All-Electric Nissan Leaf Offers Benefits and Freebies to Buyers

The first all-electric car (from a major manufacturer) has come to fruition. What has remained for years as just a dream for many environmentally-conscious consumers has now been made a reality by Nissan. The Nissan Leaf, which has a release date of December 2010, is causing quite a stir for excited buyers across the country. Not only does the introduction of this sweet ride symbolize the extinction of paying thousands each year to the gas pumps but Leaf purchasers are also going to be rewarded with many more goodies. As of October, 20,000 anxious consumers have already reserved a Leaf and the bonuses they get with this purchase are plenty!

The first string of extras Leaf purchasers receive are special calls and home visits by Nissan’s corporate planning officials. Once the $99 deposit is made to reserve the vehicle, Leaf owners begin experiencing special treatment by Nissan personnel to make sure the transition from gas powered vehicle to electric powered hot-rod (ok, not really) goes as smoothly as possible. This may sound annoying to some, but most consumers who’ve experienced this perk express that they feel like a ‘chosen one’.

But the Nissan Corporation isn’t the only one trying to influence buyers to go-green. State and federal governments are luring potential purchasers in by offering tax credits and rebates to all Leaf owners: And the dollar amounts on these incentives are NOT small. How much is it? $7,500 from the federal government in the form of a tax credit and a $2,500 cash rebate from state governments. Not too shabby! The fun doesn’t stop there, either. The Energy Department is also throwing their goodies into the campaign by installing home-charging units in every Leaf’s new home – a $3,000 value.

Is the Nissan Leaf worth it?

Will the Nissan Leaf’s perks be enough to drive sales?

After enjoying the monetary gifting from our government, how about enjoying even more benefits for choosing the Leaf? Some cities are offering free parking for Nissan Leafs only – heck, that would be incentive enough for me to purchase one of these! Other cities are building free public charging stations on freeways to make long distance travel possible and little bit easier. For the record, a fully charged Leaf can travel over 100 miles in city driving conditions (stop and go traffic etc).

Do all these freebies make you want to get your hands on one of these new hot rods? For $32,780, a Nissan Leaf can be all yours, making the Leaf the most affordable electric car to date. And just to give you a comparison point: Tesla Motors, another all electric car manufacturer, sells their premium zero-tailpipe emission machines for the low price of $101,500 each. For that price, I think I’ll stick with functionality over luxury, thank you.

On the electric car front, Nissan has certainly taken the bull by the horns. The early mover strategy is working in Nissan’s favor. With the all-electric car market virtually untapped, Nissan has full range to capture this market segment and develop their brand with these consumers before anyone else. This is similar to Toyota’s approach with Hybrid vehicles, for which they are famous for the Prius model. Many consumers who set out to purchase a hybrid vehicle are swayed towards the Prius because of the early mover advantage Toyota instilled in the model. Hopefully the same becomes true for Nissan as well, since the efforts the company is putting into attracting customers is huge – and so far very well received. Hats off to you, Nissan. This looks good!

Do freebies and extras inspire you to make purchases? Do you think the Nissan Leaf marketing campaign is an effective one?

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  1. QLP Jill

    I must say, Nissan is marketing this car pretty well! $7500 tax credits are nothing to sneeze at, not to mention the red-carpet treatment Nissan is offering. 32 grand is still too rich for my blood, but if I had the money to spend then maybe I’d consider it.

    Extras like this definitely encourage me to buy (or at least persuade me into giving it a second thought). If the Nissan Leaf didn’t come with any sort of tax credit or perk besides being all-electric, then it could be tough to sell. It’s good to see that people have already reserved one…although there will be plenty of haters, I’m sure! 😉

    Awesome post, thanks for spreading the word about this!

  2. Bumcivilian

    OH’EM’GEEZ! I am fallling for it! I want one, and I don’t even need the Freebies! It is about time that a car company is making an awesome “Green” car that is affordable. Honestly that is one of the primary reasons people hesitate to by hybrids etc… the cost makes them think twice, or if you are like me and just plain can’t afford to be enviromentally conscious. So I guess this is another win for marketing b/c all I have to say is “SIGN ME UP!”

  3. Stantz

    I would definitely get one of these if it was feasible. My only concern would be taking the car on road trips…how easy would it be to find a place to charge it?

  4. Scooby DOO!

    Once you go green, you never go….

    You have to wonder if a car like this could handle a winter in Chicago. I don’t know about you, but when its -15 and my window motor never works… I can only image what that COULD mean for the entire car running on electric.

    In due time, they will get those kinks worked out, I just hope for those poor early-adopting suckers, that a replacement part does not cost $7500!

    On a somewhat related note, QLP is introducing imprinted power cables… which would be a GREAT give-a-way Nissan!! HINT HINT!

  5. Vernon

    I think the “extras” definitely work you into wanting a Leaf. I don’t believe in buying foreign and I am thinking of ways to get my hands on the thirteen grand incentives that they are offering.

    Think I will wait for the Chevrolet Volt though 🙂

  6. Samsonite

    Once again – the American automotive industry gets it’s *ss handed to it be the Japanese.

    What ever happened to the Chevy Volt? There is NO reason why Ford and GM shouldn’t be the FIRST to create a mass produced electric car. This is pathetic.

    I think someone would be an IDIOT to NOT buy one of these new Nissan Leafs given all the perks; I mean they are practically eliminating any and all BARRIERS TO ENTRY for this new way of commuting.

    It sounds like Nissan, thanks to willingness of Uncle Sam to doll out thousands of our tax dollars to early adopters in the form tax rebates and incentives, has a winner on their hand.

    I couldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t mention – yet ONE MORE EXAMPLE of the Obama administration giving out MORE handouts. I feel sorry for my great grandchildren; they’ll be slaves in a dimly lit factory somewhere trying to pay off our nation debt thanks to this administration!

    Thank God my grandchildren are guaranteed to be pretty (my wife is hot!); maybe they’ll get lucky be able to contribute/work as butlers or something instead of the factories.

  7. Breanna Clayton

    Thanks for the article, I actually learned a lot from it. Very quality content on this site. Always looking forward to new posts.

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