think other shows that aren’t on the list will be added due to a high demand on the ’90s Are All That Facebook page. 🙂

      • Amanda

        Yay for listening to us Nick! You got back a ton of loyal watchers!!

      • Kyle

        Oh snap! Rocko’s Modern Life? Sign me up! And thanks for the full list, Jenna. Much appreciated. 🙂

      • LK

        Oooooh! “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters” was a goody!
        I will always love Rugrats and Double Dare.

        Could you imagine being these, what were then, “kid stars” now and having to re-see yourself at age 8-15 on TV?

        Anyone remember Stick Stickly? Do you think they could bring him back too??

        • Jenna

          Rugrats and Double Dare were definitely my favorites!

          Haha, I think it must be fun to relive those glory days! I think that a lot of Nick stars didn’t really go too far, but Kenan Thompson is now on SNL, Amanda Bynes did a ton of movies, and Melissa Joan Hart did Sabrina and now Melissa & Joey!

          I love Stick Stickly! I think they did bring him back! I believe some of his little shorts air between the shows that are on — but I might be wrong.

        • amy

          I loved Stick Stickly! My neighbors and I made our own that summer LOL

  7. amy

    Great blog Jenna! I think I could easily talk about 90’s TV shows for hours!!!!! I was more of a Clarissa Explains it All, Doug (the old version, not the lame version Disney tried), and Pete and Pete type of girl.

    I think its great that this was created because of interns at Nickelodeon, I bet their bosses were pretty surprised with the results 😉

    P.s Remember the slime?? I wonder if that’s still such a focus for them now as it was then LOL

    • Amanda

      I could too! I loved all those shows so much! Nickelodeon did an excellent job bringing them back.

      • Jenna

        Thanks Amy and Amanda! I definitely could, too! And I think we have…

        It’s totally awesome that all of this came about because of interns at Nick. Those guys should get some sort of award.

        I do remember the slime! Who could forget it? I don’t think they use it as often anymore, but I wonder if they will bring it back after all of this. I know there is a game show on Nick now called Brainsurge that uses slime — it’s actually a pretty cool show. It reminds me of the Double Dare days. 🙂

  8. Peemo


    I’m getting too old for this blog.

    Hrrrmmmffff. Youngsters.


    • Mandy Kilinskis

      Okay, Detective Murtaugh. 🙂

    • paulmangionejr

      your never to old for classic nickelodeon its who you are never forget that yo

  9. Joseph Giorgi

    I can haz 90s Nickelodeon?

    This is the best news I’ve heard in months! ‘GUTS’ and ‘Legends’ were amazing shows back in the day — and they were about the closest thing to “sports programming” I ever watched. Nice to have ’em back on the air!

    And it just doesn’t get any better than ‘Doug.’ ‘Nuff said!

    Of course, ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’ was the end all be all of Nick’s classic lineup. Remember how Neve Campbell got her big break on that show, then did ‘Scream’ right after that — then disappeared into oblivion?

    Oh man, this blog takes me back!

    Superb work, Jenna! 😀

    • Mandy Kilinskis


      That was my favorite episode of that entire show.

      • Joseph Giorgi

        That was definitely one of the best! Wasn’t it a two-parter?

      • Jenna

        Thanks, Joe! 😀 GUTS and Legends of the Hidden Temple are DA BOMB!

        I don’t remember much from Are You Afraid of the Dark because it gave me nightmares, haha. But it appears as though Mandy knows what you’re talking about!

  10. Rachel

    I wish I got Teen Nick on our cable package so I could watch all of these shows again. 🙁 Brings back a lot of memories! Beyond all the awesome shows mentioned in the post and in the comments, I was a big fan of all those game shows they had on–“What Would You Do?”, “Figure It Out,” “Wild and Crazy Kids”… those shows were awesome. I hope they bring those back, too! (Even though I still won’t be able to watch them…)

    • Jenna

      Oh no!! That is so sad! 🙁

      I also loved all of the crazy game shows. Figure It Out was one of my favorites — even though some of the secret talents were either weird or not really a talent, haha. I’m not sure if they’ll be bringing that one back or not, but I hope so!

  11. Lauren G.

    Awesome blog! I just recently found out from my younger brother (5 years younger…man I’m old) that Nickelodeon was playing “old” shows that we used to watch as youngsters. We were avid Nickelodeon watchers and god, do I miss those days/shows! Clarissa, I looked up to her. Having an “annoying” little brother myself. Alex Mack! Thank goodness she got a shout out, another all time fav! Or another fav, What Would You Do?. 🙂 I can sit here and list them all which I loved: Doug, AAH! Real Monsters, Rocco Moderns Life, CatDog (later years), HEY! Arnold or ALL THAT!

    Nickelodeon is very smart for doing this. They have brought back an older audience, while still keeping their current audience. It just shows, if you please the customer, the numbers do not lie. The fact that they’re asking people what they want to see/watch is also awesome. Instead of playing what they want to show. Some big companies tend to think they “know” what the customer wants. Sometimes yes, but most of the time no. Just ask them/us! We will let you know, it’s constructive criticism. Nothing wrong with that. Again, another one of my favorite blogs by you guys! 🙂 Now I want to watch all these shows!

    • Jenna

      Thanks, Lauren! I love all of the shows that you listed! (Except I wasn’t really a huge fan of Rocco’s Modern Life) I agree, Nickelodeon is brilliant. All of their older fans who had no interest in iCarly or whatever else is on Nickelodeon these days are coming back to watch their favorite shows. Plus, these shows are funny to the kids who are watching for the first time, too! And all of the customer engagement that they are encouraging is definitely helping their ratings. 😀

  12. Vern-Matic

    I don’t think it is Viacom listening to its viewers, outside of this ’90’s promotion no one here was watching Teen Nick. The people in charge right now are the same age as us and to be quite honest they can’t stand watching Wheelchair Jimmy either!!!
    FOR I AM VERNON – THE STRONGEST MAN … IN THE WORLD!!!! (Shameless Pete and Pete reference)

    • Jenna

      Good point, Vern! People in our age group have become the leaders at Nickelodeon, so of course they want to see their favorite shows back on the air! There’s been talk about an all-90s channel — that would be awesome!

      Haha, I remember loving Pete and Pete, but for some reason the only thing from the show that I can remember is the time that one of the Petes got something stuck up his nose!

  13. Jill Tooley

    This is truly magnificent. I’m speechless with joy! Like Jen, I’d have to say that I’m most excited for Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts, although Are You Afraid of the Dark? was a gem as well. Nickelodeon, here I come! 😀

    The only show on the list that I’m NOT familiar with is Rocket Power – what was that one? I suppose I could just look it up, haha!

    • Jenna

      I agree! 😀

      Rocket Power was the show about a bunch of kids who lived in Ocean Shores, California and they skateboarded, rollerbladed and surfed. The main characters were Reggie and Otto, and then there was Squid and Twister. It was awesome.

    • paulmangionejr

      you should look it up its worth it

  14. Taahira McGee

    What’s not to love I’m watching the 90’s now. I love them remember when colio was someone you wanted to do your shows hook and TLC was the best girl group in the world. Oh yeah I was a pretty big fan of my cousin skeeter I would love to see those episodes. Meghan Goode before they fixed her teeth awesome.

  15. gerald honore

    When are y’all gonna show Pete and Pete, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Salute your shorts, Nickelodeon Arcade.

  16. caitlyn Chipps

    I hope they do a remake of Legends Of The Hidden Temple. I’d love It If they would
    do a remake of Legends of the hidden temple.

  17. paulmangionejr

    niclelodeon now sucks its real bad but zoey 101 icarly drake and josh is good dan shnider is the best he made kenan and kel all that vicktoris is bad the 80s 90s rules salute your shorts they should make a net work called nickelodeon in the 90s not nick in the 90s nickelodeon in the 90s thanks for bringing back my shows back you rule yo

  18. paulmangionejr

    teen nick rules degrassi rules nick cannon rules its my fav network please make nickelodeon in the 90s network you would make lots of money on it viva italy

  19. paulmangionejr

    heres my list mr wizerds yorld count duckula the little prince dave the nome inspector gadgeit you cant o this on tv salute your shorts hey dude clarissa all that kenan and kel alex mack my brother and me pete and pete rugrats ren and stimpy as told by giner rocket power my dad is a rock star danger mouse wellcome freshmen nick news with linda aller b lassie round house the nick cannon show guts double dare get th picther finders keepers double dare 2000 new show list i carly drake and josh zoey 101 dan shcnider kicks but aka a$% thank you yo

  20. Jeannie Montemayor

    I’m really enjoying the theme/design of your blog. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility problems? A small number of my blog audience have complained about my website not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any tips to help fix this issue?

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